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Troubleshooting - Husqvarna DC 3300 Operator's Manual

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Whilst every measure has been undertaken by the
manufacturer to ensure smooth reliable operation of
the machine, sometimes problems can arise.
The following possible problems may arise:
1. The machine will not run.
Ensure power connected to machine is on. If
machine still will not run, remove cover from control
box and test for presence of power supply at stop/
run switch. If no power at stop/run switch, test
power supply at power source. This should only be
performed by a licensed electrician.
2. The machine makes a buzzing sound when
switched to ON.
This often indicates a problem with one of the tree
vacuum motors. One or more motors may need
3. The machine has very little suction.
This normally indicates one of the following possi
- Primary fi lters are blocked - Solution: Vibrate
fi lters.
- Secondary fi lter is blocked - Solution: If large
amounts of dust is collecting in secondary fi lter it is
most likely primary fi lters need replacing.
- One or more vacuum motors are not working -
Solution: Check vacuum motors for correct func
- One or more seals in the machine are not working
properly - Solution: Check seals on the vacuum
unit and replace if required.
- Flap on collection cone is not closing properly -
Solution: Remove obstruction between fl ap and
collection cone.
4. The machine is blowing dust out of the vacuum
motor and secondary fi lter housing.
Normally this indicates one of the following:
- The secondary fi lter is not installed properly and
dust is bypassing it. Ensure the seal on the end of
the secondary fi lter is in good order and making
proper contact with vacuum motor mounting plat
form when installed.
- The secondary fi lter needs replacing.
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