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NEC E657Q User Manual page 37

Digital signage display


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Retail mode
When there is no signal, NO
SIGNAL is displayed but the
Monitor does not switch to
an energy options mode (it
remains in ON mode).
Office mode
• When there is no signal,
NO SIGNAL is displayed
and the Monitor switches to
Auto Power save mode after
a fixed period of time has
The display remains in Auto
Power save mode regardless
of a LAN signal being input
or not.
• When a signal enters into
the selected input terminal,
the Monitor switches to ON
Auto Power Down
Select On to enable your display
to turn off automatically when
you do not press any buttons in
4 hours.
8. Sleep Timer
Select how long the display will
take to automatically turn intself
Off / 5 / 10 / 15 / 30 / 60 / 90 /
120 / 180 / 240 (minutes)
No Signal Menu
Set the time until the Monitor
switches to standby when the
No Signal message is displayed.
Off / 10 seconds / 30 seconds /
1 minutes / 5 minutes /
10 minutes / 15 minutes
10. USB2 Stanby Power
Select On to keep supply power
to USB2 port during Auto Power
save or Auto Standby mode.
On / Off
11. RGB Options
(Only available for VGA input,
and when there is VGA signal
[Auto Adjust]
Automatically adjust the image
settings such as position.
[H. Position]
Adjust horizontal position.
[V. Position]
Adjust vertical position.
Set to the minimum level if noise
Eliminate flicker and distortion.
[Reset RGB Options]
Reset RGB options to factory
default settings.
12. Input Detection
When there are multiple input
sources, automatically switches
to the terminal receiving an input
Press the Display button on the
remote control to display the
selected input terminal on the
information window.
None : The input terminals are
switched manually.
First : When the signal input to
the currently displayed terminal
ends, the Monitor searches for
and automatically switches to
another terminal with an input
The Monitor does not switch
when a new signal is input to
a terminal different from the
currently displayed terminal.
Custom : Only the input signals
that have been set are detected.
13. HDMI Signal Option (Except for
Select EDID option according
your own source devices.
If screen popup no audio
message or no image display,
please change this option to

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