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   Summary of Contents for Sony BRAVIA XBR KDL-46XBR10

  • Page 1 LCD Digital Color TV KDL-52XBR10 KDL-46XBR10 MBT-WZ5 © 2009 Sony Corporation Sony Customer Support U.S.A.: Canada: United States Canada 1.800.222.SONY 1.877.899.SONY Please Do Not Return the Product to the Store...
  • Page 2 Monitor: rear of the monitor at the bottom left Media receiver: on the underside and rear Record these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this unit. Monitor Model Name Serial No.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Using the Remote Control....22 Remote Control Button Description ..23 Welcome to the World of BRAVIA Thank you for purchasing this Sony BRAVIA documentation listed below to get the most out of your unit. Safety Booklet...
  • Page 4: Introducing Your Bravia

    Introducing Your BRAVIA Experiencing Stunning HD with Your BRAVIA TV To experience the stunning detail of your new BRAVIA TV, you need access to high-definition (HD) programming. Your BRAVIA TV can receive and display HD programming from: • Over-the-air broadcasting via HD-quality antenna •...
  • Page 5: Tv Feature Highlights

    TV programming information (page 42). ➢ TV Home Menu: XMB provides you access to unit settings, photo, music, video, TV channel listings, and more (page 32). networked equipment or Sony (XrossMediaBar) unit menu Photo DSC02991 Fri 5/25/2007 12:06 PM DSC00140.JPG...
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    • When cable connection is completed, be sure to secure the monitor to a stable surface or mount it to a wall. The designated Sony wall-mount bracket model and TV stand model name(s) are available under the “Other Information” section of Operating Instructions. For details on securing...
  • Page 7: Connecting The Ac Power Cord

    Connecting the AC Power Cord Make sure all connections are set before connecting the AC power cord. Monitor Media receiver Connect the supplied AC power cord to the monitor. Attach the stand cover. Do not pinch the AC power cord. Attach the terminal cover.
  • Page 8: Using A Wall-mount Bracket

    Prepare the monitor for the Wall-Mount Bracket before making cable connections. Sony strongly recommends that you use the Wall-Mount Bracket model designed for your monitor (see page 49) and that wall-mounting of your monitor should be performed by a Sony dealer or licensed contractor.
  • Page 10: Locating Inputs And Outputs

    Locating Inputs and Outputs Front of media receiver Rear of media receiver CABLE/ ANTENNA AUDIO COMPONENT IN (1080p/1080i/720p/480p/480i) Rear of monitor • An HDMI or Component video (YP and 1080p video formats. The 1080/24p video format is available only with HDMI connection. This unit displays all video input signals in a resolution of 1,920 dots ×...
  • Page 11 Item Description 1 HDMI IN 1/2/3/4 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) provides an uncompressed, all- digital audio/video interface between this unit and any HDMI-equipped audio/video AUDIO IN equipment, such as a set-top box, DVD player, and A/V receiver. HDMI supports R-AUDIO-L enhanced, or high-definition video, plus digital audio.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Unit

    Connecting the Unit Cable System or VHF/UHF Antenna System You can enjoy high-definition and standard-definition digital programming (if available in your area) along with standard-definition analog programming. This unit is capable of receiving unscrambled digital programming for both cable (QAM and 8VSB) and external VHF/UHF antenna (ATSC).
  • Page 13 Shown with DVI Connection AUDIO-L (white) Rear of media receiver VIDEO IN AUDIO OUT (VAR/FIX) CABLE/ ANTENNA (OPTICAL) SERVICE AUDIO DIGITAL COMPONENT IN AUDIO (1080p/1080i/720p/480p/480i) • If your equipment has a DVI output and not an HDMI output, connect the DVI output to the HDMI IN 1 (with DVI-to-HDMI cable or adapter) and connect the audio output to the AUDIO IN (L/R) of HDMI IN 1.
  • Page 14: Pc Input Signal Reference Chart

    Shown with PC connection Use this unit as a monitor for your PC by connecting an HD15-HD15 cable connection as shown below. This unit can also be connected to a PC with a DVI or HDMI output. (Refer to the supplied Quick Setup Guide.) HD15-HD15 cable (analog RGB) Audio cable (stereo mini plugs)
  • Page 15: Networks

    DLNA Certified™ Media Player or Sony USB Equipment Features • Photo • Music • Video • For more information about compatible wireless bridges, visit • Refer to your DLNA Certified equipment’s operating instructions for setup and connection information. Internet Modem Router...
  • Page 16: Connecting Other Equipment

    Connecting Other Equipment Digital audio CABLE/ Digital equipment ANTENNA recorder (A/V Receiver/Home Theater) VIDEO IN CABLE/ ANTENNA AUDIO COMPONENT IN (1080p/1080i/720p/480p/480i) Rear of media receiver Front of media receiver • Refer to the Quick Setup Guide (supplied) when connecting other equipment to your unit. Analog audio equipment AUDIO...
  • Page 17: Removing The Terminal Cover For Monitor

    Removing the Terminal Cover for Monitor Installing the Unit Against a Wall or Enclosed Area Make sure that your unit has adequate ventilation. Allow enough space around the unit as shown below. Avoid operating the unit at temperatures below 41 °F (5 °C). Monitor Installed with stand (30 cm)
  • Page 18: Securing The Monitor

    Securing the Monitor Sony strongly recommends taking measures to prevent the monitor from toppling over. Unsecured monitors may topple and result in property damage, serious bodily injury or even death. Preventing the Monitor from Toppling ❑ Secure the monitor to a wall and/or stand.
  • Page 19 Anchor bolts Wall- mount holes • Contact Sony Customer Support to obtain the optional Support Belt Kit by providing your monitor model name. For United States call: 1-800-488-7669 or visit: For Canada call: 1-877-899-7669 • Measure 2 provides minimal protection against the monitor toppling over. For further protection, follow all three measures recommended above.
  • Page 20: Establishing The Wireless Communication Between The Monitor And Media Receiver

    • Do not use two or more units at the same time in an area of radio interference. • When the screen does not display properly, check if the Link Level in the Settings/Product Support/Contact Sony screen is Medium or High. POWER button...
  • Page 21: Running Initial Setup

    Running Initial Setup The Initial Setup screen appears when you turn on the unit for the first time. Complete your cable connections before proceeding with the Initial Setup (refer to the Quick Setup Guide and the online Reference Book for additional information).
  • Page 22: Operating The Tv

    Operating the TV Using the Remote Control Inserting Batteries into the Remote Control Insert two size AA batteries (supplied) by matching e and E on the batteries to the diagram inside the battery compartment of the remote control. Guidelines for Remote Control •...
  • Page 23: Remote Control Button Description

  • Page 24 Press to display the BD/DVD disc menu. MENU For more information, refer to the operating manual of the connected equipment. qk YELLOW, To use with Sony Blu-ray Disc player (BD), see BLUE, page 31. RED, GREEN ql TV POWER Press to turn on and off the unit.
  • Page 26: Unit Controls And Indicators

    Lights up in red when your unit is in PC power saving mode or during the software upgrade. Lights up in green when the unit is turned on. If the LED blinks in red STANDBY continuously, this may indicate that the unit needs servicing (see Sony Customer indicator Support information on the front cover).
  • Page 27: Programming The Remote Control

    Programming the Remote Control The remote control can be programmed to operate other equipment and is pre-programmed to operate the following Sony equipment. Function Button Sony Equipment Code Number DVD Player Receiver Digital Satellite Programming Other Equipment Follow the steps below to program your unit remote control.
  • Page 28: Manufacturer's Code List

    Manufacturer’s Code List If your equipment’s code is not listed, visit for a more comprehensive list. Sony Equipment Codes Sony Programmable Equipment Code Number A/V Receiver 52172 Blu-ray Disc Player 41516, 42178, 42180 Cable –Digital 02177 DVD A/V System 51622, 51558, 51658,...
  • Page 29: Cable Box

    Digital Video Recorders Manufacturer Code TiVo 01442, 01443, 01444, 20618, 20636, 20739 Satellite Manufacturer Code DirecTV 00099, 00247, 00392, 00566, 00639, 00749, 00819, 01076, 01108, 01109, 01142, 01377, 01392, 01414, 01442, 01442, 01443, 01444, 01609, 01639, 01640, 01749, 01856, 20739 Dish Network 00775, 01170, 01505, System...
  • Page 30: Remote Control

    Using Other Equipment with Your Remote Control The table below describes the remote control commands available when external equipment is programmed to the DVD, AMP, or STB buttons on the unit’s remote control. Button Action Access Control DISPLAY Display Select Clear (cancel) Enter Shortcuts Control...
  • Page 31: Remote Control Backlight

    Button Action Navigation Control Cursor up/down Cursor left/right Tuning Control 0 - 9 Digit input Channel CH +/– up/down JUMP Last channel Volume Control Monitor VOL +/– volume +/– MUTING Muting R/G/B/Y Control GREEN Green BLUE Blue YELLOW Yellow Remote Control Backlight The remote control backlight can be set to automatically light up when a button is pressed.
  • Page 32: Exploring The Xmb ™ And Tv Features

    Exploring the XMB Most unit functions are available from this menu screen called the TV Home Menu/XMB (XrossMediaBar). Press HOME to access the TV Home Menu/XMB Product Support Preferences Settings Picture & Display Sound Channels & Inputs Network The XMB displays help text that describes options available within an item.
  • Page 33: Category Icons

    Photo The Photo, Music, and Video icons organize your photo, music, and video files from Internet content providers, DLNA Certified media servers, and Sony USB connected equipment. Be sure to select the correct icon when accessing files. Refer to Music the feature section for more information on these icons.
  • Page 34: Content

    You can access a variety of Internet content by connecting to your existing home network with Internet connectivity. Your photo, music, and video files can also be accessed once you have set up a DLNA Certified equipment or after plugging in Sony USB equipment directly to your unit. Photo...
  • Page 35: Bravia Internet Video

    BRAVIA Internet Video BRAVIA Internet Video serves as a gateway delivering select Internet content and a variety of on-demand entertainment straight to your BRAVIA TV. To connect to the BRAVIA Internet Video service, make sure that your unit is connected to your broadband home network and that you have completed the Initial Setup and Network Setup (see page 21).
  • Page 36: Photo, Music, And Video

    • Media files cannot be saved in the unit but can be added to Favorites and accessed when the equipment containing the media file is connected. • See page 15 for a sample DLNA Certified equipment or page 16 for Sony USB equipment connection diagrams.
  • Page 37 Functionality of USB Equipment and DLNA Certified Media Servers The USB functionality on this unit is compatible with most Sony brand digital cameras, MICRO VAULT USB Flash Drives, and DLNA Certified media servers but not all. Sony cannot guarantee or assure compatibility with all formats, products or in the following cases: •...
  • Page 38 Enjoying Photo, Music and Video Files on the Monitor Screen by Operating Devices–Renderer Renderer is a feature for playing photo, music and video files stored in network devices (digital still cameras, mobile phones, etc.) on the unit by operating the controller device in question. To use this feature, a renderer-compatible device such as a digital still camera or mobile phone is required as the controller.
  • Page 39: Bravia Internet Widgets

    BRAVIA Internet Widgets The BRAVIA Internet Widgets are small downloadable applications that provide you access to the latest in news, weather, stocks and interactive content when your unit is connected to the Internet. Displaying Widgets Press WIDGETS. Minimized Widgets called Snippets will appear.
  • Page 40 Widgets Options Menu Highlight a Widget or Snippet and press OPTIONS to access additional feature menu items. The menu items may vary depending on the state of the Widget/Snippet. A sample feature options menu is shown below. Option Description Dock Aligns Widgets/Snippets to the bottom of the monitor screen.
  • Page 41: Favorites

    Favorites With Favorites, you can manage your preferred TV channels, External Inputs, Photo, Music, and Video content from a DLNA server or USB connected equipment, Internet Content, Widgets, and Background TV themes for easy access. Displaying Favorites Press FAVORITES. Saved Media Files/Folders Navigating Favorites Press B/b to move between saved selections in a carousel-like fashion.
  • Page 42: Tv Guide On Screen

    TV Guide On Screen Use the Guide to find the program that you want to watch. The Guide allows you to organize and personalize the program listings. The Guide is available with connection to your cable service or with over-the-air antenna signal. You must connect your signal directly to the media receiver’s CABLE/ANTENNA input without using a cable box.
  • Page 43 Provides advertisements from TV Guide sponsors. Settings Under the Settings menu, you will find the Guide information and be able to set up Guide settings or profiles: Guide Information Screen, Guide Settings, Profile Settings, Reset Guide, Edit Channels, Update TV Listings, Select Channel Lineup. My TV The My TV feature allows you to organize the program listings by profiles such as Movie, Sport, or Kids.
  • Page 44: Background Tv

    Background TV Background TV uses the current video on your unit to create images that are similar to a screen saver. Navigating Background TV Tune to a channel or input. Press OPTIONS. Highlight Background TV and press Highlight a theme and press the selected Background TV theme.
  • Page 45: Wide Mode

    Wide Mode The Wide Mode feature allows you to select the screen display of your preference. Based on the original signal source, a black frame or black bars may surround the picture. You can manually change the Wide Mode setting of the monitor by pressing the WIDE button on your remote control.
  • Page 46 Changing the Wide Screen Mode for PC Timing Wide Mode is also available while in the PC input mode. Press WIDE repeatedly to cycle through the available modes while in the PC input mode. Incoming PC signal 800 × 600 Normal Full 1 Full 2...
  • Page 47: Bravia Sync™ With Control For Hdmi

    • The connected equipment and unit are turned on by One-Touch-Play. • Possible operations with SYNC MENU buttons, see page 23. When a Sony A/V receiver with BRAVIA Sync is connected, the following additional operations are possible: • Turning on the A/V receiver when the unit is turned on.
  • Page 48: Other Information

    If you have forgotten your password, enter the master password: 4357. This password clears your previous password and allows you to enter a new password. The online Reference Book ( provides additional information on troubleshooting. Contact Sony if you need further assistance.
  • Page 49 To Customers Sufficient expertise is required for TV installations. Be sure to subcontract the installation to a Sony dealer or licensed contractor and pay adequate attention to safety during the installation. Radio-Frequency Exposure Statement This equipment complies with FCC/IC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment.
  • Page 50: Specifications

    Specifications Media receiver Model System Television system Channel coverage Input/Output jacks CABLE/ANTENNA VIDEO IN 1/2 COMPONENT IN 1/2 HDMI IN 1/2/3/4 AUDIO OUT DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) PC IN PC AUDIO INPUT DLNA Power and others Power requirement Power consumption in use in DAM* in standby...
  • Page 51 Monitor Model KDL-46XBR10 System Panel system LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel Speaker output 10 W + 10 W Power and others Power requirement Power consumption in use in DAM* in standby Screen size (inches measured diagonally) Display resolution Speaker/Full range (2) (mm) with speaker box (inches) Tweeter (2)
  • Page 52: Index

    Index 0-9 buttons AC IN AUDIO OUT (VAR/FIX) R-AUDIO-L , 41 Auto Program Background TV BD/DVD MENU button BD/DVD TOP MENU button BRAVIA INTERNET VIDEO button BRAVIA INTERNET WIDGETS button CABLE/ANTENNA CC button , 26 CH +/– button COMPONENT IN 2 DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) DISPLAY button , 34...
  • Page 56 For Your Convenience Online To learn more about your unit, visit the online Reference Book at: Reference Book: Be sure to register your unit. Online United States Registration: Canada Your unit is capable of receiving software updates. For the...

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