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LG PAHCMR000 Installation Manual page 20

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Thermistor Installation
Attaching the Pipe Thermistors
Thermistors must be securely attached with a pipe strap� The equipment will
not operate properly if thermistors are not making good physical contact in the
appropriate installation location�
1. Securely attach the thermistor to the pipe with a field-supplied pipe strap.
2. Insulate the thermistor with a field-supplied insulation sheet that is >5t.
Tips for Attaching the Pipe In / Pipe Out Thermistors
• Put the thermistor cable in a separate protective tube.
• Always add a pull-relief to the thermistor cable to avoid strain on
the thermistor cable and loosening of the thermistor. Strain on the
thermistor cable or loosening of the thermistor can result in bad
contact with the pipe and incorrect temperature measurement.
• To avoid water accumulating on the thermistor tip, position
the thermistor cable slightly below the thermistor tip, or
install the thermistor tip parallel with the cable.
Do not include a 90° angle or a kink in the thermistor
cable, nor install the thermistor tip upside down.
Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification.
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Figure 13: Attach Pipe Thermistors.
Step 1
Figure 14: Thermistor and Cable Installation.
Figure 15: Positioning the Thermistor Cable and Tip.
Step 2
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