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Product Specification; Installation Tools; Accessories; Pipe Requirement - Fujitsu AUXG-KRLB Series Installation Manual

Cassette type
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Explanation of symbols displayed on the indoor unit or outdoor unit.
This symbol shows that this appliance uses a fl ammable
If the refrigerant is leaked and exposed to an external igni-
tion source, there is a risk of fi re.
This symbol shows that the operation manual should be
read carefully.
This symbol shows that a service personnel should be
handling this equipment with reference to the installation
This symbol shows that information is available such as
the operating manual or installation manual.


2. 1. Installation tools

Tool name
Pressure is high and cannot be measured with a R22
gauge. To prevent erroneous mixing of other refrigerants,
Gauge manifold
the diameter of each port has been changed.
It is recommended to use gauge with seals -0.1 to 5.3 MPa
(-1 to 53 bar) for high pressure.
-0.1 to 3.8 MPa (-1 to 38 bar) for low pressure.
To increase pressure resistance, the hose material and base
Charge hose
size were changed. (R32/R410A)
A conventional vacuum pump can be used by installing a
Vacuum pump
vacuum pump adapter.
(Use of a vacuum pump with a series motor is prohibited.)
Special gas leakage detector for HFC refrigerant R410A or
Gas leakage detector
Copper pipes
It is necessary to use seamless copper pipes and it is desirable that the amount of residual
oil is less than 40 mg/10 m. Do not use copper pipes having a collapsed, deformed or
discolored portion (especially on the interior surface). Otherwise, the expansion value or
capillary tube may become blocked with contaminants.
As an air conditioner using R32 (R410A) incurs pressure higher than when using R22, it is
necessary to choose adequate materials.
• Do not use the existing (for R22) piping and fl are nuts.
If the existing materials are used, the pressure inside the refrigerant cycle will rise and
cause failure, injury, etc. (Use the special R32/R410A materials.)
• Use (refi ll or replace with) specifi ed refrigerant (R32) only. Use of unspecifi ed refriger-
ant can cause product malfunction, burst, or injury.
• Do not mix any gas or impurities except specifi ed refrigerant (R32). Infl ow of air or ap-
plication of unspecifi ed material makes the internal pressure of the refrigerant cycle too
high, and may cause product malfunction, burst of piping, or injury.
• For installation purposes, be sure to use the parts supplied by the manufacturer or
other prescribed parts. The use of non-prescribed parts can cause serious accidents
such as the unit falling, water leakage, electric shock, or fi re.
• Do not turn on the power until all work has been completed.
This manual describes how to install the indoor unit only. To install the outdoor unit or
branch box, (if any), refer to the installation manual included in each product.

2. 2. Accessories

• For installation purposes, be sure to use the parts supplied by the manufacturer or
other prescribed parts.
• The use of non-prescribed parts can cause serious accidents such as the unit falling,
water leakage, electric shock, or fi re.
• The following installation parts are furnished. Use them as required.
• Keep the installation manual in a safe place and do not discard any other accessories
until the installation work has been completed.
Change from R22 to R32 (R410A)
Name and Shape
Installation manual
Operating manual
(Carton top)
Coupler heat insulation (Large)
Coupler heat insulation (Small)
Drain hose
Hose Band
Drain hose heat insulation
Cable tie (Large)
Cable tie (Small)

2. 3. Pipe requirement

Refer to the installation manual of the outdoor unit for description of the length of con-
necting pipe or for difference of its elevation.
Gas pipe
12.70 (1/2)
15.88 (5/8)
• Use pipe with water-resistant heat insulation.
Install heat insulation around both the gas and liquid pipes. Failure to do so may cause
water leaks.
Use heat insulation with heat resistance above 120 °C. (Reverse cycle model only)
In addition, if the humidity level at the installation location of the refrigerant piping is
expected to exceed 70 %, install heat insulation around the refrigerant piping.
If the expected humidity level is 70-80 %, use heat insulation that is 15 mm or thicker
and if the expected humidity exceeds 80 %, use heat insulation that is 20 mm or thicker.
If heat insulation is used that is not as thick as specifi ed, condensation may form on the
surface of the insulation.
In addition, use heat insulation with heat conductivity of 0.045 W/(m·K) or less (at 20 °C).
(This book)
For installing indoor unit
For installing indoor unit
For indoor side pipe joint (Gas pipe)
For indoor side pipe joint
(Liquid pipe)
For installing drain pipe
For installing drain pipe
VP25 (O.D.32, I.D.25)
For installing drain hose
For installing drain pipe
For connection pipe fi xing.
Only one is used for this model.
Diameter [mm (in)]
Liquid pipe
6.35 (1/4)
9.52 (3/8)



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