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Adjusting The Volume; Limiting The Volume - Sony NW-A55 Help Manual

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Adjusting the volume

Adjusting the volume
On the player: Press the button (
On the screen: Tap the area (
volume. Tap
to close the volume dialog.
You can also use the +/– buttons at the bottom of the volume dialog to adjust the volume.

Limiting the volume

The AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter System) function reduces the risk of damage to ears from loud volumes. Using
AVLS limits the maximum volume.
AVLS has the following features.
AVLS limits the volume to a certain level.
AVLS prevents disturbances to others caused by loud volumes.
AVLS reduces risks that occur when you cannot hear ambient sound.
AVLS allows you to listen at a more comfortable volume.
Tap the menu items in the following order.
– [Settings] – [Output Settings] ([Basic Settings]).
Tap [AVLS (Volume Limit)] ([Headphone Output]) to add a check mark.
) to adjust the volume.
) on the playback screen to display the volume dialog. Turn the knob (
) to adjust the

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Table of Contents

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