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Sony RM-LG112 Primary Operating Instructions Manual page 7

Remote commander
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2CH el
Press to turn the sound field off and listen to
2 channel stereo sound. Multi channel
source is also downmixed to a 2 channel
stereo sound.
(After pressing ALT) eh
When you selected CD player, video CD
player, LD player, MD deck, or tape deck,
press to select track number over 10.
When you selected TV, press to select the
channel entry mode, either one or two digit.
After pressing MAIN MENU, AV MENU,
or TOP MENU/GUIDE, use the button to
make specific settings, then press the button
to enter the selection.
H eg
Press to start play. (Press to start play on the
front sides of the cassette.)
X wh
Press to pause play or recording, or press to
start recording when the component is in
recording standby.
x wg
Press to stop play.
./> wf
Press to skip tracks.
m/M qgqh
Press to fast-forward or rewind.
Press to search tracks in the forward or
backward direction.
* The function of these buttons switch automatically
each time you select the input with the easy scroll
key (3). Depending on the component, the above
operation may not be possible or may operate
differently than described.
** Only for Sony TVs with the picture-in-picture
• The AAC BI-LING and 12 buttons are not available.
• Some buttons may not be used depending on the
• The above explanation is intended to serve as an
example only. Therefore, depending on the
component the above operation may not be possible
or may operate differently than described.
• To activate the buttons with orange printing, press
ALT first before pressing the buttons.
• Before you use the
button for receiver operation, press MAIN MENU.
To operate other components, press TOP MENU/
GUIDE or AV MENU after selecting the input.

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