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Add-On Functions; Waveguard Parking Monitoring; Driver Fatigue Alert - Philips GoSure ADR900s User Manual

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Add-On Functions


6.1 WaveGuard Parking Monitoring

To protect your vehicle continuously while in parked
status, the device will start recording and save to the
Normal video folder whenever it detects moving objects.
The video recording function will be deactivated auto-
matically to conserve vehicle battery power when there
are no moving objects detected. If the device detects any
collisions while in parked status, it will start video recording
and save to the Emergency video folder.

6.2 Driver Fatigue Alert

To help vehicle drivers manage the development of their
fatigue, a fatigue index displays the development of the
driver's fatigue, taking into account physiological and jour-
ney-related parameters such as time of day and time spent
driving. The device will alert the driver every two hours
of driving. If the fatigue index is less than 60, the value is
displayed in green. Before the fatigue index reaches 80, a
yellow value is displayed with an alert sound. When the fa-
tigue index is above 80, a red value is displayed with 3 alert
sounds and a fatigue icon pop up to alert the user. (System
time needs to be set correctly when the user switches on
fatigue index will not be displayed on the screen.


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