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Honeywell 50609 User Manual

Honeywell 50609 User Manual

Xerxes ceiling fan


Xerxes Ceiling Fan
User Guide
Model #50608, 50609


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  • Page 1 Home Xerxes Ceiling Fan User Guide Model #50608, 50609...
  • Page 2: Package Contents

    PACKAGE CONTENTS Canopy Canopy Cover Mounting Bracket Screw (x 4) Mounting Bracket Downrod Downrod Clip Downrod Pin Yoke Cover Yoke Closemount Set Screw (x 2) Screw (x 3) Motor Assembly Blade Arm (x 8) Fitter Plate Screw (x 3) Blade (x 8) Fitter Plate Light Kit Lens Cover...
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION Please read and understand this entire manual before attempting to assemble, operate or install the product. • Before you begin installing the fan, disconnect the power by removing fuses or turning off the circuit breakers. • Make sure all electrical connections comply with local codes, ordinances, the National Electrical Code and ANSI/NFPA 70-199.
  • Page 4: Initial Installation

    PREPARATION Before beginning the assembly of this product, ensure all parts are present. Compare all parts with the package contents list and hardware contents list. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to assemble the product. Estimated assembly time: 2 hours Tools required (not included): Electrical tape, Phillips Screwdriver, Safety Glasses, Step Ladder, and Wire Strippers.
  • Page 5 STANDARD OR ANGLE MOUNT INSTRUCTIONS 1. Remove the downrod clip and downrod pin from the downrod. Then partially loosen the set screws in the yoke at the top of the motor assembly (Figure 3.1). 2. Feed the fan wires through the yoke cover, canopy and downrod (Figure 3.2). 3.
  • Page 6: Final Installation

    CLOSEMOUNT INSTRUCTIONS (optional) 1. Remove the canopy cover from the bottom of the canopy (Figure 4.1). 2. Remove the three Phillips-head closemount screws from the top of the motor assembly. Then align the canopy with the holes in the top of the motor assembly. The larger holes in the canopy will encompass the remaining screws. Secure the canopy to the top of the motor assembly with the previously removed closemount screws (Figure 4.2).
  • Page 7 FINAL INSTALLATION 4. Partially insert three blade screws through the blade arm and the blade. Secure each blade screw with a blade screw cap, starting with the one in the middle. Repeat this step for the remaining blades and blade arms (Figure 5.4). 5.
  • Page 8 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS To operate the fan using the remote, press and release the following buttons: A - High fan speed B - Medium fan speed C - Low fan speed D - Fan Power - Turns the fan off. Light Delay Off mode - Press and hold the fan power button for five seconds, which will turn off light after one minute.
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING If you experience any faults, please check the Troubleshooting section below. If a problem cannot be remedied or you are experiencing difficulty in installation, please contact Customer Service: 1-877-361-3883. Warning: Shut off the power supply before you begin any maintenance task. PROBLEM CORRECTIVE ACTION 1.
  • Page 10: Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Yoke Cover 4A000005540 4A000008860 Mounting Bracket 4L000006410 4L000006350 Downrod 4A000003980 4A000003970 The Honeywell Trademark is used under license from Light Kit 4A000008810 4A000008810 Honeywell International Inc ™. Lens Cover 4A000008820 4A000005310 Honeywell International Inc. makes no representations Blade Arm (x 8)

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