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Sony RM-LG112 Primary Operating Instructions Manual

Remote commander
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Operating Instructions
©2003 Sony Corporation



  Summary of Contents for Sony RM-LG112 Primary

  • Page 1 4-247-243-11(1) Remote Commander Operating Instructions RM-LG112 ©2003 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 If you have any question or problem concerning your remote, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Before you use your remote Inserting batteries into the...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Location of Parts and Basic Remote Operations Parts description... 4 Table of buttons used to control each component ... 8 Advanced Remote Operations Programming the remote... 9 Learning the commands of your components ... 12 Performing several commands in sequence automatically...
  • Page 4: Location Of Parts And Basic Remote Operations

    Press to turn the selected audio and video components on or off. If you press the ?/1 switch at the same time, it will turn off the receiver and other Sony audio/video components (SYSTEM STANDBY). Note The function of the AV ?/1 switch changes automatically each time you select the input with the easy scroll key (3).
  • Page 5 DISPLAY Press to select the information displayed on the display of the receiver or TV screen. Display 2 Select the input, macro list and command mode of the remote. Easy scroll key 3 Move to select the input and press to enter the selection.
  • Page 6 SWAP ANGLE If you selected TV: Press to swap the small and large pictures (only for Sony TVs with picture-in-picture function). If you selected DVD player: Press to select viewing angle or changing the angles. TEST TONE ek Press to output a test tone.
  • Page 7 (3). Depending on the component, the above operation may not be possible or may operate differently than described. ** Only for Sony TVs with the picture-in-picture function. Notes • The AAC BI-LING and 12 buttons are not available.
  • Page 8: Table Of Buttons Used To Control Each Component

    Table of buttons used to control each component When you program the remote to control the following Sony or non-Sony components, you can use the buttons on the remote that are marked with circles. Note, however, that some buttons may not operate your component.
  • Page 9: Advanced Remote Operations

    Furthermore, you can also program the remote for Sony components that the remote is unable to control. Note that the remote can only control components that accept infrared wireless control signals.
  • Page 10 Use the numeric codes in the tables below to control non-Sony components and also Sony components that the remote is normally unable to control. Since the remote signal that a component accepts differs depending on the model and year of the component, more than one numeric code may be assigned to a component.
  • Page 11 To control a TV Maker Code(s) SONY 501, 502 DAEWOO 544, 515 FISHER GOLDSTAR 544, 503, 515, 534 GRUNDIG HITACHI 544, 515 MAGNAVOX 544, 503, 518 MITSUBISHI/ 544, 503 544, 503 PANASONIC 509, 524 PHILIPS 515, 518 PIONEER 509, 525, 526, 540...
  • Page 12: Learning The Commands Of Your Components

    Learning the commands of your components By using the Learning function, it is possible for this remote to perform learned commands. Setting remote control codes that are not stored in the remote When a remote control code is not one of the presets stored in the remote, it is possible for the remote to learn the code using the Learning function.
  • Page 13: Performing Several Commands In Sequence Automatically

    To clear the memory of the remote Press ?/1, AV ?/1 and MASTER VOL – at the same time. The USE MODE button flashes 3 times, then goes off. Performing several commands in sequence automatically — Macro Play The Macro Play function lets you link several IR codes in a sequential order as a single command.
  • Page 14: Selecting The Mode Of The Remote

    If the memory of the remote is already full, the USE MODE button flashes 8 times in quick succession and the remote automatically exits the learning mode. Repeat steps 1 through 5 to program up to 10 IR codes. If programming is unsuccessful, check the following: –...
  • Page 15: Additional Information

    • Make sure you select the correct input on the remote. • When you operate a programmed non-Sony component, the remote may not function properly depending on the model and the maker of the component.
  • Page 16 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...