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Mercury Notice; Troubleshooting And Service - Honeywell Enviracaire Elite UV100E Product Data

Ultraviolet air treatment system
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Breakable Glass Hazard.
Can cause personal injury.
Be careful when inserting lamps(s) into lamp base.
Wear protective gloves when handling lamp(s).


This device contains mercury in the sealed ultraviolet
lamp(s). Do not place your used lamp(s) in the trash.
Dispose of properly.
Broken Lamp Cleanup.
Do not use a household vacuum.
Sweep debris into a plastic bag and dispose of
Contact your local waste management authority for
instructions regarding recycling and the proper
disposal of old lamp(s).
11. Insert the lamp into the base unit with the lamp light
indicator at the eleven o'clock position (left of the raised
button on the unit cover). Do not touch the lamp surface
with your hands.
12. Continue lightly pushing in on the lamp while rotating it
slowly counterclockwise. This should cause the lamp to
drop into the bottom of the lamp well.
13. Rotate the lamp clockwise until it snaps into place with
the lamp indicator light aligned with the raised button on
the unit cover.
UV Light Hazard.
Harmful to bare skin and eyes.
Can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision.
Never look at the lamps while illuminated.
Only view illumination by way of the light indicator
located on the lamp knob.
To prevent exposure to ultraviolet light, disconnect
power to the ultraviolet air treatment system before
servicing any part of the heating/air conditioning
14. Plug the cord into the nearby 120 Vac electrical outlet.
15. Reconnect the power to the HVAC system.
16. Choose a location on the adjacent HVAC equipment for
the HVAC maintenance label included in the air
treatment system packing box. Choose a location that a
future installer can easily see during any future HVAC
maintenance or repair.
17. Adhere the HVAC maintenance label to the HVAC
equipment (selected in step 16) such as the furnace, air
cleaner or humidifier.
The installer should verify that the ultraviolet lamp(s) are
operating only by viewing the lamp indicator on the lamp
knob. Do not attempt to look directly into the duct to see the
illuminated ultraviolet lamps.
The installer should orient the homeowner to the unit by
showing them the blue glow of the lamp indicator and
discussing how to determine when the unit is functioning
properly without looking directly into the duct to see the
illuminated ultraviolet lamps. The installer should also
emphasize the hot surface and electrical shock safety
The installer should leave the Owner's Guide with the
homeowner and review the lamp cleaning and lamp
replacement procedures. A Lamp Cleaning Schedule is
included in the Owner's Guide to help the homeowner set up
and track a regular cleaning schedule.


The Ultraviolet Air Treatment System has no field-serviceable
parts. Lamp cleaning is recommended as routine
maintenance four times a year or every three months
(quarterly). Annual lamp replacement is required. See the
Owner's Guide for detailed procedural information.

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