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Sony LMD-1950MD Instructions For Use Manual

Sony corporation monitor instruction manual.
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2-634-880-12 (1)

LCD Monitor

Instructions for Use
© 2005 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Lcd Monitor

    2-634-880-12 (1) LCD Monitor Instructions for Use LMD-1950MD © 2005 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 In the event of a malfunction or when maintenance is necessary, consult an authorized Sony dealer. This unit contains substances which can pollute the environment if disposed carelessly. Please contact our nearest representative office or your local environmental office in case of disposal of this unit.
  • Page 3 4. The operator should take precautions to avoid touching the rear panel input and output circuitry and the patient at the same time. 5. Model LMD-1950MD is a monitor intended for use in a medical environment to display pictures from cameras or other systems. These models are nonpatient care equipment with respect to the requirement of leakage current.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Precaution ... 5 On Safety ... 5 On Installation ... 5 About the LCD Display Panel ... 5 About the Fluorescent Tube ... 5 Maintenance ... 5 Disposal of the Unit ... 5 Recommendation to Use more than One Unit ... 5 On Repacking ...
  • Page 5: Precaution

    • A specially designed fluorescent tube is installed as the lighting apparatus for this unit. If the LCD screen becomes dark, unstable or does not turn on, consult your Sony dealer. Maintenance • Clean the cabinet, panel and controls with a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.
  • Page 6: On Repacking

    Cabinet design with no heat vents LMD-1950MD has been designed so that there are no air vents for expelling heat from the unit. This design prevents blood, chemical solutions, and dirt, which could cause a trouble, from entering the unit.
  • Page 7 High image-quality/high-resolution SXGA LCD panel An SXGA high-resolution (1280 × 1024 dots) panel and high brightness/ultra-wide field of view technology enable you to use the monitor under various lighting conditions and in numerous ways (installing on wall, using several monitors to view an image, and so on.). Because a color filter with wide-color reproduction and LCD materials with high response speed are used, the motion picture of the video signal is displayed clearer.
  • Page 8: Location And Function Of Parts And Controls

    Location and Function of Parts and Controls Front Panel – – (Power) switch Press to turn on the power and power. When the power is turned on, the POWER indicator lights. b Tally lamp Turning this lamp on or off can be done with a Remote Control.
  • Page 9: Power Indicator

    Notes • The signal set to “OFF” in the INPUT SELECT menu is not selected with the INPUT key and skipped. To select the signal, select “ON”. • When an input adaptor is not attached, “OPTION” is skipped automatically. k - (Key inhibit) indicator When the key inhibit function works, the green indicator lights.
  • Page 10: Input Signals And Adjustable/setting Items

  • Page 11: Bottom

    Bottom a COMPOSITE input connector (BNC) Input connector for composite signals. b Y/C input connector (4-pin mini-DIN) Input connector for Y/C signals. c G/Y input connector (BNC) Input connector for G of RGB and component Y (luminance) signals. d B/P input connector (BNC) Input connector for B of RGB signals and P difference) of component signals.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Ac Power Cord

    m PARALLEL REMOTE terminal (modular connector, 8-pin) Connects a parallel switch and controls the monitor externally. For safety, do not connect the connector for peripheral device wiring that might have excessive voltage to this modular connector. For details on the pin assignment and factory setting function assigned to each pin, see “Pin assignment”...
  • Page 13: Attaching The Input Adaptor

    Insert the DC IN connector into the DC IN socket on the bottom of this unit until it locks. To remove the AC power cord First, pull out the AC plug holder while pressing the lock levers. Next, pull out the DC IN connector from the DC IN socket while pressing the lock lever.
  • Page 14: Selecting The Default Settings

    Selecting the Default Settings When you turn on the unit for the first time after purchasing it, select the area where you intend to use this unit from among the options. The default setting values for each area NORTH AMERICA ARGENTINA LATIN AMERICA PARAGUAY...
  • Page 15: Selecting The Menu Language

    4 If ASIA EXCEPT JAPAN is selected: Customers who will use this unit in the shaded areas shown in the map below should select NTSC AREA. Other customers should select PAL AREA. A S I A E X C E P T J A P A N NTSC area x N T S C...
  • Page 16: Using The Menu

    Press the M or m key to select “LANGUAGE”, then press the , or ENTER key. The selected item is displayed in yellow. Press the M or m key to select a language, then press the ENTER key. The menu changes to the selected language. U S E R C O N F I G ( 1 / 2 ) R r ·...
  • Page 17: Loading User Memory

    Select an item. Use the M or m key to select the item, then press the , or ENTER key. The item to be changed is displayed in yellow. Note If the menu consists of multiple pages, press M or m to go to the desired menu page.
  • Page 18: Adjustment Using The Menus

    Adjustment Using the Menus Items STATUS (the items indicate the current settings.) (on page 19) For the video input FORMAT COLOR TEMP GAMMA COMP LEVEL NTSC SETUP Model name and serial number OPTION A and serial number OPTION B and serial number For the DVI/HD15 input FORMAT COLOR TEMP...
  • Page 19: Adjusting And Changing The Settings

    Adjusting and Changing the Settings STATUS menu The STATUS menu is used to display the current status of the unit. The following items are displayed: For the video input S TAT U S ( 1 / 2 ) R r F O R M AT xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx...
  • Page 20: User Control Menu

    USER CONTROL menu The USER CONTROL menu is used for adjusting the picture. Items that cannot be adjusted depending on the input signal are displayed in blue. U S E R C O N T R O L xC H R O M A ·...
  • Page 21: User Config Menu

    Scan mode image Input NORMAL/ OVER SCAN UNDER SCAN FULL ZOOM – NATIVE (1080I) – NATIVE (720P) – *1 The image illustrated shows the input signal by broken line and the efficient picture size by the solid line. *2 NORMAL: 7% over scan OVER: 20% over scan *3 –3% under scan USER CONFIG menu...
  • Page 22: Remote Menu

    Submenu Setting POWER SAVING Sets the power saving mode “ON” or “OFF”. When set to “ON”, the monitor goes into power saving mode if no signal is input for about one minute. COMPUTER DETECT The appropriate preset memory is set for the signal from DVI and HD15 input connector.
  • Page 23: User Memory Menu

    Submenu Setting SERIAL REMOTE Select one out of following three modes. • RMT OFF: You cannot use the serial remote. Adjust settings by the keys on the front panel. • RMT ON: You can use the serial remote. You cannot use the keys except for the serial remote setting on the front panel.
  • Page 24: Input Select Menu

    To change the name Press the M or m key to select the memory number in the USER MEMORY menu, then press the , or ENTER key. The USER MEMORY setting menu appears. U S E R M E M O RY ( 1 / 3 ) 0 1 U S E R 0 1 xS AV E ·...
  • Page 25: User Service Menu

    Select “EXT” or “INT” correctly in the disturbed. “SYNC” setting of the USER CONFIG menu (on page 21). The “FAN ERROR” The fan for cooling the unit does not message is displayed. work. Turn off the power and contact an authorized Sony dealer. Troubleshooting...
  • Page 26: Specifications

    Loop-through, with 75 ohms automatic terminal function BNC type (1) Loop-through, with 75 ohms automatic terminal function LCD Monitor (LMD-1950MD) DC IN: 24 V 2.8 A (Supplied from AC Adaptor) AC Adaptor (AC-1950MD) AC IN: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz 0.9-0.4 A DC OUT: 24 V 2.8 A...
  • Page 27: Pin Assignment

    Optional accessories SDI 4:2:2 input adaptor BKM-220D HD/D1-SDI input adaptor BKM-243HS NTSC/PAL input adaptor BKM-227W Analog Component input adaptor BKM-229X Monitor stand SU-560 *1 Use optional input adaptor BKM- 229X with a serial number 2100001 and higher for this unit. Medical Specifications Protection against electric shock: Class I...
  • Page 28 Video signal formats The unit is applicable to the following signal formats. System Total lines Active lines 575/50I (PAL) 480/60I (NTSC) 576/50P 480/60P 1080/50I 1125 1035/60I 1125 1080/60I 1125 720/60P System Effective picture size 575/50I (PAL) 1280 × 720/1280 × 960 480/60I (NTSC) 1280 ×...
  • Page 29 When an optional input adaptor is installed The unit is applicable to the following signal formats. When BKM-220D/243HS is installed Input System Signal standard BKM-220D 575/50I ITU-R BT.656 480/60I SMPTE 259M 1080/50I SMPTE 292M 1035/60I SMPTE 292M 1080/60I SMPTE 292M 720/60P SMPTE 292M When BKM-227W/229X is installed...
  • Page 30: Dimensions/mass

    PRESET2 Preset signal 1514×483* HD15 1476×576* 1280×483 1280×576 * Down convert display. PRESET3 Preset signal 720×483 720×576 HD15 1280×720 1280×720 720×483 720×576 1280×720 1280×720 PRESET4 Preset signal 640×480 HD15 1024×768 1280×960 1024×768 1280×960 PRESET5 Preset signal 640×480 HD15 800×600 800×600 Dimensions/Mass Dimensions/Mass [kHz]...
  • Page 31 Side When an optional stand SU-560 is attached 302 (12) 28˚* 195 (7 *Tilt angle Mass Approx.9.2 kg (20 lb 4 oz) (When no input adaptor is attached) Approx. 9.7 kg (21 lb 6 oz) (When two BKM-229X are attached) AC adaptor 243 (9 Mass...
  • Page 32 Sony Corporation...

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