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Digital Watchdog DW-ENHD16 User Manual

Analog to ip video encoder
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Please read this manual thoroughly before use and keep it handy for future reference.
Rev: 0219
Rev: 03/19



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  Summary of Contents for Digital Watchdog DW-ENHD16

  • Page 1 USER MANUAL Please read this manual thoroughly before use and keep it handy for future reference. Rev: 0219 Rev: 03/19...
  • Page 3 FCC COMPLIANCE STATEMENT This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. FCC INFORMATION: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a “Class A”...
  • Page 4 User manual | 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (in- cluding amplifiers) that produce heat.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    5 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Table of Contents Table of Contents ..........................5 Overview Package contents ........................8 Encoder description ........................8 Installation Connecting exterior devices ......................9 Starting the system ........................11 Quick Setup ..........................11 2.3.1 Account ........................11 2.3.2 System ........................
  • Page 6 User manual | 6 EVENT ............................. 43 4.5.1 System ........................43 4.5.2 Alarm In ........................44 4.5.3 Motion ........................47 4.5.4 Video Loss > Setup ..................... 49 4.5.5 Notification ......................... 50 NETWORK ..........................52 4.6.1 Basic > WAN Port ......................52 4.6.2 DVRNS/DDNS ......................
  • Page 7: Overview

    7 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Overview This chapter describes the encoder, its components and their terms and features. This manual introduces a 16ch HD Encoder which monitors and controls HD analog cameras. Users can monitor HD analog cameras through network and also can be monitored by local HDMI monitor. The device features include the following: •...
  • Page 8: Package Contents

    User manual | 8 Package contents The device package contents consist of the following: Note Please check all components involved. Table 1-1 Package contents Name Name Encoder Quick guide DC Power Adapter & Power cord Encoder description Refer to the diagrams below for buttons description and ports on the back of the encoder. Figure 1-1 Name and Connection of each front section Table 1-2 Name and Function of each front section Name...
  • Page 9: Installation

    9 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Installation Mount and install any external devices such as cameras, sensors and microphones according to the installation instructions. Connect the external devices to the encoder’s rear based on the diagram above. Below is an example of a proper connection between the Compressor, the cameras, and your remote monitoring software.
  • Page 10 User manual | 10 7 Connect a network cable to the network port. 8 Connect an alarm and RS485 devices to the terminal block as needed. 9 Connect a USB mouse to either one of the USB ports in front panel of the unit. 10 Once all external devices are connected properly, connect the encoder to an adequate power supply using the included cables.
  • Page 11: Starting The System

    11 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Starting the system Once all external devices have been connected to the back of the encoder, and the encoder has been added to the network properly, per the example above, power up the encoder and begin the quick setup wizard. 1 When the encoder boots up, it will be in protective mode.
  • Page 12: System

    User manual | 12 2.3.2 System 1 Adjust the system settings in this screen: Language: Select system language.  Device Name: Enter the device name.  Keyboard ID: Setup the encoder’s ID to match the ID settings of a key- ...
  • Page 13: Live Screen Configuration

    13 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Live Screen Configuration Below image is the encoder’s main UI. Figure 3-1 UI Screen Configuration Table 3-1 Items and Description of UI Screen Configuration Item Description Setup menu Located on the top of the screen. See “4 Setup” for more information. Live screen Shows live video for the connected cameras.
  • Page 14: Icons In Live Screen

    User manual | 14 Icons in live screen When viewing live video from the cameras connected to the encoder, a series of icons will display on the screen. Each representing a different setting or notification related to the selected channel. Chosen live screen is marked with a blue frame.
  • Page 15: Live Launcher Menu

    15 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Live launcher menu The launch menu is the main menu bar located at the bottom of the encoder’s screen. Figure 3-3 Launcher menu Table 3-3 Launcher menu Item and Description Item Description Log in/out status and logged in ID. Date and time Displaying current date and time.
  • Page 16: Quick Menu

    User manual | 16 Quick menu The quick menu is available by right-clicking anywhere on the encoder’s screen. The available options are: Figure 3-4 Quick menu Table 3-4 Quick menu Item and Description Item Description Screen mode Select the split view mode of live screen (single screen, 4-, 9-, and 16- split view options).
  • Page 17: Ptz Control

    17 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 3.3.1 PTZ control For PTZ cameras connected to the encoder, use the PTZ control to move the camera and adjust settings as needed. Note To enable PTZ Control menu, go to DEVICE > PTZ in the upper live screen. Figure 3-5 Quick menu >...
  • Page 18: Status > System Log

    User manual | 18 In PTZ Control screen, right-click anywhereon the screen to open the PTZ quick menu options. Figure 3-6 PTZ control Quick menu Table 3-6 PTZ control’s quick menu Item and description Item Description Preset, Tour, Scan, Run PTZ functions on supported models. Pattern Exit the PTZ quick menu and open the live view quick menu (PTZ mode still Exit...
  • Page 19: Status > Event

    19 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 3.3.3 Status > Event When selecting Status from the quick menu options, users can see real-time event information for the unit. Figure 3-8 Status > Event Table 3-8 Status > Event Item and Description in Quick menu Item Description Show or hide an event list (toggle).
  • Page 20: Status > Stream

    User manual | 20 3.3.4 Status > Stream When selecting Status from the quick menu options, users can see the streaming information for the unit. Figure 3-9 Status > Stream Table 3-9 Status > Stream items and description Item Description Input type Display input video type.
  • Page 21: Setup Menu

    21 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Setup menu Setup is available from the quick menu by right-clicking anywhere and selecting Setup. Figure 4-1 Setup menu Table 4-1 Setup menu tree Category Sub-category Section System System F/W Upgrade Time/Date Time/Date SYSTEM Holiday Account User Export/Import...
  • Page 22: General Buttons In Setup Menu

    User manual | 22 General buttons in setup menu Figure 4-2 General buttons in setup menu Table 4-1 Item and Description of General buttons in setup menu Item Description Default Restore settings to their factory default. Save Save changes to the encoder’s settings. Cancel Cancel changes to the encoder’s settings.
  • Page 23: System

    23 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder SYSTEM 4.2.1 System Setup the system’s basic settings and update the firmware. Figure 4-3 SYSTEM > System > System Table 4-2 SYSTEM > System > System Item and Description Name Function Language Set the system’s language. Device name Enter the device’s name (English characters only).
  • Page 24 User manual | 24 System > F/W Upgrade Upgrade the system’s firmware. Figure 4-4 SYSTEM > System > F/W Upgrade Table 4-3 SYSTEM > System > F/W Upgrade Item and Description Name Function Current version Display the firmware version currently installed. Device Connect a USB memory with new firmware files to upgrade the system’s firmware.
  • Page 25: Time/Date

    25 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 4.2.2 Time/Date Set the date, time, and holidays of the system. Time/Date > Time/Date Set the date, time, and holidays of the system. Figure 4-5 SYSTEM > Time/Date > Time/Date Table 4-4 SYSTEM > Time/Date > Time/Date Item and Description Name Function System time...
  • Page 26 User manual | 26 Time/Date > Holiday Set specific days as holidays. These can later have their own settings, alarms and notifications. Figure 4-6 SYSTEM > Time/Date > Holiday Table 4-5 SYSTEM > Time/Date > Holiday Item and Description Name Function Year...
  • Page 27 27 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder When the “Add Holiday” button is selected, the following window will appear. Use the options to select the date, the type of holiday and when how will it repeat itself each year. Figure 4-7 SYSTEM > Time/Date > Holiday > Add Holiday Table 4-6 SYSTEM >...
  • Page 28: Account > User

    User manual | 28 4.2.3 Account > User Add or modify user accounts and their access rights to the system. Figure 4-8 SYSTEM > Account > User Table 4-7 SYSTEM > Account > User Item and Description Name Function Add group Add a new users’...
  • Page 29 29 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder To add a new user group, press “Add Group”. The screen below will appear. You can setup the specific permission levels for this group on this page. You can allow all users assigned to the group access to live view, PTZ control, access to the setup menu, or firmware update rights.
  • Page 30: Configuration (Config)

    User manual | 30 4.2.4 Configuration (Config.) In this menu, you can import and export settings or reset the system to its factory default settings. Config. > Export/Import You can export the current system’s settings to a USB or import settings from a different system. Figure 4-11 SYSTEM >...
  • Page 31 31 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Config > Factory Default Restore the system to its factory settings. Check the boxes next to the settings you wish to reset or click “Select All”. Click “Default” to confirm the reset. Figure 4-12 SYSTEM > Config > Factory Default Table 4-11 SYSTEM >...
  • Page 32: Camera

    User manual | 32 CAMERA In the CAMERA menu, you can adjust the settings for the cameras connected with the device. 4.3.1 Basic Set the basic functions of camera and audio. Basic > Basic Set the basic items for each channel. You can edit the channel’s title and set a channel as a covert channel. Figure 4-13 CAMERA >...
  • Page 33 33 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Press Copy Covert Setup button. The screen below will appear. Select which channel to copy the settings from. Check the boxes next to each channel you want to apply the same settings. Figure 4-14 CAMERA > Basic > Basic > Copy Covert Setup Table 4-13 CAMERA >...
  • Page 34: Advanced

    User manual | 34 4.3.2 Advanced Set camera video, stream and privacy mask settings for each channel. Advanced > Scan Mode Use this screen to adjust the signal detected from the camera as needed. The system supported HD-Analog and HD-TVI.
  • Page 35 35 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Table 4-16 CAMERA > Advanced > Advanced Item and Description Name Function Display channels. Video Set brightness, contrast, and color of the camera. Privacy mask Set the privacy field; display field numbers set in parenthesis (setup up to 4 masks per channel).
  • Page 36: Device

    User manual | 36 DEVICE In the DEVICE menu, set the device’s display, PTZ settings and other external devices connected to the unit. 4.4.1 Display Set the system’s live screen display settings. Display > Display Set the display settings. You can adjust the resolution of the local output monitor, enable pop-up event screens and enable a monitor relay switch.
  • Page 37 37 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Display > Spot Set the Spot output settings. Figure 4-20 DEVICE > Display > Spot Table 4-19 DEVICE > Display > Spot Item and Description Name Function Sequence Set the channel and dwell time (5, 10, 20, 30sec) when Auto mode is selected. Event popup Sets the hold time for full screen images of a channel when an event occurs (available options: off, 5, 10, 20, 30sec, continuous).
  • Page 38 User manual | 38 Display > OSD Set the on screen display (OSD) settings. Figure 4-21 DEVICE > Display > OSD Table 4-20 DEVICE > Display > OSD Item and Description Name Function Camera name Select the way to display camera in live screen (Off, CH+Title, CH). Live bar Select the way to display the live bar (always on, auto hide).
  • Page 39 39 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Display > Sequence Setup a sequence view for the live display. Figure 4-22 DEVICE > Display > Sequence Table 4-21 DEVICE > Display > Sequence Item and Description Name Function Quad sequence Set a sequence showing 4 channels at a time. Division Select the screen partition mode (Full or quad).
  • Page 40 User manual | 40 Click on Add Sequence to add a new sequence. The screen below will appear. Select the channel, set the dwell time and the division type of the sequence (full screen or quad mode). Figure 4-23 DEVICE > Display > Sequence > Add Sequence Table 4-22 DEVICE >...
  • Page 41: Ptz > Ptz

    41 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 4.4.2 PTZ > PTZ To use PTZ menu to setup PTZ enabled cameras. Figure 4-24 DEVICE > PTZ > PTZ Table 4-23 DEVICE > PTZ > PTZ Item and Description Name Function Copy PTZ Setup Apply setting from a selected channel to multiple channels.
  • Page 42: Serial Device > Serial Device

    User manual | 42 4.4.3 Serial Device > Serial Device Setup a serial device connected to the system such as PTZ cameras and USB devices. Figure 4-25 DEVICE > Serial Device > Serial Device Table 4-24 DEVICE > Serial Device > Serial Device Item and Description Name Function USB (to serial)
  • Page 43: Event

    43 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder EVENT In the EVENT menu, users can setup notifications, alarm and sensors, video loss and motion detection. 4.5.1 System Set the system events that would trigger alarms. System > System Set the system event of the device Figure 4-26 Event >...
  • Page 44: Alarm In

    User manual | 44 4.5.2 Alarm In Set sensor alarms and schedule Alarm In > Setup Set sensor alarms Figure 4-27 Event > Alarm In > Setup Table 4-26 Event > Alarm In > Setup Item and Description Name Function Sensor Sensor’s channel number.
  • Page 45 45 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Click on the editing Icon ( ) next to Alarm, Group Rec, Noti., Preset to show the following screen: Figure 4-28 Event > Alarm In > Setup > Event: Alarm Table 4-27 Event > Alarm In > Setup > Event: Alarm Item and Description Name Function Alarm-out...
  • Page 46 User manual | 46 Alarm In > Schedule Setup a schedule when sensors are active. You can setup individual schedules for each sensor connected to the encoder, or copy and apply the same schedule to all devices. Figure 4-29 Event > Alarm In > Schedule Table 4-28 Event >...
  • Page 47: Motion

    47 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 4.5.3 Motion Set and schedule motion detection for each of the system’s channels. Motion > Setup Set motion detection Figure 4-30 Event > Motion > Setup Table 4-29 Event > Motion > Setup Item and Description Name Function Show channel’s number.
  • Page 48 User manual | 48 Motion > Schedule To schedule record time when the motion sensor detects across channels Figure 4-31 Event > Motion > Schedule Table 4-30 Event > Motion > Schedule Item and Description Name Function Select the channel to set the motion detection schedule for. Schedule type Select the types of schedules.
  • Page 49: Video Loss > Setup

    49 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 4.5.4 Video Loss > Setup To set Video Loss across channels Figure 4-32 Event > Video Loss > Setup Table 4-31 Event > Video Loss > Setup Item and Description Name Function Show channel’s number. Enable video loss event for each channel.
  • Page 50: Notification

    User manual | 50 4.5.5 Notification Set and schedule notifications for alarms and events. Notification > Periodic Set a periodic alarm. This alarm will go out to an e-mail every set amount of time with information about a se- lected channel’s events.
  • Page 51 51 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Notification > Schedule Schedule remote notification (alarm and motion) Figure 4-34 EVENT > Notification > Schedule Table 4-33 EVENT > Notification > Schedule Item and Description Name Function Schedule type Select the types of schedules. If None is selected, notifications will be disa- bled.
  • Page 52: Network

    User manual | 52 NETWORK In the NETWORK menu, users may set the network environment. Please contact your network administrator for more information. 4.6.1 Basic > WAN Port Set the system’s network environment Figure 4-35 NETWORK > Basic > WAN Port Table 4-34 NETWORK >...
  • Page 53: Dvrns/Ddns

    53 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 4.6.2 DVRNS/DDNS Set DVRNS/DDNS DVRNS/DDNS > DVRNS/Dashboard Register a DVRNS/Dashboard account Figure 4-36 NETWORK > DVRNS/DDNS > DVRNS/Dashboard Table 4-35 NETWORK > DVRNS/DDNS > DVRNS/Dashboard Item and Description Name Function DVRNS Register a DVRNS account •...
  • Page 54 User manual | 54 DVRNS/DDNS > DDNS Set a DDNS site for remote users to access Figure 4-37 NETWORK > DVRNS/DDNS > DDNS Table 4-36 NETWORK > DVRNS/DDNS > DDNS Item and Description Name Function DDNS site Select DDNS site from the available options. Host name Enter the host name.
  • Page 55: E-Mail

    55 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 4.6.3 E-Mail Set an e-mail server to send e-mail notifications when events occur. Figure 4-38 NETWORK > E-Mail > E-Mail Table 4-37 NETWORK > E-Mail > E-Mail Item and Description Name Function Server type Select an SMTP server. •...
  • Page 56: Notification Server

    User manual | 56 4.6.4 Notification Server Notification Server > Notification Server Setup a notification server. When an event occurs, a notification will be sent to a server. Figure 4-39 NETWORK > Notification Server > Notification Server Table 4-38 NETWORK > Notification Server > Notification Server Item and Description Name Function Notification server...
  • Page 57 57 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Notification Server > Notification Message Set up a message to be sent to the notification server when event occurs. Figure 4-40 NETWORK > Notification Server > Notification Message Table 4-39 NETWORK > Notification Server > Notification Message Item and Description Name Function Deleted registered notification message.
  • Page 58: Webviewer

    User manual | 58 Web viewer This chapter describes web viewer for monitoring video form the device through a PC in remote mode. How to monitor with web viewer Table 5-1 System Requirement for Web viewer Item Recommended Minimum Microsoft® Windows® 10 x86 (64bit) (Home ®...
  • Page 59: In Case Of Selecting Viewer (Internet Explorer)

    59 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder 5.1.1 In case of selecting Viewer (Internet Explorer) Click Viewer. When Java download screen opens, download and install JAVA. Live images may be monitored. In case of selecting Viewer (Chrome) After click Viewer, .jnlp file can be downloaded.
  • Page 60: In Case Of Selecting Setup

    User manual | 60 Click webviewer_chrome.jnlp. When Java download screen opens, download and install JAVA. Live images may be monitored. 5.1.2 In case of selecting Setup Users can set the menu in similar ways with local connected monitor. Figure 5-1 Setup screen...
  • Page 61: Products Specifications

    61 | Compressor™ Onvif Encoder Products Specifications VIDEO Signal type HD-Analog, HD-TVI and analog signal up to 960H Video input 16CH BNC input Outputs and True HD / VGA: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 1024x768 Video out Resolutions Spot: 1.0 Vp-p (75 ohm, Composite) True HD/VGA: 1/4/9/16 Split, PIP, Sequence Display mode Spot: 1/16 Split, Sequence...
  • Page 62 User manual | 62 GENERAL Operating temperature and 32°F ~ 113°F (0°C ~ 45°C) humidity Less than 90% (non-condensing) Other certifications Power requirement 12V DC, 2A Electrical Power consumption Max. 14.4W, 1.2A Dimensions 14.76" x 1.76" x 12.52" (375 x 44.9 x 318.2 mm) Weight 3.96lbs (1.8kg) ※...