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Help Guide - Sony NW-A55 Help Manual

Digital music player
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Table of Contents

Help Guide

Digital Music Player
Manuals and general information
Sony provides the following manuals and information regarding the player.
The provided manuals explain the following operations and functions.
Basic operations.
Unique functions that require explanations.
Complicated operations that require instructions.
Help Guide
This Help Guide provides the standard operating procedures only.
How to transfer content to the player.
How to use various functions.
Notes on using the player.
The Help Guide refers to the product as "player."
Startup Guide (printed)
Basic steps to start listening to music after you purchase the player.
Instruction Manual (printed)
Notes on using the player
Compliance information
How to access [Important Information]
Important Information
Information on copyrights, laws, and regulations
See [Before first use] for details on viewing the information.
Customer support website (online)
See [Customer support website] in this [Help Guide].
The latest information on the player
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.
Related Topic
Before first use
Customer support website

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Table of Contents

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