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Sony DVP-FX811K Operating Instructions Manual

Portable cd/dvd player.
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Operating Instructions
Manual de instrucciones
©2008 Sony Corporation



Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Portable CD/DVD Player Operating Instructions Manual de instrucciones DVP-FX811K/FX811 ©2008 Sony Corporation 3-294-108-31(1)
  • Page 2: Warning

    The model and serial numbers are located at the bottom of the unit. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. DVP-FX811K/FX811 Serial No._____________...
  • Page 3: Precautions

    12) Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over. 13) Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.
  • Page 4: Important Notice

    TV for an extended period of time you risk permanent damage to your television screen. Plasma display panel televisions and projection televisions are susceptible to this. If you have any questions or problems concerning your player, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents WARNING ........... . 2 Precautions .
  • Page 6: About This Manual

    About This Manual • Instructions in this manual describe the controls on the remote. You can also use the controls on the player if they have the same or similar names as those on the remote. • “DVD” may be used as a general term for DVD VIDEOs, DVD+RWs/DVD+Rs (+VR mode) and DVD-RWs/DVD-Rs (video mode).
  • Page 7: This Player Can Play The Following Discs

    This Player Can Play the Following Discs Format of discs DVD VIDEO DVD-RW/-R (finalized disc) DVD+RW/+R (finalized disc) Music CD CD-RW/-R “DVD+RW,” “DVD-RW,” “DVD+R,” “DVD-R,” “DVD VIDEO,” and “CD” logos are trademarks. Note about CDs/DVDs The player can play CD-ROMs/CD-Rs/CD- RWs recorded in the following formats: –...
  • Page 8: Region Code

    • Music discs encoded with copyright protection technologies This product is designed to playback discs that conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard. Recently, various music discs encoded with copyright protection technologies are marketed by some record companies. Please be aware that among those discs, there are some that do not conform to the CD standard and may not be playable by this product.
  • Page 9: Preparations

    Preparations Checking the Accessories Check that you have the following items: • Audio/video cord (mini plug × 2 y phono plug × 3) (1) • AC power cord (1) • AC adaptor (1) • Car battery adaptor (1) • Battery pack (NP-FX110) (1) Using the Remote When operating, point it at the remote sensor To replace the remote control battery...
  • Page 10: Using The Lcd Panel

    Using the LCD Panel The LCD panel of the player can rotate a maximum of 180 degrees clockwise and still be used. After rotation of the LCD panel, it can be folded down on the main body of the player and still function.
  • Page 11: Connecting The Ac Adaptor

    Connecting the AC Adaptor Connect the AC adaptor (supplied) in the order of 1 to 3 below. To disconnect, follow the steps in reverse order. PHONES AUDIO VIDEO LINE SELECT OPTICAL DC plug Note Stop playback before disconnecting the AC power cord. Failure to do so may cause a malfunction. DC IN 9.5V To DC IN 9.5 V jack...
  • Page 12: Using With The Battery Pack

    Using with the Battery Pack When an AC power connection is not available, the player can be enjoyed with the battery pack (supplied) installed. Please charge the battery pack before using it. Installing the battery pack Aligning the battery pack with the lines on the player’s bottom, engage the hooks of the battery pack in the holes on the bottom of the player.
  • Page 13: Charging The Battery Pack

    Charging the battery pack Attach the battery pack to the player (page 12). Connect the AC adaptor to the player, and then connect the AC power cord into a wall outlet (page 11). DC IN 9.5 V jack HOLD PHONES AUDIO VIDEO LINE SELECT...
  • Page 14: Using With The Car Battery Adaptor

    Using with the Car Battery Adaptor Use the car battery adaptor (supplied) to supply power from the cigarette lighter socket to the player. The adaptor is for a 12V car battery. Do not use it with a 24V car battery. The adaptor is also for use with negatively grounded cars.
  • Page 15: Playing Discs

    Playing Discs Playing Discs Depending on the DVD, some operations may be different or restricted. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the disc. Connect the AC adaptor or install the battery pack. DISPLAY OPEN Open the player’s LCD panel. Set the LINE SELECT switch on the player’s right side to “OUT.”...
  • Page 16 • During operation, “ ” may appear on the screen. This symbol indicates that a function explained in this operating instruction is not available on the current DVD VIDEO. To stop playback Press x. Pressing H again will start playback from the point you stopped (Resume Play).
  • Page 17: Resume Play

    Resuming playback from the point where you stopped the disc (Resume Play) When you stop playback, the player remembers the stop point and displays a message on the screen. You can resume from the same point by pressing H again. Resume Play works even after the player is turned off, as long as the disc lid is kept closed.
  • Page 18: Changing The Sound

    Changing the sound When playing a DVD VIDEO recorded in multiple audio formats (PCM, Dolby Digital, or DTS), you can change the audio format. If the DVD VIDEO is recorded with multilingual tracks, you can also change the language. With CDs, you can select the sound from either the right or left channel and listen to the sound of the selected channel through both the right and left speakers.
  • Page 19: Displaying The Subtitles

    Displaying the subtitles If subtitles are recorded on the disc, you can change the subtitles or turn them on and off whenever you want while playing a DVD. Press SUBTITLE repeatedly to select a setting. Depending on the disc, the choice of language varies.
  • Page 20: Using The Playback Settings Display

    Using the Playback Settings Display While playing a DVD, you can check the current playback settings on the screen. The Playback Settings Display also allows you to change sound, subtitle, and angle or search for a title or track by inputting numbers. DISPLAY Number buttons...
  • Page 21: Repeat Play

    Notes • The displayed title/chapter number is the same as the number recorded on the disc. • Depending on the disc, you may not be able to use the time code. Playing a DVD VIDEO repeatedly (Repeat Play) You can play all of the titles on a DVD VIDEO, or a single title or chapter repeatedly.
  • Page 22: Searching For A Particular Point On A Disc

    Searching for a Particular Point on a Disc (Search, Scan, Slow Play, Repeat Play, Random Play) You can quickly locate a particular point on a disc by monitoring the picture or playing back slowly. DISPLAY Notes • Depending on the disc, you may not be able to perform some of the operations described.
  • Page 23: Slow Play

    Watching frame by frame (Slow Play) Press m or M when the player is in pause mode. To return to normal speed, press H. Each time you press m or M during Slow Play, the playback speed changes. With each press the indication changes as follows: ◆...
  • Page 24: Playing Mp3 Audio Tracks Or Jpeg Image Files

    Checking the play information of the disc When playing a DVD Press DISPLAY while playing a DVD, and then use the Playback Settings Display (page 20). When playing a CD Press DISPLAY. The playing track number/the total number of tracks and the elapsed time of the current track appear.
  • Page 25 Playing an MP3 audio track Press X/x to select an album on the list, and press ENTER. The list of tracks in the album appears. Dir:001 MY BEST 01 Stardust 02 Fire 03 Wing • To go to the next or previous page, press >...
  • Page 26 • To exit the list of thumbnails, press MENU. To go to the next or previous JPEG image file Press > or .. To rotate a JPEG image Press C/X/x/c while viewing the image. X: Reverses the image vertically (up and down).
  • Page 27: Adjusting The Picture Size And Quality

    Adjusting the Picture Size and Quality You can adjust the picture displayed on the LCD screen. See “General Setup” (page 29), when outputting the video signal to TV, etc. C/X/x/c ENTER Press OPTIONS. The Option Menu appears. Press X/x to select “LCD Mode” and press ENTER.
  • Page 28: Settings And Adjustments

    Settings and Adjustments Using the Setup Display By using the Setup Display, you can make various adjustments to items such as picture and sound. You can also set a language for the subtitles and the Setup Display, among other things. For details on each Setup Display item, see pages from 29 to 33.
  • Page 29: Settings For The Display (general Setup)

    To turn off the Setup Display Press OPTIONS or O RETURN twice. Settings for the Display (General Setup) Choose playback display options and settings according to the TV to be connected. Select “General Setup” in the Setup Display. To use the display, see “Using the Setup Display”...
  • Page 30: Settings For The Sound (audio Setup)

    Note Depending on the DVD, “4:3 Letter Box” may be selected automatically instead of “4:3 Pan Scan” or vice versa. ◆ Angle Mark Displays the angle mark when you can change the viewing angles during playback of DVDs recorded with multi-angles. Display the angle mark.
  • Page 31: Setting The Display Or Sound Track Language (language Setup)

    Setting the digital output signal Switches the method of outputting audio signals when you connect an audio equipment such as an AV amplifier (receiver) with the OPTICAL OUT jack. For connection details, see page 35. After setting “Digital Output” to “On,” select “Dolby Digital”...
  • Page 32: Changing The Password

    Parental Control Settings (Parental Control) Playback of some DVD VIDEOs can be limited, by the parental control function. Select “Parental Control” in the Setup Display. To use the display, see “Using the Setup Display” (page 28). Parental Control Password Parental Control Select: ENTER ◆...
  • Page 33 Press X/x to select the limitation level (1-8), and press ENTER. The lower the value, the stricter the limitation. The display for entering the password appears. Parental Control Password Enter password, then press ENTER Enter or re-enter your 6-digit password using the number buttons, then press ENTER.
  • Page 34: Hookups

    Hookups Connecting to another device To switch LINE SELECT (IN/OUT) switch LINE SELECT IN: Input images or audio from an exterior device. The “Line in” message will be displayed on the LCD screen until the signal from the exterior device is received.
  • Page 35 Connecting to an AV amplifier (receiver) Example 1 PHONES AUDIO VIDEO LINE SELECT OPTICAL To AUDIO To send analog audio signal to an AV amplifier (receiver) Set the LINE SELECT switch on the player’s right side to “OUT.” * The yellow plug is used for video signals (page 34). Example 2 PHONES AUDIO...
  • Page 36 Connecting to Video Player or Camcorder PHONES AUDIO VIDEO LINE SELECT OPTICAL To receive the playback signal from a Video Player or Camcorder Set the LINE SELECT switch on the player’s right side to “IN.” Note Set the LINE SELECT switch to “OUT” after use. You cannot play back on the player if the switch is set to “IN.”...
  • Page 37: Additional Information

    Should any problem persist, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Power The power is not turned on. , Check that the AC power cord is connected securely.
  • Page 38 Nothing happens when buttons are pressed. , The player’s \/1/HOLD switch is set on “HOLD” (page 16). The disc does not play. , The disc is turned over. Insert the disc with the playback side facing down. , The disc is not set correctly. , The player cannot play certain discs (page 7).
  • Page 39: About Mp3 Audio Tracks And Jpeg Image Files

    The JPEG image file cannot be played (page 39). , The DATA CD is not recorded in a JPEG format that conforms to ISO 9660 Level 1 or Joliet. , The DATA DVD is not recorded in JPEG format that conforms to UDF (Universal Disk Format).
  • Page 40: Notes About The Discs

    Notes • Change the extension to “.JPG,” for files with “.JPE” or “.JPEG” extension. • The player will play any data with the extension “.MP3” or “.JPG,” even if they are not in MP3 or JPEG format. Playing this data may generate a loud noise which could damage your speaker system.
  • Page 41: Specifications

    Specifications System Laser: Semiconductor laser Signal format system: NTSC Audio characteristics Frequency response: DVD VIDEO (PCM 48 kHz): 20 Hz to 22 kHz/ CD: 20 Hz to 20 kHz Harmonic distortion: 0.01 % Dynamic range: DVD VIDEO: 90 dB/ CD: 90 dB Wow and flutter: Less than detected value (±0.001% W PEAK) Inputs/Outputs...
  • Page 42: Index To Parts And Controls

    Index to Parts and Controls For more information, see the pages indicated in parentheses. Upper view A VOL (sound volume) –/+ button* B ./> (previous/next) buttons (16) C x (stop) button (16) D X (pause) button (16) E H (play) button (15)* F Speaker (16) G LCD panel (10) H DISPLAY button (20)
  • Page 43: Front View

    Front view A POWER indicator (15) B CHARGE indicator (13) Right view HOLD A \/1 (on/standby)/HOLD switch (15) B PHONES (headphone) jack A, B C AUDIO (input/output) jack/OPTICAL OUT (optical output) jack (34, 35) (remote sensor) (9) PHONES AUDIO VIDEO LINE SELECT OPTICAL D VIDEO (input/output) jack (34)
  • Page 44 Remote A DISPLAY button (20) B Number buttons (17) C TOP MENU button (17) D C/X/x/c buttons, ENTER button (17) E O RETURN button (20) F ./> PREV (previous)/NEXT G m/M (scan/slow) buttons (22) I X PAUSE button (16) J \/1 (on/standby) button (15) K VOL (sound volume) +/–...
  • Page 45: Index

    Index Numerics 16:9 29 4:3 Letter Box 29 4:3 Pan Scan 29 Album 40 Angle 19 Audio 18 Audio DRC 30 Audio Setup 30 Batteries 9 CD 7 Connecting 34 DATA CD 7 DATA DVD 7 Digital output 30 Disc Menu 31 Display 20 Dolby Digital 18 DTS 18...
  • Page 46 Índice Este manual explica los preparativos y el funcionamiento básico del reproductor portátil de CD/ DVD. Para obtener más información, consulte el Manual de Instrucciones en inglés. Preparativos ........3 Control de accesorios .
  • Page 47: Preparativos

    Preparativos Control de accesorios Compruebe que dispone de los siguientes elementos: • Cable de audio/video (clavija mini × 2 y clavija fono × 3) (1) • Cable de alimentación de CA (1) • Adaptador de CA (1) • Adaptador para batería de automóvil (1) •...
  • Page 48: Uso Del Panel Lcd

    Uso del Panel LCD El panel LCD del reproductor puede rotar un máximo de 180 grados en sentido horario y continuar utilizándose. Luego de rotar el panel LCD, este puede plegarse sobre la carcasa del reproductor y continuar funcionando. Rotación del panel LCD Coloque el reproductor sobre una mesa u otra superficie plana y estable.
  • Page 49: Conexión Del Adaptador De Ca

    Conexión del Adaptador de CA Conecte el adaptador de CA (suministrado) en el orden de 1 a 3 como se muestra debajo. Para desconectarlo, siga los pasos en el orden inverso. PHONES AUDIO VIDEO LINE SELECT OPTICAL Conector de Nota Detenga la reproducción antes de desconectar el cable de alimentación de CA.
  • Page 50: Uso De La Batería

    Uso de la Batería Cuando no hay disponible una conexión a la corriente CA, el reproductor puede disfrutarse instalando la batería (suministrada). Por favor cargue la batería antes de utilizarla. Instalación de la batería Alineando la batería con las líneas de la base del reproductor, ajuste los ganchos de la batería en los huecos de la base del reproductor.
  • Page 51 Carga de la batería Sujete la batería al reproductor (página 6) . Conecte el adaptador de CA al reproductor y luego conecte el cable de alimentación de CA a un tomacorriente de pared (página 5) . Clavija de DC IN 9.5 V HOLD PHONES AUDIO...
  • Page 52: Uso Con El Adaptador Para Batería De Automóvil

    Uso con el adaptador para batería de automóvil Utilice el adaptador para batería de automóvil (suministrado) para alimentar el reproductor desde el enchufe del encendedor de cigarrillos. El adaptador es para una batería de automóvil de 12V. No lo utilice con una batería de automóvil de 24V. El adaptador también puede utilizarse en automóviles con sistema eléctrico de tierra negativa.
  • Page 53: Reproducción De Discos

    Reproducción de discos Reproducción de discos Dependiendo del DVD, algunas operaciones pueden ser diferentes o estar restringidas. Consulte las instrucciones de operación proporcionadas con el disco. Conecte el adaptador de CA o instale la batería. DISPLAY OPEN Abra el panel LCD del reproductor. Ajuste el interruptor LINE SELECT sobre el lado derecho del reproductor en “OUT”.
  • Page 54 • Los discos creados en grabadoras de DVD deben finalizarse correctamente para reproducirlos en este reproductor. Para más información sobre la finalización, consulte las instrucciones de operación suministradas con la grabadora de DVD. • El disco todavía puede estar girando al abrir la tapa del disco.
  • Page 55 Reanudar la reproducción desde donde usted detuvo el disco (Reanudar reproducción) Cuando usted detiene la reproducción, el reproductor recuerda el punto donde se detuvo y muestra un mensaje en la pantalla. Usted puede reanudar la reproducción desde el mismo lugar presionando H nuevamente. La función Reanudar reproducción funciona aún después de apagar el reproductor, siempre y cuando la tapa del disco se...
  • Page 56 Cambio del sonido Al reproducir un DVD VIDEO grabado en múltiples formatos de audio (PCM, Dolby Digital o DTS), usted puede cambiar el formato de audio. Si el DVD VIDEO está grabado con pistas multilingües, usted también puede cambiar el idioma. Con CDs, usted puede seleccionar el sonido del canal derecho o del izquierdo y escuchar el sonido del canal seleccionado a través de...
  • Page 57 Presentación de subtítulos Si los subtítulos están grabados en el disco, usted podrá cambiar los subtítulos o activarlos o desactivarlos cuando lo desee al reproducir un DVD. Presione SUBTITLE varias veces para seleccionar un ajuste. Dependiendo del disco, la opción de idioma varía.
  • Page 60 3-294-108-31(1) Sony Corporation Printed in China...

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