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Preparing The Pipes - LG PAHCMS000 Installation Manual

Air handler unit communications kit
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Preparing the Pipes

PRLK048A0 and PRLK096A0
1. Unscrew the four (4) M4 screws and detach the two (2) EEV As-
sembly pipe support brackets.
2. Remove the EEV Assembly; remove the pipe insulation from the
EEV Assembly.
3. If cutting pipe, refer to the cutting instructions on the next page.
4. Braze the field-supplied inlet / outlet piping to the EEV Assembly.
See next page for brazing instructions.
PRLK396A0 / PRLK594A0
1 Check the inlet/outlet pipe before brazing the EEV KIT.
AHU side
2 If cutting pipe, refer to the cutting instructions on the next page.
3 Braze the connector pipe (not provided) at the outdoor unit.
4 When connecting the outdoor unit's connector pipe and the EEV KIT pipe, be sure to use a
socket (not provided) that meets the necessary specifications.
5 As the size of the EEV KIT pipe and the outdoor unit's connector pipe could vary, check the
sizes beforehand and use a socket that meets the necessary specifications.
6 When brazing, make sure to follow safety precautions at all times.
7 Be sure to insulate pipe A after welding with insulation (15T or more).
AHU Connection
(not included)
socket (elbow)
(not included)
Be sure to pass nitrogen through when brazing. Failure to do so could cause the compressor
to not function properly or become damaged.
It is essential that the pipe is wrapped with a wet towel before and after brazing. Failure
to do so could result in equipment damage.
Use a protective panel or be especially cautious not to let welding sparks come in contact
with the AHU panel.
After brazing, be sure to test for leakage.
Failure to properly insulate the pipe after welding may result in leakage.
Due to our policy of continuous product innovation, some specifications may change without notification.
©LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ. All rights reserved. "LG" is a registered trademark of LG Corp.
A. Inlet Pipes from the Air
Source / Water-Source Unit.
B. Outlet pipes to AHU
Evaporator Coil.
C. Pipe Support Bracket.
D. Pipe Insulation.
E. EEV Assembly.
F. 1/2 Inch O.D. Field Piping
(Inlet / Outlet).
standard refrigerant flow
unit side
AHU and Outdoor
Unit Connection
Outdoor unit
connector pipe
(not included)
Connector socket
(not included)
Preparing the Pipes
Figure 22: PRLK048A0 and PRLK096A0 EEV Kits.
C (Two

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