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Maintenance - Husqvarna DC 3300 Operator's Manual

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The following maintenance steps should be followed
to maximise optimal performance and reliability of the
Daily Inspection of Micro Filters
It is highly recommended that operators check dust
levels between the fi lter sock platform and secondary
fi lter on a daily basis. This will indicate the effective-
ness of the primary fi lters. If there is dust building up in
this area, it
is more than likely due to one of the following reasons:
1. Small holes or perforations have developed in
primary fi lters.
2. There is a problem with a seal in the primary
fi lter/fi lter sock mounting platform assembly.
If when inspected, it is found that there is dust building
up on the secondary fi lter, removal of the primary fi lters
and checking for small holes or perforations in the
fi lters is recommended.
Usually, small holes will begin to develop around the
stitching of the fi lter media. If small holes are located,
clean area around hole with either compressed air or
vacuum. Once area is clean, the hole can be repaired
with silicone sealant.
Generally speaking, with consistent use, the primary fi l-
ters should be replaced approximately every 6 months.
This will maintain good suction levels and reduce inci-
dence of holes developing in the fi lters.
The secondary fi lter should be changed every 12
months. Made from a polyester fi lter media, the sec-
ondary fi lters can be washed out with water. Ensure
they are fully dry prior to re-installation.
On re-installation of the secondary fi lter, ensure the
seal is fi rmly pressed against the steel vacuum motor
mounting plate.
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