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Restrictions - Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 3800E2 System Configuration Manual


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The following functions are restricted as of July 2019.
1 Intel 10GbE LAN cards [MC*0JXEK*] (X710-DA2) can be mounted up to eight per PPAR.
2 "Intel TXT" does not work.
3 Intel 10GbE-T LAN cards [MC*0JXEJ*] (X550-T2) does not work on Windows OS with Legacy mode.
4 Please update NVM version to 6.01 when XXV710-DA2 [MC*0JXEH1] and X710-DA2 [MC*0JXEK*] are
mounted to the same chassis.
Mellanox 25/40/100Gb LAN cards [MC*0JFE11/MC*0JFE41/MC*0JFE71], Mellanox Infiniband cards do not
work in the same Partition.
6 Intel TXT function of Windows Server 2016 does not work with PRIMEQUEST.
In the Legacy mode, the installation of Windows OS cannot be done to the M.2 flash device
[MC*5FB741/MC*5FB751]. Please use the uEFI mode.
8 TPM module does not work with Windows Server 2019.
9 The iSCSI does not work with VMware 6.5.
10 Address range mirror is not supported with VMware.
11 Secure Boot does not work with Linux OSes.
12 EP540i, EP580i [MC*0JSR71/MC*0JSR81] and EP540e don't work with Extended Partition.
13 Infiniband cards do not work with Extended Partition.
Don't update the firmware of QLE269x and QLE274x [MC*0JFCP*/MC*0JFCQ*/MC*0JFCK*/MC*0JFCL*] to
8.08.05 or later, if they are on PCI-BOX with Extended Partition.
15 M.2 Flash device with only SLES12 SP4 are supported. Other OSes are planned.
16 Oracle Linux/VM do not support SAN-Boot.
Apply the firmware PB19033 or later for the following CPUs.
Intel Xeon Platinum 8260 [MC*3BKC1*/ MC*2BKC1*/ MC*1BKC11]
18 When using Extended Partitioning function with SLES15, apply the firmware PB19054 or later.
19 Quad channel LAN card (10GBASE-T) MC*0JXF11 is not supported on Windows Server.
When using a dual channel SAS array controller card (12 Gbps) 4 GB cache (MC*0JSRC*), apply the
firmware PB19061 (BIOS 01.21 version) or later.
21 When using M.2 flash device [MC*5FB741/MC*5FB751/MC*5FB771], apply the firmware PB19043 or later.
22 When using eLCM function, apply the firmware PB19053 or later.
23 Apply the firmware PB19053 or later for the following CPUs.
Intel Xeon Gold 6262V[MC*3BRC11], 6244[MC*3BNL11], 6240L[MC*3BNF41], 6240M[MC*3BNF21],
6238L[MC*3BND41], 6238M[MC*3BND21], 6238[MC*3BND11], 6234[MC*3BPL11], 6226[MC*3BNJ11],
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System Configuration Guide
July 2019, Ver.2.0

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents