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Key To Symbols - Husqvarna DC 3300 Operator's Manual

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Key to symbols

The symbols below are used on the machine and in this
Operator's Manual. It is important that the user under-
stands the signifi cance of these in order to work with the
machine safely.
Please read the operator's manual
carefully and make sure you under-
stand the instructions before using the
WARNING! Dust forms when grinding
which can cause injuries if inhaled.
Use an approved breathing mask.
Always provide for good ventilation.
Always wear:
Approved protective helmet
Approved hearing protection
Protective goggles or a visor.
Dust forms when grinding, which can
cause injuries if inhaled. Use dust
Always wear sturdy non-slip boots with
steel toe-caps.
Always wear approved protective
- English
Key to symbols
Inspection and/or maintenance should
be carried out with the motor switched
off and the plug disconnected.
Visual check.
Regular cleaning is required.
This product is in accordance with ap-
plicable EC directives.


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