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Miele 11 196 580 Operating And Installation Instructions

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Operating and installation instructions
Microwave combination oven
To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential
to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 11 196 580


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Miele 11 196 580

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Microwave combination oven To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. en-GB M.-Nr. 11 196 580...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Functions ....................... 33 Safety features ...................... 33 PerfectClean treated surfaces ................33 Before using for the first time ................ 34 Miele@home ......................34 Basic settings ......................35 Heating up the oven for the first time..............36 Settings ........................  37 Settings overview ....................37 Opening the “Settings”...
  • Page 3 Recommended power levels................. 44 Cooling fan run-on ....................45 Proximity sensor (movement sensor) ..............45 Safety ........................46 Furniture front recognition ..................47 Miele@home ......................47 Remote control...................... 48 Activating MobileStart ..................48 SuperVision ......................49 RemoteUpdate ...................... 50 Software version....................51 Legal information....................
  • Page 4 Contents Cancelling a cooking programme ................. 65 Pre-heating the oven compartment ..............65 Booster ......................66 Pre-heat......................67 Crisp function ......................68 Changing the function ................... 68 Quick MW and Popcorn .................. 69 Quick MW......................69 Popcorn ......................... 69 Automatic programmes .................. 70 Categories ......................
  • Page 5 Contents Cleaning and care .....................  100 Unsuitable cleaning agents ................. 100 Removing normal soiling ..................101 Removing stubborn soiling.................. 102 Lowering the top heat/grill element..............103 Problem solving guide .................. 104 Service........................  109 Contact in case of malfunction ................109 Warranty ......................
  • Page 6: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these instructions. Keep these instructions in a safe place and pass them on to any...
  • Page 7: Appropriate Use

    These special lamps must only be used for the purpose for which they are intended. They are not suitable for room lighting. Replacement lamps may only be fitted by a Miele authorised technician or by the Miele Customer Service Department.
  • Page 8 Warning and safety instructions Safety with children  Children under 8 years of age must be kept away from the oven unless they are constantly supervised.  Children aged 8 and older may only use the oven without supervision if they have been shown how to use it in a safe manner. Children must be able to understand and recognise the possible dangers caused by incorrect operation.
  • Page 9  Unauthorised installation, maintenance and repairs can cause considerable danger for the user. Installation, maintenance and repairs must only be carried out by a Miele authorised technician.  Damage to the oven can compromise your safety. Check the oven for visible signs of damage. Do not use a damaged oven.
  • Page 10 Miele authorised service technician. Otherwise the warranty will be invalidated.  Miele can only guarantee the safety of the oven when original Miele spare parts are used. Faulty components must only be replaced by original spare parts.
  • Page 11 Warning and safety instructions  If the oven is built in behind a furniture front (e.g. a door), do not close the furniture door while the oven is in use. Heat and moisture can build up behind the closed furniture door. This can result in damage to the oven, housing unit and floor.
  • Page 12 Warning and safety instructions  If using alcohol in your recipes, please be aware that high temperatures can cause the alcohol to evaporate. The vapour can catch fire on hot heating elements.  When using residual heat to keep food warm, corrosion from high air humidity and condensation can occur in the oven.
  • Page 13 Warning and safety instructions  It is important that the temperature in the food being cooked is evenly distributed and sufficiently high. This can be achieved by stirring or turning the food, and observing a sufficiently long standing time (see charts), which should be added to the time needed for reheating, defrosting or cooking.
  • Page 14 Do not use thermometers containing mercury or liquid as these are not suitable for use with very high temperatures and break very easily. Only use the Miele food probe supplied with the appliance to measure the temperature of the food. ...
  • Page 15 Warning and safety instructions  Non-microwave-safe plastic dishes can suffer damage or damage the oven if used with the Microwave  function and microwave functions. Do not use any crockery or cutlery made from or containing metal, aluminium foil, lead crystal glassware, temperature-sensitive plastics, wooden utensils or cutlery, metal clips, or plastic or paper-covered wire ties.
  • Page 16 Warning and safety instructions  Risk of injury from the open door. You could bang into the open door or trip over it. Avoid leaving the door open unnecessarily.  The door can support a maximum load of 8 kg. Do not lean or sit on an open door, or place heavy items on it.
  • Page 17: Cleaning And Care

    Only use original Miele accessories. If other parts are used, warranty, performance and product liability claims will be invalidated.  Only use the Miele food probe supplied with the appliance. If it is faulty, it must be replaced with a new original Miele food probe. ...
  • Page 18: Caring For The Environment

    / recycling centre for electrical and electronic appliances, or contact your dealer or Miele for advice. You are also responsible (by law, depending on country) for deleting any personal data that may be stored on the appliance being disposed of.
  • Page 19: Guide To The Appliance

    Guide to the appliance Oven a Control elements b Top heat/grill element c Connection socket for the food probe d 3 shelf levels for the glass tray and rack e Air inlet for the fan with ring heating element behind it f Front frame with data plate g Door...
  • Page 20: Controls

    For switching the oven on and off For displaying information and for operation b Optical interface g Movement sensor (For Miele Service only) For switching on the oven interior c  sensor control lighting and the display, and to For controlling the oven via your...
  • Page 21: On/Off Sensor Control

    Controls On/Off sensor control Movement sensor The  On/Off sensor control is The movement sensor is located under the touch display next to the  sensor recessed and reacts to touch. control. The movement sensor detects Use this sensor control to switch the when you approach the touch display, oven on and off.
  • Page 22: Sensor Controls

    Function control  If you want to control the oven from your mobile device, you must have the Miele@home system, switch on the Remote control  setting and touch this sensor control. The sensor control then lights up and the MobileStart function is available.
  • Page 23 Controls Sensor Function control  Depending on which menu you are in, this will take you back a level or back to the main menu.  If a menu appears in the display or if a cooking programme is in progress, you can use this sensor control to set a minute minder (e.g.
  • Page 24: Touch Display

    Controls Touch display The sensitive surface of the touch display can be scratched by pointed or sharp objects, e.g. pens. Only touch the display with your fingers. Make sure that water cannot get behind the touch display. The touch display is split into multiple areas. 12:00 ...
  • Page 25: Symbols

    The system lock or sensor lock is on (see “Settings – Safety”). The controls are locked.  Core temperature when using the food probe  Remote control (only appears if you are in the Miele@home system and have selected the  | setting) Remote control ...
  • Page 26: Using The Appliance

    Using the appliance You operate the oven via the touch Changing a value or setting display by touching the desired menu Changing a setting in a list option. The current setting is highlighted in Each time you touch a possible option, orange.
  • Page 27: Changing The Setting With A Segment Bar

    Using the appliance Changing the setting with a segment Displaying the context menu In some menus you can display a Some settings are represented by a context menu, e.g. to rename User           bar with seven segments. If programmes or to move entries all of the segments are illuminated, the under ...
  • Page 28: Displaying The Pull-Down Menu

     To close the pull-down menu, drag it can operate your oven remotely with the back up to the top or touch an area of Miele@mobile app. the display located outside of the menu window. Directly operating the oven via the...
  • Page 29: Features

    These are available to order via the number, the serial number as well as Miele Webshop, the Miele Customer connection data (voltage, frequency Service Department or from your Miele and maximum rated load). dealer. Please have this information to hand,...
  • Page 30 Features Rack with non-tip safety notches Using the rack The rack has non-tip safety notches which prevent it being pulled right out when it only needs to be pulled out partially. If you insert the rack the wrong way round, the non-tip safety mechanism is not guaranteed.
  • Page 31 Features Round baking trays The round baking trays can suffer damage when subjected to microwaves. Do not use the round baking trays with Microwave  , MW +Auto roast  , MW + Fan plus  , MW + Grill   or   functions. MW + Fan grill ...
  • Page 32 Only use the oven dishes and their Accessories for cleaning and care lids for cooking programmes with – Miele all-purpose microfibre cloth functions which do not use microwave power. – Miele oven cleaner Slide the rack onto shelf level 1 and place the Gourmet oven dish on the rack.
  • Page 33: Functions

    Features Functions PerfectClean treated surfaces – Use the different oven functions for PerfectClean surfaces have very good baking, roasting, grilling and non-stick properties and are reheating exceptionally easy to clean. – Clock display Food can be easily removed from these surfaces.
  • Page 34: Before Using For The First Time

    – A WiFi network Therefore, the availability of featured functions cannot be guaranteed. – The Miele@mobile app – A Miele user account The user Miele@home availability account can be created via the The ability to use the Miele@mobile app Miele@mobile app.
  • Page 35: Basic Settings

    The oven gets hot during operation. date. For safety reasons, the oven may only be used when it has been fully  To set up Miele@home now, select installed. the desired connection method. You will then be guided by the display The oven will switch on automatically and the Miele@mobile app.
  • Page 36: Heating Up The Oven For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Heating up the oven for the Heat the empty oven for at least an first time hour. When the oven is heated up for the first  After at least an hour, switch the oven time it may give off a slight smell.
  • Page 37: Settings

    Settings Settings overview Menu option Available settings ... |  |  | ... Language  deutsch english Country Time Display * |  | Night dimming Clock type * | Analogue Digital Clock format 24 h * | 12 h (am/pm) Date Lighting "On" for 15 seconds Start screen Main menu Oven functions...
  • Page 38 * | Always on  | Switch the appliance on  | Acknowledge buzzer * | Safety System lock   | Sensor lock  | Furniture front recognition Miele@home Activate Deactivate Connection status Set up again Reset Set up Remote control * Factory default setting...
  • Page 39 Settings Menu option Available settings SuperVision SuperVision display  | Display in standby  | Only if there is a fault Appliance list Display this appliance  | Buzzer tones RemoteUpdate Software version Legal information Open source licences Showroom programme Demo mode  | Factory default Appliance settings User programmes...
  • Page 40: Opening The "Settings" Menu

    Settings Opening the “Settings” menu Time In the   Settings  menu, you can Display personalise your oven by adapting the Select how you want the time of day to factory default settings to suit your show in the display when the oven is requirements.
  • Page 41: Date

    If the oven has been connected to a oven functions or MyMiele settings WiFi network and signed into the appear in the status display (see Miele@mobile app, the time will be “MyMiele”). synchronised based on the country This new status display will then appear setting in the Miele@mobile app.
  • Page 42: Display

    Settings Display Volume Brightness Buzzer tones The display brightness is represented If buzzers are switched on, a buzzer will by a bar with seven segments. sound when the set temperature is reached and at the end of a set time. –...
  • Page 43: Units

    Settings Units Popcorn A microwave power level of 850 W and Weight a cooking duration of 2:50 minutes is For automatic programmes, you can set pre-set so that you can start cooking a the weight of food in grams ( ), pounds/ bag of microwave popcorn immediately.
  • Page 44: Recommended Temperatures

    Settings Recommended temperatures Recommended power levels If you often cook with different If you often cook with different power temperatures, it makes sense to change levels, it makes sense to change the the recommended temperatures. recommended microwave power levels. After selecting this menu option, a list You can change the recommended of functions will appear in the display.
  • Page 45: Cooling Fan Run-On

    Settings Cooling fan run-on Proximity sensor (movement sensor) The cooling fan will continue to run for a while after the oven has been switched The movement sensor detects when off to prevent any humidity building up you approach the touch display, e.g. in the oven compartment, on the fascia with your hand or body.
  • Page 46: Safety

    Settings Switch the appliance on Safety – System lock  If the time is displayed, the oven The system lock prevents the oven switches on and the main menu being switched on by mistake. appears as you approach the touch display.
  • Page 47: Furniture Front Recognition

    WiFi network. We recommend connecting – your oven to your WiFi network with the The furniture front detection is help of the Miele@mobile App or via deactivated. The oven does not WPS. detect whether the furniture door is closed.
  • Page 48: Remote Control

    Settings – Activate Remote control This setting is only visible if If you have installed the Miele@mobile Miele@home is deactivated. The WiFi app on your mobile device, have function is reactivated. access to the Miele@home system and – Deactivate have activated the remote control...
  • Page 49: Supervision

    Settings Appliance list SuperVision All household appliances signed in to The oven is a Miele@home-compatible the Miele@home System are shown. appliance with SuperVision  functionality Once you have selected an appliance, for monitoring other household you can access further settings: appliances in the Miele@home system.
  • Page 50: Remoteupdate

    Otherwise, the update will be aborted and will not be installed. Deactivate RemoteUpdate if you do not want any updates to be downloaded – Some software updates can only be automatically. carried out by the Miele Customer Service Department.
  • Page 51: Software Version

    Software version Factory default The software version is intended for the – Appliance settings Miele Customer Service Department. Any settings that have been altered You do not need this information for will be reset to the factory default domestic use.
  • Page 52: Alarm + Minute Minder

    Alarm + minute minder Using the  sensor control, you can set Changing an alarm a minute minder, e.g. for boiling eggs,  Select the alarm in the display or or an alarm for a specific time. select the  sensor control and the desired alarm.
  • Page 53: Using The Minute Minder Function

    Alarm + minute minder At the end of the minute minder time, Using the Minute minder function  will flash, the time will start counting The  minute minder can be used to up and a buzzer will sound. time other activities in the kitchen, ...
  • Page 54: Main And Sub-Menus

    Main and sub-menus Menu Recommen Range ded value Oven functions   Fan plus   160 °C 30–250 °C Conventional heat   180 °C 30–250 °C Microwave   1000 W 80–1000 W   MW combi 300 W 80–300 W   MW + Fan plus 160 °C 30–220 °C MW + Fan grill...
  • Page 55 Main and sub-menus Menu Recommen Range ded value Special applications   Defrost – – Drying 60 °C 30–70 °C Reheat – – Heat crockery 80 °C 50–100 °C Prove dough 35 °C 30–50 °C Low temp. cooking 90 °C 80–120 °C Sabbath programme 180 °C 30–250 °C...
  • Page 56: Microwave Operation

    Microwave operation How it works Suitable crockery The oven contains a magnetron that In order for microwaves to reach the converts electrical energy into food, they must be able to penetrate the electromagnetic waves (microwaves). crockery being used. Microwaves can These microwaves are distributed pass through porcelain, glass, evenly throughout the oven...
  • Page 57: Suitable Crockery

    Microwave operation The material and shape of the crockery – Unpainted stoneware and stoneware used affect the reheating and cooking with underglaze paints durations.  Risk of injury caused by hot Heat distribution is more even in round crockery. and oval-shaped shallow containers. Food is reheated more evenly in these Stoneware can get hot.
  • Page 58 Microwave operation – Plastic boiling bags – The supplied rack is only suitable for For cooking and reheating. They cooking programmes with the should be pierced beforehand. The  ,  , +Auto roast MW + Fan plus holes allow the steam can escape. MW + Grill   and MW + Fan...
  • Page 59: Unsuitable Crockery

    Microwave operation Unsuitable crockery When purchasing plasticware, make sure that it is suitable for use in a Crockery and lids with hollow microwave oven. handles or knobs can collect – Wooden dishes moisture in the hollow spaces. When Water contained in wood evaporates the moisture evaporates, pressure during the cooking programme.
  • Page 60: Testing Dishes

    Microwave operation  Close the door. Testing dishes Unsuitable crockery can cause sparks  Select the Microwave   function. or crackling noises. If you are not sure  Set the highest microwave power whether glass, porcelain or stoneware level (1000 W) and a cooking duration crockery is suitable, test the dishes.
  • Page 61: Cover

    Microwave operation Cover The cover should not form a seal with the container. If the cover is used with a container which only has a narrow diameter, there might not be enough room for condensation to escape. The cover could get too hot and start to melt.
  • Page 62: Operation

    Operation  Switch the oven on. The oven stops generating microwave power when you interrupt the cooking The main menu will appear. programme with or open the door. Stop  Place the food in the oven You can continue the programme with compartment.
  • Page 63: Changing The Temperature And Core Temperature

    Operation Changing the temperature and core Setting cooking durations temperature Cooking results can be impaired if Go to Settings  | Recommended there is a long delay between the to permanently adjust the food being placed in the oven and temperatures recommended temperatures to suit the start of cooking.
  • Page 64: Changing The Set Cooking Durations

    Operation – Duration Changing the set cooking durations Enter the desired cooking duration  Select , the duration or Timer for the food. The heating will switch  Select the desired time and change it. off automatically once this duration has elapsed. The maximum cooking ...
  • Page 65: Interrupting A Cooking Programme In The Microwave Function

    Operation Interrupting a cooking Pre-heating the oven programme in the compartment Microwave function Booster  function is used to quickly pre-heat the oven compartment in You can interrupt cooking when using some functions. Microwave   function and pause the cooking duration. Pre-heat  function can be used with any function (except  ) and Microwave...
  • Page 66: Booster

    Operation Booster Switching the Booster on and off for a cooking programme Booster  function is used to quickly pre-heat the oven compartment. If you have selected the  | Booster setting, you can switch off the function This function is switched on as the separately for a cooking programme.
  • Page 67: Pre-Heat

    Operation Pre-heat The following message is displayed with a time: Place food in the oven at . The It is only necessary to pre-heat the oven oven compartment is heated to the set compartment in a few instances. temperature. You can place most dishes in the cold ...
  • Page 68: Crisp Function

    Operation Crisp function Changing the function It is a good idea to use the Crisp You can change to another function function  function (moisture reduction) during a cooking programme. when cooking food which has a moist  Touch the symbol for the selected topping e.g.
  • Page 69: Quick Mw And Popcorn

    Quick MW and Popcorn Popcorn These functions can only be used when no other cooking programmes If you select the  sensor control, the are in use. microwave oven starts with a set microwave power level and cooking Always use the glass tray. duration.
  • Page 70: Automatic Programmes

    Automatic programmes The wide range of automatic Handy hints programmes enable you to achieve – When using automatic programmes, excellent results with ease. the recipes provided are designed as a guide only. Other similar recipes, Categories including those using different The  automatic programmes are quantities, can be used for the sorted into categories to provide a...
  • Page 71: Search

    Automatic programmes – When using the food probe, the Search cooking duration will be determined (Depending on language) by when the core temperature is Under Automatic programmes , you can reached. search by the name of the categories – If by the end of an automatic and the automatic programmes.
  • Page 72: Special Applications

    Special applications This section provides information on the  Risk of infection from bacteria. following applications: Bacteria such as salmonella can – Defrost cause life-threatening food poisoning. – Drying It is particularly important to observe – Reheat food hygiene rules when defrosting fish and meat, and in particular when –...
  • Page 73 Special applications Using the Defrost special application Using the Microwave function This programme has been developed Instead of the special application, you for gently defrosting frozen goods. can use the   function for Microwave defrosting. Set the microwave power Use crockery that is microwave safe. level and the defrosting duration.
  • Page 74 Special applications Defrosting with the Microwave function Food to be defrosted Quantity    [min] [min] Butter 250 g 8–10 5–10 Milk 1000 ml 12–16 10–15 Sponge cake (3 slices) Approx. 4–6 5–10 300 g Approx. Fruit cake (3 slices) 6–8 10–15 300 g Butter cake (3 slices) Approx.
  • Page 75: Drying

    Special applications    Drying Food for drying [°C] Dehydrating or drying is a traditional Fruit / 60–70 2–8 method of preserving fruit, certain / 55–65 4–12 Vegetables vegetables and herbs. Mushrooms / 45–50 5–10 It is important that fruit and vegetables /...
  • Page 76: Reheat

    Special applications Reheat Risk of injury caused by hot liquids. When heating food, and in particular It is essential that the section entitled liquids, using the “Correct use” in the “Warning and Microwave   function, the boiling safety instructions” is observed. point may be reached without the ...
  • Page 77 Special applications Using the Reheat special application  After reheating, allow the food to stand at room temperature for a few This programme is designed for minutes to enable the heat to spread reheating food. evenly throughout the food. The time required depends on the Tips nature of the food, its initial temperature and the amount to be cooked.
  • Page 78 Special applications Reheating with the Microwave function Drink/ Quantity    food [min] [min] Drinks (drinking temperature 1 cup/1 glass 1000 00:50–1:10 – 60–65 °C) (200 ml) 00:50– Approx. 200 ml Baby bottle (milk) 1:00 1 jar (200 g) 00:30–1:00 Food for babies and children 200 g 3:00–5:00 Sliced meat with sauce...
  • Page 79: Heat Crockery

    Special applications Heat crockery Prove dough By pre-heating the crockery, the food This programme is designed specifically does not cool down as quickly. for proving yeast dough.  Select  Special applications  . Use heat-resistant crockery.  Select  Prove dough  Place the rack on shelf level 1 and ...
  • Page 80: Low Temp. Cooking

    Special applications Low temp. cooking The cooking duration takes approx. 2–4 hours depending on the weight Low temp. cooking  cooking method and size of the meat and how well you is ideal for cooking beef, pork, veal or want it cooked. lamb when a tender result is desired.
  • Page 81 Special applications Using the Low temp. cooking special Using the Conventional heat function application Take a look at the information in the cooking charts at the end of this book. Observe the information under “Roasting – Food probe”. Use the glass tray with the rack placed on top of it.
  • Page 82: Sabbath Programme

    Special applications  Select  Special applications  . Sabbath programme  Select  Sabbath programme The Sabbath programme is for religious observance. The Sabbath programme cannot be Select the Sabbath programme and started if the minute minder is being then select the temperature. used.
  • Page 83: Cooking

    Special applications Tips Cooking – Turn, separate or stir the food several It is essential that the section entitled times. Stir the food from the outside “Correct use” in the “Warning and towards the middle, as food heats safety instructions” is observed. more quickly from the outside.
  • Page 84 Special applications Cooking with the Microwave function   850 W  450 W Soups/stews  Vegetables [min] [min] [min] Stew 1500 Soup 1500 Peas Peas (frozen) Carrots Broccoli florets Broccoli (frozen) Cauliflower florets Kohlrabi batons Asparagus Leeks Leeks (frozen) Sliced peppers Beans, green Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts (frozen) Mixed vegetables (frozen)  Weight,  cooking duration,  standing time...
  • Page 85: Frozen Food/Ready Meals

    Special applications Preparing frozen food/ready meals Frozen food/Ready meals Handling food carefully will help Tips for cakes, pizza and baguettes protect your health. – Bake cakes, pizza and baguettes on Cakes, pizzas and french fries should baking paper on the rack. be cooked until golden, not dark –...
  • Page 86: Mymiele

    MyMiele Under MyMiele  , you can save Deleting entries frequently used applications.  Select  MyMiele  . It is particularly useful with automatic  Touch the entry you want to delete programmes as you do not need to and keep your finger on it until the work through every screen in order to context menu appears.
  • Page 87: User Programmes

    User programmes You can create and save up to 20 User The settings for the first cooking stage programmes. have now been set. – You can combine up to 10 cooking You can add more cooking stages, for stages to accurately programme your example, if you want to add another favourite or most frequently used cooking function to follow on from the...
  • Page 88 User programmes Starting User programmes Use   Info to display information such as how to place or turn the food  Place the food in the oven depending on the cooking compartment. programme.  Select  User programmes  .  At the end of the programme, select ...
  • Page 89: Deleting User Programmes

    User programmes Renaming User programmes Deleting User programmes  Select   Select  User programmes  . User programmes  .  Touch the programme you want to  Touch the programme you want to change and keep your finger on it delete and keep your finger on it until until the context menu appears.
  • Page 90: Baking

    Baking Notes on the cooking charts Handling food carefully will help protect your health. You can find the cooking charts at the Cakes, pizzas and french fries should end of this book. be cooked until golden, not dark Selecting the  temperature brown.
  • Page 91: Notes On The Functions

    Baking Using Conventional heat  Notes on the functions Dark metal, enamel, tin or aluminium You can find an overview of all the baking tins with a matt finish, as well as functions with their recommended heat-resistant glass and coated tins can values in “Main and sub-menus”.
  • Page 92 Baking Using Intensive bake  Using MW + Fan plus  You can use any type of baking tray Use heat-resistant baking tins suitable made of heat-resistant material. for microwave use (see the requirements specified for crockery in Use this function for baking cakes with the section on microwave operation), moist toppings.
  • Page 93: Roasting

    Roasting – For a crisp finish, baste poultry Tips for roasting 10 minutes before the end of the – Pre-heating the oven compartment cooking duration with slightly salted is only required when roasting beef water. sirloin joints and fillet. Pre-heating is generally not necessary.
  • Page 94: Notes On The Functions

    Roasting meat, plus approx. 20 minutes, Using Automatic programmes  adjusting the length of time as  Follow the instructions in the display. roasting proceeds to obtain the required result. The roasting time can Using Fan plus  or Auto roast  also be determined by multiplying the These functions are suitable for roasting thickness of the roast [cm] with the meat, fish and poultry that needs to be...
  • Page 95: Food Probe

    Roasting Using MW + Fan plus  or MW Food probe +Auto roast  These functions are not suitable for roasting delicate cuts of meat such as sirloin joints or fillet. The centre would be too well cooked before the exterior is The food probe enables precise browned.
  • Page 96 Roasting When to use the food probe – When using aluminium foil or roasting bags, insert the food probe through Some automatic programmes and the foil/bag into the centre of the special applications will prompt you to food. You can also place meat inside use the food probe.
  • Page 97 Roasting Time left display If the temperature set for a cooking programme is above 140 °C, the estimated time left will appear in the display. The time left is also displayed when using the “low temperature cooking” special application, where cooking takes place at lower temperatures.
  • Page 98: Grilling

    Grilling Notes on the cooking charts  Risk of injury caused by hot surfaces. You can find the cooking charts at the If you grill with the door open, hot air end of this book. will escape from the oven instead of ...
  • Page 99: Notes On The Functions

    Grilling Selecting the  cooking duration Notes on the functions  Grill thinner cuts of meat/slices of fish You can find an overview of all the for approx. 6–8 minutes per side. functions with their recommended values It is best to grill food of a similar in “Main and sub-menus”.
  • Page 100: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care  Operating a damaged oven can Risk of injury caused by hot result in microwave leakage and surfaces. present a hazard to the user. The oven gets hot during operation. Check the door and door seal for any You could burn yourself on the sign of damage.
  • Page 101: Removing Normal Soiling

    Cleaning and care Removing normal soiling If soiling is left on for any length of time, it may become impossible to Moisture inside the oven can cause remove. If items are used frequently damage. without being cleaned, it may Do not use too much water on the become very difficult to clean them.
  • Page 102: Removing Stubborn Soiling

     Very stubborn soiling on PerfectClean Spilt fruit and roasting juices may surfaces can be cleaned using the cause lasting discolouration or matte Miele oven cleaner, which must only patches on enamelled surfaces. This be applied to cold surfaces. discolouration is permanent but will not affect the efficiency of the finish.
  • Page 103: Lowering The Top Heat/Grill Element

    Cleaning and care Lowering the top heat/grill Use caution not to damage the top element heat/grill element. Do not use force when lowering the If the oven compartment roof is badly top heat/grill element. soiled, the top heat/grill element can be lowered to make cleaning easier.
  • Page 104: Problem Solving Guide

     | setting. There is no power to the oven.  Check whether the fuse has tripped. Contact a qualified electrician or the Miele Customer Service Department. The buzzer does not The buzzers are deactivated or set at too low a sound.
  • Page 105  | Settings Proximity sensor The movement sensor is defective.  Call the Miele Customer Service Department. The oven is not connected to the power supply.  Check that the oven plug is correctly inserted into the socket and switched on.
  • Page 106  and a fault code A fault has occurred that you cannot resolve. not listed here appears  Call the Miele Customer Service Department. in the display. If the door is opened This is not a fault. If the door is opened while cooking...
  • Page 107 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy Cakes and biscuits are A different temperature from the one given in the not baked properly after recipe was used. following the times  Select the temperature required for the recipe. given in the baking The ingredient quantities are different from those chart.
  • Page 108  Press the  sensor control to switch on the oven not switch on. interior lighting for 15 seconds.  If required, select the  Lighting  | or  "On" for 15 setting. seconds The oven interior lighting is faulty.  Call the Miele Customer Service Department.
  • Page 109: Service

    In the event of any faults which you For information on the appliance cannot remedy yourself, please contact warranty specific to your country please your Miele Dealer or Miele Service. contact Miele. See back cover for address. Contact information for Miele Service...
  • Page 110: Installation

    Installation Installation dimensions Dimensions are given in mm. Installation in a tall or base unit When building the oven into a base unit underneath a hob, please also observe the installation instructions for the hob as well as the building-in depth required for the hob.
  • Page 111: Side View

    Installation Side view 47 mm...
  • Page 112: Connections And Ventilation

    Installation Connections and ventilation a Front view b Mains connection cable, length = 2000 mm c No connections permitted in this area d Ventilation cut-out, min. 150 cm²...
  • Page 113: Installing The Oven

    Installation Installing the oven  Connect the mains cable from the oven to the isolator.  Push the oven into the housing unit and align the oven.  Open the door and use the screws supplied to secure the oven to the side walls of the housing unit through the holes in the oven trim.
  • Page 114: Electrical Connection

    For extra safety it is advisable to protect the appliance with a suitable residual current device (RCD). Please contact a qualified electrician for advice. If the cable is damaged a new cable must be fitted by a Miele approved service technician.
  • Page 115 (RCD) / ground fault interrupter (GFI). Contact a qualified electrician for advice. If the cord is damaged a new cord must be fitted by a Miele approved service technician.  WARNING - THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED...
  • Page 116: Cooking Charts

    Cooking charts Batter     +   Cakes/biscuits    (accessories) [°C] + [W] [min] Muffins   150–160 35–45 –   160–170 35–45 – Small cakes (1 glass tray)*  – 25–35 –  – 27–37 – Small cakes (2 glass trays)* ...
  • Page 117: Rubbed In Mixture

    Cooking charts Rubbed in mixture   Cakes/biscuits    (accessories) [°C] [min] Biscuits (1 glass tray)   140–150 20–30 –  160–170  10–20 – Drop cookies (1 glass tray)*  – 40–50 –  – 30–40 – Drop cookies (2 glass trays)* ...
  • Page 118: Yeast Dough

    Cooking charts Yeast dough     +   Cakes/biscuits    (accessories) [°C] + [W] [min] Bundt cake (Bundt cake tin,   150–160 45–55 –  24 cm)   160–170 50–60 – Stollen   160–170 60–70 –  ...
  • Page 119: Quark Dough

    Cooking charts Quark dough     +   Cakes/biscuits    (accessories) [°C] + [W] [min] Fresh fruit cake (1 glass tray)   160–170 40–50 – 170–180 +  – 25–35 – Apple turnovers/raisin whirls (1 glass   160–170 25–35 –...
  • Page 120: Sponge Mixture

    Cooking charts Sponge mixture   Cakes/biscuits    (accessories) [°C] [min] Sponge cake base (2 eggs,  170–180 – 15–25 – springform cake tin,  26 cm) Sponge cake base (4–6 eggs,  170–180 – 18–28 – springform cake tin,  26 cm) Whisked sponge (springform cake ...
  • Page 121: Savoury Dishes

    Cooking charts Savoury dishes     +   Food    (accessories) [°C] + [W] [min] Savoury Swiss apple pie (glass tray)    30–40 240–250 Onion tart (glass tray) 170–180 +  – 30–40 –  150–160 –...
  • Page 122: Beef

    Cooking charts Beef    Food    (accessories) [°C] [min] [°C] Braised beef, approx. 1 kg 170–180   100–120 (oven dish with lid)  40–50 45–75 Fillet of beef, approx. 1 kg  180–190 Fillet of beef, “rare”, – 65–75 45–48 ...
  • Page 123: Veal

    Cooking charts Veal     +    Food    (accessories) [°C] + [W] [min] [°C] Braised veal, approx. 1.5 kg   170–180 90–100 (oven dish with lid) 160–170 + 150   80–90 Fillet of veal, approx. 1 kg  30–40 45–75 ...
  • Page 124: Pork

    Cooking charts Pork     +    Food    (accessories) [°C] + [W] [min] [°C] Pork joint/pork neck roast, 160–170 + 150  80–90  80–90 approx. 1 kg (oven dish with lid)   180–190 80–90 130–140 Pork joint with crackling, 170–180 + 150 ...
  • Page 125: Lamb, Game

    Cooking charts Lamb, game    Food    (accessories) [°C] [min] [°C] Leg of lamb on the bone,   170–180 64–82 110–120 approx. 1.5 kg   180–190 64–82 110–120 (oven dish with lid) Saddle of lamb, off the bone ...
  • Page 126: Poultry, Fish

    Cooking charts Poultry, fish     +    Food    (accessories) [°C] + [W] [min] [°C] Poultry, 0.8–1.5 kg   160–170 55–65 85–90 (rack on the glass tray)  170–180 + 150 – 40–50 85–90 Chicken, approx. 1.2 kg ...
  • Page 127: Notes For Test Institutes

    27–34  Function,  Temperature,  Booster,  Shelf level,  Cooking duration, CF Crisp function,  Fan plus,  Conventional heat,  Full grill,  On, – Off Only use original Miele accessories. Use a dark matt springform cake tin. Place the springform cake tin centrally on the rack. Select the specified grill level.
  • Page 128: Test Food Acc. To En 60705 (Function: Microwave Solo )

    Notes for test institutes Test food acc. to EN 60705 (Function: Microwave solo )    Test food  Notes [min] [min] Crockery see Standard, dimensions at the upper rim  Custard, 1000 g 250 mm x 250 mm, cook uncovered Crockery see Standard, external Madeira cake, 475 g ...
  • Page 129: Conformity Declaration

    Conformity declaration Miele hereby declares that this oven complies with Directive 2014/53/EU. The complete text of the EU declaration of conformity is available from one of the following internet addresses: – Products, Download from – For service, information, operating instructions etc: go to
  • Page 130: Copyrights And Licences

    Copyrights and Licences Miele uses their own and third party software which is not subject to any so-called Open Source Licence for the operation and control of the appliance. This software/ these software components are protected by copyright. The copyright powers of Miele and third parties have to be respected.
  • Page 131 Tel: +65 6735 1191 Fax. +971 4 3418 852 Fax: 011-46 900 001 Fax: +65 6735 1161 800-MIELE (64353) E-mail: E-Mail: E-Mail: Internet: Internet: Website: Manufacturer: Miele & Cie. KG, Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany...
  • Page 132 H 7840 BM en-GB M.-Nr. 11 196 580 / 02...

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