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NEC E657Q User Manual page 5

Digital signage display


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16. If display or glass is broken, do not come in contact with the liquid
crystal and handle with care.
17. Follow instructions for wall, shelf or ceiling mounting as
recommended by the manufacturer.
18. Rest your eyes periodically by focusing on an object at least 5 feet
away. Blink often.
19. Do not place any heavy objects on the power cord.
Damage to the cord may cause shock or fire.
20. Do not use display in high temperature, humid, dusty, or oily areas.
21. Do not bend, crimp or otherwise damage the power cord.
22. Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no
objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the
WARNING: To prevent the apread of fire, keep
candles or other open flames away fram this
product at all times.
A display set may fall, causing serious personal injury or death. Many
injuries, particularly to children, can be avoided by taking simple precautions
such as:
ALWAYS use cabinets or stands or mounting methods recommended
by the manufacturer of the display set.
ALWAYS use furniture that can safely support the display set.
ALWAYS ensure the display set is not overhanging the edge of the
supporting furniture.
ALWAYS educate children about the dangers of climbing on furniture
to reach the display set or its controls.
ALWAYS route cords and cables connected to your display so they
cannot be tripped over, pulled or grabbed.
NEVER place a display set in an unstable location.
NEVER place the display set on tall furniture (for example, cupboards
or bookcases) without anchoring both the furniture and the display set
to a suitable support.
NEVER place the display set on cloth or other materials that may be
located between the display set and supporting furniture.
NEVER place items that might tempt children to climb, such as toys
and remote controls, on the top of the display or furniture on which the
display is placed.
If the existing display set is going to be retained and relocated, the same
considerations as above should be applied.
WARNING - Stability Hazard

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