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Replacing Your Lamps (Annually) - Honeywell Enviracaire Elite UV100E Product Data

Ultraviolet air treatment system
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UV Lamp Burn Hazard.
Harmful to bare skin.
Can cause severe burns.
Disconnect power 15 minutes before removing the
ultraviolet lamp(s).

Replacing Your Lamps (Annually)

Annual replacement of your lamps is required. To replace your
1. Select and obtain the correct replacement lamp for your
unit. See Parts List.
2. Disconnect the power to your HVAC system.
3. Unplug your ultraviolet air treatment system cord from
the electrical outlet and allow the lamps to cool for at
least 15 minutes.
4. Rotate the lamp knob counterclockwise and gently pull
the lamp knob to remove the lamp(s).
5. Insert the lamp into the base unit with the lamp light indi-
cator at the eleven o'clock position (left of the raised
button on the unit cover). Do not touch the lamp surface
with your hands.
6. Continue lightly pushing in on the lamp while rotating it
slowly counterclockwise. This should cause the lamp to
drop into the bottom of the lamp well.
7. Rotate the lamp clockwise until it snaps into place with
the lamp light indicator aligned with the raised button on
the unit cover.
UV Light Hazard.
Harmful to bare skin and eyes.
Can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision.
Never look at the lamps while illuminated.
Only view illumination by way of the light indicator
located on the lamp knob.
To prevent exposure to ultraviolet light, disconnect
power to the ultraviolet air treatment system before
servicing any part of the heating/air conditioning
8. Plug your ultraviolet air treatment system cord into the
nearby 120 Vac electrical outlet.
9. Verify that your ultraviolet lamp(s) are operating only by
viewing through the lamp light indicator on the lamp
knob. Never look directly at your lamp(s) while illumi-
10. Reconnect the power to your HVAC system.

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