Configure Throughw; Configuration Vias; Browser; Terminal Emulator - D-Link DMC-1002 Manual

Snmp module for chassis-based media converter
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Configure through Web browser
The Media Converter chassis system is accessible using a Web browser (IE
explorer, Netscape Communications, etc.) to open up the chassis monitoring
system. The default IP Address for the chassis system is "", and
the default Login name and password is both "root".
Configuration via Serial Port
The Media Converter chassis system can be accessible using a terminal or
terminal emulator attached to the RS232 serial port on the Switch too.
NOTE: (1) The serial port cable is attached directly with the device.
(2) It needs to upgrade the Terminal Emulator due to key malfunction.
1. Locate correct DB9 serial port cable with female DB9 connector.
2. Attach the DB9 serial port female cable connector to the male DB9 serial
port connector on the chassis system.
3. Attach the other end of the DB9 serial port cable to a remote workstation.
4. By default, the Switch uses the following serial port parameter values:
Bits per second
Stop bits
Data bits
Flow Control
5. The default Login name and password is both "root".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents