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Sony XC-555 Technical Manual

Ccd color video camera module.
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CCD Color
Video Camera Module
Technical Manual
2002 Sony Corporation
A-B3C-100-11 (1)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 CCD Color Video Camera Module Technical Manual XC-555/555P 2002 Sony Corporation A-B3C-100-11 (1)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    The Memory Bank to be Activated When Power is Turned on ... 20 Shutter Speed and the Settings Command ... 21 Specifications ... 25 Dimensions ... 26 Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics (Typical Value) ... 27 XC-555 ... 27 XC-555P ... 27...
  • Page 3: Overview

    The XC-555/555P is an ultra-small color camera module that utilizes a 1/2- type Charge Coupled Device. Main Features Ultra-small size and lightweight The camera is so small and light that you can install it anywhere: even in locations where conventional video cameras cannot be installed.
  • Page 4: Connection Diagram

    Connection Diagram NF mount lens VCL-03S12XM LO-999ERK VCL-06S12XM (C-mount adaptor) VCL-12S12XM VCL-12SXM (***) C mount lens (Manual iris) LO-999CMT (*****) LO-77ERK (Macro ring kit) CCXC12P02N JB-77 DC-700 Overview DC12 V (#Pin#2&#11&G) VIDEO DC12 V VIDEO HD/VD VIDEO HD/VD...
  • Page 5: Location Of Parts And Operation

    Location of Parts and Operation 1 Dip switches for setting functions This switches are used to adjust white balance and shutter speed; and to flip AGC (ON/OFF) and output signals (Y/C/VBS). For details, see “Mode Setting” on page 6. 2 R control for manual white balance adjustment This control is effective when the white balance switches are set to MAN.
  • Page 6: Mode Setting

    Pin assignment of the DC IN/SYNC/VIDEO connector Signal Sync signal types External Sync signal Pin No. HD,VD VS Input GND (Earth) GND (Earth) +12V +12V VBS/Y Output (Earth) VBS/Y Output (Earth) VBS/Y Output (Earth) VBS/Y Output (signal) VBS/Y Output (signal) VBS/Y Output (signal) HD Input (Earth) HD Input (signal) VD Input (signal)
  • Page 7: Installation

    (XC-555) 1/50 sec. (factory setting) (XC-555P) 1/1000 1/1000 sec. CCD IRIS Set the CCD IRIS mode. FLICKERLESS 1/100 sec. (XC-555) 1/120 sec. (XC-555P) AGC (Auto Gain Control) ON/OFF Gain Auto gain control (factory setting) 0 dB Y/C/VBS Select the camera output signal.
  • Page 8 To attach a lens Remove the lens mount cap by turning it counterclockwise. Screw the C-mount adaptor (LO-999CMT) into the lens mount of the camera. (only when using a C- mount lens) Screw the lens. To install the camera on a tripod When you have finished installation, tighten the screws to secure the module.
  • Page 9: Connections

    Connections An example of the assembly of the DC700/DC700CE Camera Adaptor. Color video camera module to DC/IN/SYNC/VIDEO connector CCXC-12P02N/12P05N/ 12P10N/12P25N DC-700 VIDEO CAMERA TRIG VD/SYNC Notes • Make sure to turn off the power to the units you are connecting or their components may be damaged. •...
  • Page 10: Rs-232c Command List

    Use of RS-232C control software which has been developed based upon this command list may cause malfunction or damage to hardware and software. Sony Corporation is not liable for any such damage. You can control various camera functions externally by sending commands via the camera’s RS-232C I/F (interface).
  • Page 11: Precautions To Be Observed When Using Rs-232c Commands

    • When controlling the camera using the RS-232C feature, the DIP switches on the camera and the R/B adjustment volume settings are disabled. • Use only the Sony DC-700/700CE power adaptors. The DC-77RR/77RRCE, DC-777/777P, CMA-D2/ D2CE, and CMA-D2MD adaptors cannot be used.
  • Page 12: Connections

    Push the back panel and the CCD head block back into their previous positions, and tighten the Philips screws ( 7) to a torque of 0.18 N•m. Connections XC-555/P D-SUB 9P 12 pin Connector Communication Specifications This unit utilizes an RS-232C-compliant, flow controlled, synchronous serial interface.
  • Page 13: The Sequence From "power Up" To Beginning/end Of Communication

    [OKAY]to the host. [X] indicates that this is an XC series camera. [1] is a product code that indicates this is an XC-555. A [2] would indicate an XC-555P. [**] indicates the version of the software. [10] in place of ** would indicate Version 1.0.
  • Page 14: Camera Function Setting Commands

    Camera Function Setting Commands Setting Gain AGC ON/OFF Applicable to both AGC Max Limit and STEP gain. AGC Max Limit (AGC ON) [E220] 12dB [E221] 18dB [E222] AE speed Also applicable to CCD Iris Slow [EB00] Norm [EB02] Fast [EB04] STEP Gain (AGC OFF) [E200]...
  • Page 15: White Balance Settings

    Flicker Less ON Send two commands together, in a [E3**], [E4**] order, one after the other. (The camera returns an [OKAY] after each and every command.) Flicker Less ON [E328] [E401] Shutter speed (STEP) Send two commands together, in a [E3**], [E4**] order, one after the other.
  • Page 16: Video Process Setting

    R,B-gain (Effective only when WB mode = Manu) R-gain Min. [A000] Standard [A080] R-gain Max. [A0FF] B-gain Min. [A100] Standard [A180] B-gain Max. [A1FF] Video Process Setting Pedestal Pedestal Min. [AD71] Standard [AD80] Pedestal Max. [AD8F] Note The settings that can actually be made are limited to 16 levels, including [AD80h].
  • Page 17: Camera Setup Readout From A List

    Camera Setup Readout from a List Read Request [RMEM] Sends the relative address and the data, in order, from the beginning of the Camera Setup Memory area. Host Computer Camera [RMEM] t T[S00_**] ** are assumed to be 8bit(LSB: b0) T[S01_**] ** = AGC Max Gain T[S02_**] ** = Gain T[S03_**] ** = AE Compensation...
  • Page 18: Examples

    [OKAY] have been sent from the camera. [X] indicates that this is an XC series camera. [1] is a product code that indicates this is an XC-555. An XC-555P would send a [2]. [**] indicates the version of the software. If it is [10], the version is Version 1.0.
  • Page 19: Rs-232c Mode And The Memory Banks

    DIP switches Host computer RS-232C OFF The XC-555 is equipped with three Memory Banks (Factory/A/B) to hold camera settings. Factory is “read only,” holding the settings made when the camera was shipped from the factory. A and B can be written to, as well as read from, and the user utilizes these locations to hold setting values, calling them up when needed.
  • Page 20: Functions Available With Memory Load/save

    Functions Available with Memory Load/Save Category Data Gain AGC ON/OFF AGC Max Gain Step Gain Shutter speed Shutter OFF/CCD Iris/ Variable Shutter speed CCD Iris Max Speed Exposure Exposure Compensation AE speed White Balance WB mode AWB/ATW/ manual/3200K/5600K ATW speed Manual R-gain Manual B-gain AWB R-gain...
  • Page 21: Appendix

    (in hexadecimal) are read out from the table below. Add the first digit to [E348], and add the last two digits to [E400], then send this value to the camera. XC-555 NTSC Shutter speed command command command 16,627.6...
  • Page 22 command command command 16,627.6 14,276.1 16,627.6 14,212.6 16,627.6 14,149.0 16,627.6 14,085.5 16,627.6 14,021.9 16,627.6 13,958.4 16,627.6 13,894.8 16,627.6 13,831.3 16,627.6 13,767.7 16,627.6 13,704.1 16,627.6 13,640.6 16,627.6 13,577.0 16,627.6 13,513.5 16,627.6 13,449.9 16,627.6 13,386.4 16,627.6 13,322.8 16,627.6 13,259.3 16,627.6 13,195.7 16,627.6 13,132.2 16,627.6 13,068.6...
  • Page 23 XC-555P PAL Shutter speed command command command 19,942.8 15,847.1 19,878.8 15,783.1 19,814.8 15,719.1 19,750.8 15,655.1 19,686.8 15,591.1 19,622.8 15,527.1 19,558.8 15,463.1 19,494.8 15,399.1 19,430.8 15,335.1 19,366.8 15,271.1 19,302.9 15,207.1 19,238.9 15,143.1 19,174.9 15,079.1 19,110.9 15,015.1 19,046.9 14,951.1 18,982.9 14,887.1 18,918.9 14,823.1 18,854.9 14,759.1...
  • Page 24 command command command 16,807.0 12,711.3 16,743.0 12,647.3 16,679.0 12,583.3 16,615.0 12,519.3 16,551.0 12,455.3 16,487.0 12,391.3 16,423.0 12,327.3 16,359.0 12,263.3 16,295.0 12,199.3 16,231.1 12,135.3 16,167.1 12,071.3 16,103.1 12,007.3 16,039.1 11,943.3 15,975.1 11,879.3 15,911.1 11,815.3 command command 8,615.5 4,519.8 513.5 8,551.5 4,455.8 508.8 8,487.6 4,391.8...
  • Page 25: Specifications

    XC-555P: 50 Hz ±0.00075 Hz Termination 75 ohms, terminated by the camera HD/VD signal input of externally synchronization Input level (Common to the XC-555 and the XC-555P) High: DC4.0V to 5V Low: DC0V to 0.5V Negative Frequency of input HD signal XC-555: 15734 Hz ±0.2 Hz...
  • Page 26: Dimensions

    Accessories supplied Lens mount cap (1) Tripod adaptor (1 set) Operating Instructions (1) Accessories not supplied Camera adaptor DC-700/DC-700CE Usable lens NF mount lens VCL-12S12XM (f=12 mm) VCL-06S12XM (f=6 mm) VCL-03S12XM (f=3.5 mm) VCL-12SSXM (f=12 mm) C mount Lens VCL-50Y-M (f=50 mm) VCL-25Y-M (f=25 mm) VCL-16Y-M (f=16 mm) VCL-12Y-M (f=12 mm)
  • Page 27: Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics (typical Value)

    Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics (Typical Value) XC-555 Rerative sensitivity XC-555P Rerative sensitivity Note The lens characteristics and light source characteristics are excluded. Wave length (nm) Wave length (nm) Appendix...
  • Page 28 Technical information contained herein is for reference only and does not convey any license by any implication or otherwise under any intellectual property right or other right of Sony or third parties. Sony cannot assume responsibility for any right infringements arising out of the use of this information.

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