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Disclaimer - Philips ADR900 User Manual

Automotive driving recorder
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* The device is only suitable for the 12V power supply's vehicles.
* To realize 7 days x 24 hours' protection by video surveillance,
the SD card capacity must be at least 32G.
* The device only can detect and record moving objects within a
limited range, and in the same direction with lens coverage, but
can't detect any events in reversed direction. If you need a 360°
protection of vehicle, please buy 2 devices, one is for forward
direction, and the other is for backward direction.
* When vehicle's cabin temperature exceeds 70°C, to protect
vehicle's security, the device will be powered off automatically
and pause the protection by video surveillance.
* Winter's low temperature, aged or un-fully-charged vehicle
battery, will cause the device's effective video surveillance time
* If the windshield in front of the device's lens becomes dirty, by
rain, snow, sand-storm or other nature/human factors, , it will
cause the device not get effective video evidences.
* Rain, snow, swaying tree branches or busy streets/parking
lot environment, will sometimes cause the video recording
continuously, so the effective protection time will be greatly
reduced. When the engine of an auto-start-stop enabled vehicle
is restarted and leads its battery voltage lower than the voltage
protection threshold, the device could be rebooted.
* Some windscreen films will not only interfere GPS, radar, ETC
etc, but also affect WaveGuard
satisfied by the protection range adjustment in the System
Setting menu, please use a better film or "open" a small window
on it for the device.
To judge the existence of the film interference, stand in front
of the vehicle and wave your hand, and the red WaveGuard
indicator will not flash.
detection range. If still not


Table of Contents

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