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4-143-463-16 (1)

LCD Monitor

Operating Instructions
Before operating the unit, please read this manual
thoroughly and retain it for future reference.
© 2009 Sony Corporation


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   Summary of Contents for Sony LMD-2451W

  • Page 1: Lcd Monitor

    4-143-463-16 (1) LCD Monitor Operating Instructions Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. LMD-2451W LMD-2051W LMD-1751W © 2009 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 The model and serial numbers are located at the rear. Record these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your WARNING Sony dealer regarding this product. THIS APPARATUS MUST BE EARTHED. Model No. ____________________ WARNING Serial No.
  • Page 3 (mains) as long as it is connected to the wall outlet, even if the unit itself has been turned off. For the customers in Europe (For LMD-2451W) This product with the CE marking complies with both For kundene i Norge...
  • Page 4 61, 70327 Stuttgart, Germany. For any service or guarantee matters please refer to the addresses given in separate service or guarantee documents. For the customers in the USA (For LMD-2451W/ 2051W) Lamp in this product contains mercury. Disposal of these materials may be regulated due to environmental considerations.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Handling the LCD Screen ........6 On Cleaning ............6 On Repacking ............. 6 On Mounting on a Rack ........7 On Fan Error (For LMD-2451W/1751W) ..7 Features ..............7 Location and Function of Parts and Controls ..9 Front Panel ............9 Input Signals and Adjustable/Setting Items ..
  • Page 6: Precaution

    • If the unit is used in a cold place, horizontal lines or a Precaution residual image may appear on the screen. This is not a malfunction. When the monitor becomes warm, the screen returns to normal. • If a fixed picture such as a frame of a divided picture On Safety or time code, or a still picture is displayed for a long time, an image may remain on the screen and be...
  • Page 7: On Mounting On A Rack

    • LMD-2051W HD15 (analog) and DVI-D (digital) connectors are • LMD-1751W equipped for the PC input. The illustration of LMD-2451W is used for the explanations. For more information, refer to “Available signal Any differences in specifications are clearly indicated formats” on page 37.
  • Page 8 Monitor stand with tilt function For more information, refer to “MARKER SETTING” LMD-2451W and LMD-2051W come equipped with a on page 27 and SCAN of “SYSTEM SETTING” on page monitor stand with tilt function. LMD-1751W can be mounted on the optional SU-561 Monitor Stand.
  • Page 9: Location And Function Of Parts And Controls

    Location and Function of Parts and Controls Front Panel COMPOSITE – COMPONENT – – – HD15 – – a Tally lamp f CONTRAST buttons You can check the status of the monitor by the color of Adjusts the picture contrast. the tally lamp.
  • Page 10: Function Buttons

    F1 to F4 button. Also, When BKM-220D/243HS/244CC/250TG is not when the fan stops (LMD-2451W and LMD-1751W), installed, the audio signal which is selected in INPUT this button blinks. SELECT of the USER CONFIG menu is output (see page 31).
  • Page 11: Input Signals And Adjustable/setting Items

    Input Signals and Adjustable/Setting Items Input signal Item Video* B & W* Component* RGB* Computer Y/C* HD15 CONTRAST* BRIGHT* CHROMA* × × × × × × × × × × × PHASE* (NTSC) APERTURE COLOR TEMP COLOR SPACE AUTO CHROMA/ ×...
  • Page 12: Rear/bottom Panel

    Input connector for B of RGB signals and P (blue color power to the monitor. difference) of component signals. LMD-2451W and LMD-2051W run on DC 24V, and LMD-1751W runs on DC 12V. i R/P IN connector (BNC) Input connector for R of RGB signals and P...
  • Page 13 SERIAL REMOTE connector (RJ-45) When this unit operates on an external sync signal, connect the reference signal from a sync generator Connect to the network or Sony BKM-15R Monitor to this connector. Control Unit by using a 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX LAN cable (shielded type, optional).
  • Page 14: Installing To The Rack (lmd-2051w/1751w) (using Mb-529/530)

    You can attach the monitor to the rack by using the SU-561 Monitor Stand. optional mounting bracket. You can adjust the height of the monitor in three levels for the LMD-2451W and four levels for the LMD- 2051W and LMD-1751W by changing the position of Monitor Mounting bracket...
  • Page 15 Attach the arm cover. To align the lower part of the LMD-2451W and LMD-2051W display Use the A screw holes for the LMD-2451W and the B screw holes for the LMD-2051W display when you attach the arm in step 4 above.
  • Page 16: Connecting The Ac Power Cord

    Connecting the AC Installing the Input Power Cord Adaptor Plug the AC power cord into the AC IN socket on Before installing the input adaptor, disconnect the power the rear panel. Then, attach the AC plug holder cord. (supplied) to the AC power cord. Remove the panel of the optional input slot.
  • Page 17: Selecting The Default Settings

    Selecting the Default Settings – – When you turn on the unit for the first time after – purchasing it, select the area where you intend to use this unit from among the options. – – The default setting values for each area –...
  • Page 18: Selecting The Menu Language

    2 If LATIN AMERICA is selected: Selecting the Menu PAL&PAL-N area Language L A T I N A M E R I C A P A L & P A L - N A R E A Argentina A R G E N T I N A P A R A G U A Y Paraguay U R U G U A Y...
  • Page 19: Using The Menu

    The setting items (icons) in the selected menu are Using the Menu displayed in yellow. USER CONFIG – SYSTEM SETTING The unit is equipped with an on-screen menu for making M AT R I X : C O M P O N E N T L E V E L : xxxx various adjustments and settings such as picture control, N T S C S E T U P :...
  • Page 20 The menu icon presently selected is shown in About the memory of the settings yellow and setting items are displayed. The settings are automatically stored in the monitor memory. USER CONFIG – SYSTEM SETTING M AT R I X : C O M P O N E N T L E V E L : xxxxx N T S C S E T U P :...
  • Page 21: Adjustment Using The Menus

    POWER SAVING SUB INPUT SELECT I/P MODE POSITION Model name and serial number FRAME OPTION A and serial number SUB PICTURE SIZE (LMD-2451W/2051W) OPTION B and serial number FUNCTION BUTTON SETTING F1 BUTTON For the DVI/HD15 input F2 BUTTON FORMAT...
  • Page 22: Adjusting And Changing The Settings

    For the DVI/HD15 input Adjusting and Changing the Settings STATUS 1/2 F O R M AT xxxxxxx STATUS menu xxxxxxx xxxxx The STATUS menu is used to display the current status C O L O R T E M P xxxx of the unit.
  • Page 23: User Control Menu

    For the video input Submenu Setting COLOR TEMP Selects the color temperature from USER CONTROL 1/3 among D65, D93 and USER AU T O C H R O M A / P H A S E settings. AU T O A D J VA L U E : S TA R T : MANUAL If you set the COLOR TEMP to...
  • Page 24 For the DVI/HD15 input Submenu Setting SUB CONTROL Adjusts finely the adjustment range * The 1/3 menu cannot be adjusted. of the button on the front panel for CONTRAST, BRIGHTNESS, CHROMA and PHASE. USER CONTROL 2/3 • CONTRAST: Adjusts the picture S U B C O N T R O L contrast.
  • Page 25: User Config Menu

    USER CONFIG menu Submenu Setting The USER CONFIG menu is used for setting the PICTURE CONTROL Adjusts to monitor the picture more clearly. system, marker, multi display, function button, closed • SIZE H: Adjusts the horizontal caption, audio and option. size of the picture.
  • Page 26 FULL screen and NATIVE: the picture. “INTER- NATIVE is effective only when the FIELD” is the factory following signals are input. setting. LMD-2451W/2051W: 1080i, • FIELD MERGE: The 1080P, 720P. processing time is shorter. LMD-1751W: 1080i, 1080P, 720P, Combines the lines in the 480i, 575i, 480P, 576P.
  • Page 27 LMD-2451W: 1280 × 720 LMD-2451W: LMD-2451W: LMD-2051W: – 1920 × 1134 1680 × 1200 1280 × 720 LMD-2051W: LMD-2051W: 1680 × 992 1470 × 1050 LMD-1751W: LMD-1751W: 1280 × 720 1024 × 768 LMD-1751W: 1280 × 720 – LMD-2451W: –...
  • Page 28: Multi Display Setting

    Submenu Setting Submenu Setting MARKER SELECT Selects the aspect ratio according to the film, when the frame of the film MULTI DISPLAY Selects ON to display the multi display is displayed on the screen. ENABLE and OFF not to display. When 16:9 aspect ratio is selected with the button which the aspect Notes...
  • Page 29: Function Button Setting

    1 to 4 for the 16:9 display. 4:3 display Note • 1: Top • 2: Center The panel of LMD-2451W and LMD-2051W is 16:10 • 3: Bottom and the panel of LMD-1751W is 15:9. 16:9 display When the 16:9 signal is displayed, black bars appear in •...
  • Page 30: I/p Mode

    BLUE ONLY CLOSED CAPTION SETTING Press the button to eliminate the red and green signals. For the composite or Y/C input Only blue signal is displayed as an apparent monochrome picture on the screen. This facilitates “chroma” and “phase” adjustments and observation of USER CONFIG –...
  • Page 31: Option Setting

    Submenu Setting Submenu Setting BKM-244CC Sets closed caption. • TYPE: Selects the closed caption INPUT SELECT Selects the input audio signal. signal format. • ALL: The sound except from •708: To display a closed caption BKM-220D/243HS/244CC/ signal conforming to the EIA/ 250TG is output.
  • Page 32: Remote Menu

    Submenu Setting Submenu Setting POSITION Sets the position of the time code display. ALM DISPLAY Selects ON to display the ALM (audio You can select between 1 and 2. level meter) display and OFF not to • 1: Bottom display. •...
  • Page 33: Key Inhibit Menu

    Submenu Setting Submenu Setting SERIAL REMOTE Selects the mode to be used. • OFF: SERIAL REMOTE does PARALLEL REMOTE Selects the PARALLEL REMOTE not function. connector pins for which you want • RS-232C: The monitor is to change the function. controlled by the command of You can assign various functions to RS-232C.
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    You can lock the setting so that they cannot be changed Troubleshooting by an unauthorized user. Select OFF or ON. If you set to ON, all items are displayed in black, indicating the items are locked. This section may help you isolate the cause of a problem and as a result, eliminate the need to contact technical support.
  • Page 35: Specifications

    Optional input slot mm (14 × 8 , 17 inches) 2 slots Resolution LMD-2451W: H 1,920 dots, V 1,200 Signal format: lines H: 15 kHz to 45 kHz LMD-2051W: H 1,680 dots, V 1,050 V: 48 Hz to 60 Hz...
  • Page 36 General Operating Instructions (1) CD-ROM (1) Power LMD-2451W: AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/ Using the CD-ROM Manual (1) 60 Hz, 1.5 A to 0.7 A Optional accessories DC 24 V, 5.7 A SDI 4:2:2 input adaptor LMD-2051W: AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/ BKM-220D 60 Hz, 0.8 A to 0.4 A...
  • Page 37: Available Signal Formats

    : Not adjustable/cannot be set *1 The frame rate is also compatible with 1/1.001. *2 Component only. Available HD15 input signal formats VESA DMT Sync. polarity Dot clock Resolution LMD-2451W LMD-2051W LMD-1751W [MHz] [kHz] [Hz] Horizontal Vertical 640 × 480 60 Hz 25.175 31.469...
  • Page 38 : Available – : Not available Available DVI input signal formats Range of DVI input signal (LMD-2451W) (available to Range of DVI input signal (LMD-2051W) 1920 × 1080/60Hz) Vertical frequency: 50.0 Hz to 85.1 Hz Vertical frequency: 50.0 Hz to 85.1 Hz Horizontal frequency: 31.5 kHz to 77.0 kHz...
  • Page 39: Dimensions

    Range of DVI input signal (LMD-1751W) Dimensions Vertical frequency: 50.0 Hz to 85.1 Hz Horizontal frequency: 31.5 kHz to 77.0 kHz Dot clock: 25.175 MHz to 141.000 MHz Picture size, phase: automatic discrimination by the LMD-2451W DE (Data Enable) signal Front 602.4 (23 CONTROL COMPOSITE VOLUME –...
  • Page 40 Mass (with monitor stand): Side Approx. 11.0 kg (24 lb 4 oz) (when no input adaptor is installed) 104.7 (4 Approx. 11.4 kg (25 lb 2 oz) (when two BKM-229X are installed) LMD-2051W Front 518.5 (20 – – – 269.9 (10 –...
  • Page 41 Side 105.0 (4 Unit: mm (inches) When attached to optional SU-561 Monitor Stand Side 5 ˚ * 10 ˚ * 105.0 (4 269.9 (10 Unit: mm (inches) *Tilt angle Mass: Approx. 5.7 kg (12 lb 9.1 oz) (when no monitor stand and no input adaptor is installed) Approx.
  • Page 42 Sony Corporation...

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