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Copyright Notice - Sony NW-A55 Help Manual

Digital music player
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Windows 7:
Select [Start], [Computer], and then [WALKMAN].
You can also transfer music files to a microSD card.
Select the folder with the name of the microSD card instead of [WALKMAN].
Create a new folder in the [MUSIC] folder under [WALKMAN]. Then, drag-and-drop both the music file and the LRC
file into the new folder to transfer them.
The following numbers of characters are recommended when you display lyrics on the player.
Single-byte characters (for example, alphanumeric characters): 40 characters per line.
2-byte characters (for example, Chinese characters): 20 characters per line.
Save the LRC files in the same folder as the music files. The LRC files will be transferred to the player when the music files are
On a Mac computer, you can create lyrics using "TextEdit" and other text editors. Follow the same procedure as that described
above to enter the lyrics or time information in the "Plain text" setting.

Copyright notice

When you create LRC files using copyrighted materials authored by others, the LRC files are limited to private use only.
Use of LRC files for other purposes requires the permission of the copyright holders.
The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.
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4-740-523-12(1) Copyright 2018 Sony Corporation

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Table of Contents

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