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Disclaimer - Philips GoSure ADR900s User Manual

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* The device is only suitable for 12V power supply
vehicles, please use the original OBD power cable.
Micro USB port is only used for data transmission.
* To achieve 24/7 protection with video surveillance, the
memory card capacity must be at least 32 GB.
* The device can only detect and record moving objects
within a limited range, and in the direction that has lens
coverage, but cannot detect any events in the reverse
direction. If you need wider vehicle protection, please
purchase 2 devices, one for forward-facing surveillance
and the other for back-facing.
* When the vehicle's cabin temperature exceeds 70°C, to
protect the vehicle's security, the device will be powered
lance will be paused.
* In low temperatures in winter, or if the vehicle's battery
has been in use for a long time or is not fully charged, the
* If the windshield becomes dirty in front of the device's
lens due to rain, snow, sandstorm or other natural or
Rain, snow, swaying tree branches or busy streets/park-
ing lot environments will sometimes cause the video
protection time will be greatly reduced.
When the engine of an auto-start-stop enabled
vehicle is restarted and the battery voltage is reduced
to lower than the voltage protection threshold, the
device may be rebooted.
detection range. If the protection range adjustment in
the System Setting menu is still not satisfactory, please
for the device.


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