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Drain Installation - Fujitsu AUXG-KRLB Series Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
Hanging bolt (locally purchased)
After installing the body,
tighten the nuts.
Washer (Accessories)
Nut B (Double Nut)
(locally purchased)
3.3.3. Leveling
Using a level, or vinyl hose fi lled with water, fi ne adjust so that the body is level.
Inclined installation so as the drain pipe side is higher may cause a malfunction of the fl oat
switch, and may cause water leakage.
Vinyl hoses

3. 4. Drain installation

• Do not insert the drain piping into the sewer where sulfurous gas occurs. (Heat
exchange erosion may occur.)
• Insulate the parts properly so that water will not drip from the connection parts.
• Check for proper drainage after the construction by using the visible portion of
transparent drain port and the drain piping fi nal outlet on the body.
Do not apply adhesive agent on the drain port of the body. (Use the attached drain
hose and connect the drain piping.)
3.4.1. Installing the drain pipe:
• Install the drain pipe with downward gradient (1/50 to 1/100) and so there are no rises or
traps in the pipe.
• Use general hard polyvinyl chloride pipe (VP25) [outside diameter 32 mm] and connect it
with adhesive (polyvinyl chloride) so that there is no leakage.
• When the pipe is long, install supporters.
• Do not perform air bleeding.
• Always heat insulate the indoor side of the drain pipe.
• If it is impossible to have suffi cient gradient of pipe, perform drain lift-up.
Drain pipe
Hanging fi ttings
VP25 (O.D. 32 mm)
Downward gradient 1/100 to 1/50
Nut A (locally purchased)
Washer (Accessories)
Unit: mm
Drain pipe
Pipe size
VP25 (O.D. 32 mm)
1.5 to 2 m
Air bleeding
■ When lifting up drain:
• Height of inclined pipe should be less than 850 mm from the ceiling. A rise dimension over
this range will cause leakage.
• Lift up the pipe vertically at the position of 300 mm or less from the unit.
300 mm or less
VP25 (O.D. 32 mm)
local arrangement
VP30 (O.D. 38 mm) or more Downward
850 mm or less
gradient 1/100 to 1/50
3.4.2. Installation procedure
(1) Install the attached drain hose to the drain port of the body. Attach hose band on top of
the drain hose.
(2) Use vinyl adhesive agent to glue the drain piping (PVC pipe VP25) which is prepared
on site or elbow socket. (Apply color adhesive agent evenly until the gauge line and
(3) Check the drainage.
(4) Install the heat insulation.
(5) Use the attached heat insulation to insulate the drain port and band parts of the body.
Install the knob faces
hose band
Attached drain hose
heat insulation
Attached heat insulation
(a) Top view
Hose band
(c) Top view
Make sure there
are no gaps
Downward gradient
1/100 to 1/50
850 mm or less
Horizontal or
upward gradient
Locally arranged
vinyl pipe
Attached drain hose
(b) Side view
Applying area of
4 or less
Gauge line
(d) Hose opening view
Wind the attached heat insulation
around the hose band
Make sure the alignment is
on top
Unit: mm


Table of Contents

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