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Installation For Wall Mouting (Optional) - NEC E657Q User Manual

Digital signage display
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Installation for Wall Mouting (Optional)

For customer:
DO NOT mount the monitor yourself. For proper installation it is strongly
recommended to use a trained, qualified technician.Please contact your
supplier as they may be able to provide a list of qualified installation
professionals. Mounting on a wall or ceiling and hiring a technician is the
customer's responsibility.
Periodically check for loose screws, gaps, distortions, or other problems
that may occur with the mounting equipment. If a problem is detected,
please refer to qualified personnel for service.
Regularly check the mounting location for signs of damage or weakness
that may occur over time.
DO NOT block ventilated openings with mounting accessories or other
For NEC Qualified Personnel:
Stability Hazard.
The device may fall, causing serious personal injury or death. To prevent
injury, this device must be securely attached to the floor/wall in accordance
with the installation instructions.
Carefully inspect the location where the unit is to be mounted. Not all
walls or ceilings are capable of supporting the weight of the unit. Weight
of this monitor is mentioned in Specification (Please refer to the page of
Specification). Product warranty does not cover damage caused by improper
installation, re-modeling, or natural disasters. Failure to comply with these
recommendations could result in voiding the warranty.
To ensure safe installation, use two or more brackets to mount the unit. Mount
the unit to at least two points on the installation location.
We suggest that you keep your display at least 2.36 inches (60 mm) from the
wall to prevent cable interference. Before mounting your display on the wall,
you need to remove the stand base. For your safety, only mount with a UL
listed wall mount bracket that supports the weight of the display. (Please refer
to the page of Specification.) To attach a wall mount bracket to your display:



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