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Belling BGH604WBG Instructions For Use And Installation

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Instructions for Use and Installation
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  Summary of Contents for Belling BGH604WBG

  • Page 1 Instructions for Use and Installation Gas Cooktop Models: BGH604WSS BGH604WBG BGH905WSS BGH905WBG...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents For your safety Installation ......... 3 During use .
  • Page 3: For Your Safety

    For Your Safety These instructions have been drawn up for your safety and that of others. You are therefore requested to read them carefully before installing and using the appliance. Keep this instruction manual for future reference as necessary. If the appliance is sold or moved, make sure that the manual is handed over to the new user.
  • Page 4: During Use

    For Your Safety DURING USE This product is designed to cook foods inside private · homes and for non-commercial purposes. It should not be used for any other purpose. · After using the appliance, make sure that all controls are in 'CLOSED' or 'OFF' position.
  • Page 5 For Your Safety During use (continued) · Explanation of symbols on the glass top. (For Gas on glass models only) Do not place anything, eg. flame tamer, asbestos mat, between pan and pan support as serious damage to the appliance my result. Do not remove the pan support and enclose the burner with a wok stand as this will concentrate and deflect heat onto the hotplate.
  • Page 6: Safety Of Children And The Infirm

    For Your Safety Safety of children and the infirm This appliance must only be used by adults. Make sure that children do not touch the controls or play with the appliance. The exposed parts of this appliance heat up during cooking and remain hot for some time even after it is switched off.
  • Page 7: Use And Care

    Use and Care Description of the hob 1. Hob 2. Auxiliary burner 3. Semi-rapid burner 4. Rapid burner 5. Wok burner 6. Pan supports 7. Wok support 8. Control knobs Note: Model shown may not be identical to the hotplate you have purchased. A - Burner cap B - Burner head C - Burner bowl...
  • Page 8: Instructions For Use

    Use and Care Instructions for use The symbols on the control knobs mean the following: Regular burners (Auxiliary, Semi Rapid, Rapid, Wok) 1. No gas flow or 'Off' position. 2. Maximum gas flow or 'High' flame and lighting position. 3. Minimum gas flow or 'Low' flame position. Dual Valve Wok burner (Not all models) 1.
  • Page 9: To Light The Burners

    Use and Care To light the burners To light the burner, press the control knob down completely and hold down before rotating anti-clockwise to the ‘High’ Flame position. The ignition device is integrated into the control knob and is automatically activated by pushing down on the control knob. After lighting the flame, keep the knob pressed for about 5 seconds: this time is necessary to heat up the thermocouple (D on page 7) and activate the safety valve, which would otherwise cut...
  • Page 10 Use and Care Using the Dual Valve Wok burner (not all models The Dual Valve Wok burner has the advantage of providing both very high or very low heat when needed. The powerful Dual Flame provides high heat when frying, boiling or searing is required.
  • Page 11: For Correct Use Of The Hob

    Use and Care For correct use of the hob For lower gas consumption and better efficiency, use only flat- bottomed pans of dimensions suitable for the burners, as shown in the table below. Also, as soon as a liquid comes to the boil take care to turn the flame down to a level that will just keep it boiling.
  • Page 12: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Use and Care Cleaning and maintenance Before cleaning, disconnect the appliance from the electrical mains, make sure all burners are 'off' and allow the hotplate to cool down. General cleaning Wash enameled parts with lukewarm water and detergent: do not use abrasive products which might damage them.
  • Page 13 Use and Care Ignition plug Automatic burner ignition is provided by a ceramic 'plug' and a metal electrode (Ignition Candle - E on page 7). Periodically clean these parts of the hob thoroughly. In addition, to avoid ignition difficulties, check that the cavities in the burner are not obstructed. To remove deposits from the burner cavities, remove the burner caps.
  • Page 14: Abnormal Operation

    For this reason, we strongly advise you contact the Belling Service Center, specifying the nature of the problem, the model of the equipment and the serial number.
  • Page 15: Installation

    Installation Technical data Gas intake connection 1/2" BSP · · Electricity supply 220-240V AC (50Hz) Natural Gas Burner Type 1.0 kPa 2.75 kPa Nominal Gas Injector Nominal Gas Injector (mm) Consumption (mm) Consumption 3.90 MJ/h 3.30 MJ/h 0.90 0.53 Auxiliary 6.60 MJ/h 6.10 MJ/h 0.70...
  • Page 16 Installation BGH604WSS BGH604WBG 30.6MJ/h 30.6MJ/h 30.6MJ/h 30.6MJ/h 220- 220-240V/50- 220- 220-240V/50- YWWXXXXX YWWXXXXX Ventilation - Ventilation must be in accordance with AS/NZS5601- Gas Installations. In general, the appliance should have adequate ventilation for complete combustion of gas, proper flueing and to maintain temperature of immediate surroundings within safe limits.
  • Page 17: Building Into Kitchen Benches

    Installation Building into kitchen benches These hobs are designed for installation in kitchen benches. When installed into a corner, the walls or panels above the benchtop must be at least 155mm away from the edge of the hob to ensure adequate air circulation to the burners.
  • Page 18: Installation Cutout Drawings

    600mm above the highest part of the cooking surface for Range Hoods and 750mm for Exhaust Fans. Installation Cutout Drawings 60cm Glass Cooktop BGH604WBG Gas Inlet Point 60cm Stainless Steel Cooktop BGH604WSS Gas Inlet Point...
  • Page 19 Installation Installation Cutout Drawings 90cm Glass Cooktop BGH905WBG Gas Inlet Point 90cm Stainless Steel Cooktop BGH905WSS Gas Inlet Point...
  • Page 20: Connection To The Gas Supply

    Ensure that the available gas supply is the same as the gas type label affixed to the base of the hob. If not, contact Belling for a Gas Conversion Kit. The gas supply pressure A - Manifold Nut must be adjusted in accordance with the data label for the gas type.
  • Page 21: Electrical Connection

    Installation Electrical connection This appliance is designed to operate on a power supply voltage of 220-240V, single phase and is fitted with a 10A, 3 pin plug. Before making the connection, make sure that: 1) The electrical system is able to withstand the load of the appliance (see data label).
  • Page 22: Before Leaving

    When satisfied with the hotplate, please instruct the user on the correct method of operation. In case the appliance fails to operate correctly after all checks have been carried out, please call the Belling Service Centre.
  • Page 23: Wiring Diagrams

    Installation Wiring diagrams 4 burner models 5 burner models...
  • Page 24: Gas Conversion (Ng To Ulpg)

    Gas Conversion (NG to ULPG) If the required gas conversion kit is not supplied with your appliance, contact Belling. Gas Conversion shall only be undertaken by authorised persons. The NG to U-LPG conversion kit contains... - Test Point Assembly - ULPG Gas Type label - Auxiliary Jet Ø0.53mm...
  • Page 25: Gas Conversion (Ulpg To Ng)

    Gas Conversion (ULPG to NG) If the required gas conversion kit is not supplied with your appliance, contact Belling. Gas Conversion shall only be undertaken by authorised persons. The ULPG to NG conversion kit contains... - NG Regulator - NG Gas Type label - Auxiliary Jet Ø090mm...
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Installation Troubleshooting Please complete the troubleshooting before calling for service as user error or installation faults WILL NOT be covered under warranty. General troubleshooting For all issues with the burners, please check the following items first: 1.DO NOT cover any part of the cooktop with foil. As well as being very dangerous, this can cause issues with burners not igniting or burning incorrectly.
  • Page 27 Burner does not click when trying to light: All burners – Check the power supply. The cooktop should be plugged into a power point in the cupboard. Not all burners – Call the Belling Technical Department on 09 274 8265 Burner won't stay lit: Complete the general troubleshooting on page 25 first.
  • Page 28 All burners spark when trying to light one: This is normal. The ignition for all the burners is linked. A burner will only light when you turn the knob, providing it with gas. If required, please call the Belling Technical Department on 09 274 8265...
  • Page 29 All Belling appliances are for Domestic use only, and must be installed by a licensed installer into Domestic Applications only, without exception and to the required Authorities guidelines.

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