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Additional Information; Troubleshooting - Sony DVP-FX811K Operating Instructions Manual

Portable cd/dvd player.
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Additional Information


If you experience any of the following
difficulties while using the player, use this
troubleshooting guide to help remedy the
problem before requesting repairs. Should
any problem persist, consult your nearest
Sony dealer.
The power is not turned on.
, Check that the AC power cord is connected
, When using with the battery pack, check
that the battery pack is sufficiently charged.
There is no picture/picture noise appears.
, The disc is dirty or flawed.
, The brightness is set at minimum. Set the
brightness in "LCD Mode" (page 27).
, When you play discs, set the LINE SELECT
switch to "OUT." When you send the
playback signal to other device, set the
LINE SELECT switch to "OUT." When
you receive the playback signal from other
device, set the LINE SELECT switch to
"IN" (page 34
, Re-connect the connecting cord securely.
, The connecting cords are damaged.
, Check the connection to your TV (page 34)
and switch the input selector on your TV so
that the signal from the player appears on
the TV screen.
, The player is connected to the
of high-vision TV.
, If the picture output from your player goes
through your video deck to get to your TV
or if you are connected to a combination
TV/VIDEO player, the copy-protection
signal applied to some DVD programmes
could affect picture quality.
The picture does not fill the screen, even
though the aspect ratio is set in "TV
Display" under "General Setup."
, The aspect ratio of the disc is fixed on your
The black points appear and the red, blue,
green points remain on the LCD.
, This is a structural property of the LCD and
not mulfunction.
There is no sound.
, The player is in pause mode or in Slow Play
, The player is in fast forward or fast reverse
, Re-connect the connecting cord securely.
, The connecting cord is damaged.
, The player is connected to the wrong input
jack on the amplifier (receiver) (page 35).
, The amplifier (receiver) input is not
correctly set.
, If the audio signal does not come through
the OPTICAL OUT jack, check the audio
settings (page 31).
The sound volume is low.
, The sound volume is low on some DVDs.
The sound volume may improve if you set
"Audio DRC" in "Audio Setup" to "TV
Mode" (page 30).
The remote does not function.
, The batteries in the remote are weak.
, There are obstacles between the remote and
the player.
, The distance between the remote and the
, P
) jacks
player is too far.
, The remote is not pointed at the remote
sensor on the player.
, Direct sunlight or strong illumination is
striking the remote sensor.



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