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Notes On The Bluetooth Function - Sony NW-A55 Help Manual

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Notes on the Bluetooth function

In this topic, [Bluetooth devices] refers to all Bluetooth-compatible devices.
Bluetooth-compatible devices are audio devices, smartphones, etc. that support the Bluetooth function.
Depending on the Bluetooth device, network environment, and surrounding conditions, noise may be heard or the
sound may be interrupted. To optimize Bluetooth communications, observe the following.
Place the player and the Bluetooth device as close together as possible. The Bluetooth standard supports
distances of up to 10 meters (32.8 feet).
Turn the built-in Bluetooth antenna (aerial) in the direction of the connected Bluetooth device.
Do not block the antenna (aerial) with a metal object such as a bag or case.
Do not block the antenna (aerial) with a body part such as a hand.
Do not block the antenna (aerial) by placing the player inside a backpack or shoulder bag.
Do not block the antenna (aerial) by using the player in a crowded place.
Avoid areas where electromagnetic waves are emitted. For example, near microwave ovens, mobile phones,
mobile gaming devices, or wireless LAN environments.
The battery life may become about 70 % shorter if you activate certain sound quality settings (for example,
[Equalizer] or [DSEE HX] under [Sound Settings]) while you are using the Bluetooth Receiver function. The battery
life also depends on the volume, conditions of use, and surrounding temperature.
Due to a characteristic of Bluetooth wireless technology, the sound may lag slightly.
Bluetooth radiation may affect the operation of electronic medical devices. Turn off the player and other Bluetooth
devices in the following locations.
in hospitals
near priority seats on trains
on airplanes
in places where flammable gases are present (gas stations, etc.)
near automatic doors
near fire alarms
The player supports security functions that comply with the Bluetooth standard. Sony bears no responsibility
whatsoever for information leaks that occur as a result of your Bluetooth connection.
Even if a Bluetooth device conforms to the standard, all connections and correct operations are not guaranteed.
Depending on the Bluetooth device, it may take some time to establish a Bluetooth connection.
The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.
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