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Transferring Content Using Mac Finder - Sony NW-A55 Help Manual

Digital music player
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Digital Music Player

Transferring content using Mac Finder

You can transfer music content directly by dragging and dropping it from Finder. Music content with copyright protection
cannot be transferred.
If you connect the player to a battery-powered computer, the battery of the computer will deplete. When you connect the player to
a computer for a long period of time, connect the computer to an AC power supply.
Connect the player to a running computer via USB.
Select [WALKMAN] in the sidebar of the Finder.
You can also transfer music content to a microSD card.
Select the folder with the name of the microSD card instead of [WALKMAN].
Open the [MUSIC] folder in [WALKMAN].
Drag-and-drop the files or folders (
Confirm that the transfer is complete. Then, disconnect the player from the computer.
Refer to [Supported formats] for details on compatible file formats.
If you want to transfer language study content, open the [LEARNING] folder.
You can add cover art images for albums manually so that the image will appear on the player screen. First, rename the image
file with the same name as the folder for the album. (Do not change the extension for the image file at this time.) Then, add the
image file to the folder for the album.
The player displays the following files for cover art images.
) to the [MUSIC] folder (
) in [WALKMAN].

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Table of Contents

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