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Troubleshooting - Honeywell CARMEL 50196 Manual

48” ceiling fan
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At least twice each year, lower the canopy to check the downrod assembly, and then tighten all screws
on the fan. Clean the motor housing with only a soft brush or lint-free cloth to avoid scratching the finish.
Clean the blades with a lint-free cloth. You may occasionally apply a light coat of furniture polish to wood
blades for added protection.
Important: Shut off the main power supply before you begin any maintenance tasks. Do not use water or
a damp cloth to clean the ceiling fan.
Problem: The fan does not move
1. Turn the power on or check the fuse.
2. Turn the power off. Loosen the canopy and check all connections.
3. Check that the connectors from the light kit fitter and fan are connected properly.
4. Disable the power supply to the fan motor and re-start the motor.
5. The blade is overweight. Do not install the unapproved blades.
Problem: The fan is noisy.
1. Check and tighten all screws that hold the fan blades to the blade arms and the motor.
2. Replace the cracked blade.
Problem: There is excessive wobbling
1. Check and tighten all screws that hold the fan blades to the blade arms and the blade arms to the motor.
2. Switch one blade with a blade from the opposite side or balance the fan using a balancing kit.
3. Turn off the power. Loosen the canopy and verify that the mounting bracket is secure to the
electrical outlet box.
4. The bracket must be flush without movement against the outlet box.
Problem: The fan operates correctly, but the lights are not working (if applicable).
1. Re-install the bulb(s).
2. Ensure that the male and female plugs in the light kit fitter are connected properly.
3. Turn the power off and check all connections at the ceiling outlet box.
4. Check to see if the light is over than 190W, since a limiter included.
Problem: The remote control doesn't work.
1. Replace the remote battery with a 23A, 12-volt battery.
2. To re-sync remote to fan - Press and hold the high and low speed buttons on the remote control at the
same time for 5 seconds. The LED indicator will flash 3 times. When syncing is complete, the fan will start
on the low speed with the light (if applicable) off.



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