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A-C3M-100-11 (1)
Digital Video

Camera Module

Technical Manual
 2004 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Camera Module

    A-C3M-100-11 (1) Digital Video Camera Module Technical Manual XCL-U1000C/U1000  2004 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Overview Features ..............3 System Components ..........5 Connection Diagram ..........5 Location and Function of Parts and Controls ..6 Front/Top/Bottom ............6 Rear ................7 Connecting the cables ..........8 Functions of the XCL-U1000C/U1000 About the Camera Modes ........10 ■...
  • Page 3: Features

    Overview Overview The XCL-U1000C/U1000 is a digital video camera Electronic shutter function module. This camera module outputs digital images utilizing LVDS via the digital interface connector. Shutter speed can be selected from a wide range. • XCL-U1000C: Color digital camera module •...
  • Page 4 Overview Detail The camera module can accentuate all the edges of an image producing sharper detail. Body fixing The screw holes to install the camera module are located under the front panel (the CCD reference plane). Installing the camera module on the front panel minimizes deviation of the optical axis.
  • Page 5: System Components

    CCXC-12P25N(25 m) Close-up ring kit C-mount lens LO-77ERK High-resolution lens Tripod adaptor VCT-ST70I (Insulated type) Sony camera-compatible cable produced by Digital interface-compatible Sumitomo 3M Limited interface board (commercially (commercially available) available) Insert this to the PCI bus slot of the host device such as a PC.
  • Page 6: Location And Function Of Parts And Controls

    Overview Location and Function of Parts and Controls Front/Top/Bottom Lens mount (C-mount) Reference holes (at the top) Reference holes/Tripod screw holes (at the bottom) 1 Lens mount (C-mount) 3 Reference holes/Tripod screw holes (at the Attach any C-mount lens or other optical equipment. bottom) These precision screw holes are for locking the camera Note...
  • Page 7: Rear

    Overview Rear 4 RS-232C connector (6-pin) 5 Monitor output connector (15-pin) 7 DIGITAL IF (Interface) connector (26-pin) 6 DC IN (PC power input) connector (12-pin) 4 RS-232C connector (6-pin) 5 Monitor output connector (15-pin) You can connect a serial cable to this connector to You can connect a monitor cable to this connector to control a camera module from a camera control device display an image on a multiscan monitor supporting...
  • Page 8: Connecting The Cables

    Overview Connecting the cables 6 DC IN (DC power input) connector (12-pin) You can connect a CCXC-12P05N camera cable to input the +12 V DC power supply. The pin RS-232C connector configuration of this connector is as follows. Monitor cable Monitor output connector Signal...
  • Page 9 Overview About the camera control method You can control the camera from host device such as a PC. The following table shows the control functions. You can send a command corresponding to the control items, with parameters for the desired settings, if necessary, from the host device to control the camera.
  • Page 10: About The Camera Modes

    Functions of the XCL-U1000C/U1000 Functions of the XCL-U1000C/U1000 About the Camera Modes ■ Normal Mode Application: Use this mode to provide continuous Description: Outputs each independent pixel video standard video output. signal for 1/14.976 second. Vertical timing 1V=1252H FVAL 1202H LVAL DVAL 1200...
  • Page 11: Trigger Mode

    Functions of the XCL-U1000C/U1000 ■ Trigger Mode Description: Starts accumulation in synchronization • Pulse width detection mode with an input of external trigger signals and outputs Set both the trigger mode and the shutter speed to each independent video signal after a certain period OFF.
  • Page 12: Binning Mode (xcl-u1000 Only)

    Functions of the XCL-U1000C/U1000 ■ Binning Mode (XCL-U1000 only) set, set the binning mode to ON to double the By adding two more vertical lines when reading out sensitivity. from a CCD, you can acquire a frame rate twice as high as that in the normal mode.
  • Page 13: High Rate Scan Mode

    Functions of the XCL-U1000C/U1000 ■ High rate scan Mode You can divide the effective image interval vertically high frame rates and obtain image output at high frame into 16 sections and select arbitrary sections as the rates. Set the start position and end position to use the effective image.
  • Page 14 Functions of the XCL-U1000C/U1000 Start a[H] b[H] c[H] d[H] rate[fps] Start a[H] b[H] c[H] d[H] rate[fps]...
  • Page 15: High Rate Scan Mode With External Trigger

    Functions of the XCL-U1000C/U1000 ■ High rate scan Mode with external trigger Vertical timing (Horizontal timing is the same as Normal mode.) FVAL LVAL DVAL Output 1600CL 320CL Trigger mode Shutter T3 [ms] *1 Set a trigger cycle (1/T1) using the following formula.
  • Page 16: Overview

    Camera Control Command Camera Control Command Command Format Overview To input (send) a command, delimit a command name The XCL-U1000C/U1000 can be controlled externally and parameters with spaces, and press the Enter from a host device via a serial communication using (Carriage Return) key.
  • Page 17: Command Specifications

    Camera Control Command • When no parameter is input for a command with Command parameters, the screen displays the current parameters of the command. Specifications <Input> PARTIAL 1 0 15 <CR> <Output on screen> OK <CR> This section describes the details of control commands <Input>...
  • Page 18 Camera Control Command [Process] Selects a white balance mode. Shutter/Trigger Setting Commands ■ Shutter Speed Setting ■ Manual R Gain Setting [Command] SHUTTER [Command] RGAIN [Parameter1] <Shutter setting (0 to 13)> [Parameter1] <Gain (0 to 0xFF)> 0: OFF 5: 1/250 s 10: 1/10000 s [Process] Sets R gain value in WB manual setting 1: 1/15 s...
  • Page 19 Camera Control Command [Process] Selects a DTL mode. When set to ON, DTL Setting Commands all the setting values set using DTL ■ Edge Enhancement Filter Coefficient Setting Setting Commands becomes valid. [Command] DTL-COEF When set to OFF, values for the edge [Parameter1] <K0 setting value (0 to 0x7F)>...
  • Page 20 Camera Control Command ■ γ Table Data Setting ■ Internal Color Bar Output Setting (For XCL- [Command] GTBL U1000C only) [Parameter1] <Data setting start point (0 to 1,023)> [Command] COLORBAR [Process] Enters γ table data setting mode that [Parameter1] <Mode (0 to 1)> allows users to input data to the table.
  • Page 21: Setting Value Control Commands

    Camera Control Command Setting Value Control Read Setting Command Commands ■ Setting Read [Command] LOAD Setting value control commands are used to control [Process] Reads all data related to camera control camera setting data saved in a Flash ROM. See the commands from Flash ROM.
  • Page 22: Camera Information

    Camera Control Command The table below details the camera control commands by category. (The data shown in block letters are not used with a camera control application.) Name of Number Description Data category of data Information on the camera <Version> <Color/Black and White> <AFE gain>...
  • Page 23: Other Commands

    Camera Control Command Other Commands ■ Version Display [Command] VERSION [Process] Displays a model name and a software version. <Input> VERSION <CR> <Output on screen> XCL-U1000C or XCL-U1000 <CR> ver x.xx <CR> ■ Help Display [Command] HELP [Parameter 1] <Command> [Process] The help for the specified command is shown.
  • Page 24: Command List

    Camera Control Command Command List The following table lists the camera control commands: Command Parameter1 Parameter2 Parameter3 Description GAIN-STEP Gain — — Gain-Step Setting GAIN-FINE Gain — — Gain-Fine Adjustment PEDESTAL Clamp Level — — Clamp Level Setting SHUTTER Shutter Setting —...
  • Page 25: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications Output signal frequency Specifications 15 Hz 1,600 × 1,200 Effective lines Sensitivity XCL-U1000C: 2,000 lx, F8 Imaging system XCL-U1000: 400 lx, F5.6 Pickup device Progressive scan 1/1.8 type Minimum illumination XCL-U1000C: 4 lx (gain: Effective picture elements (horizontal/vertical) 1,628 ×...
  • Page 26: Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics (typical Values)

    Specifications Mass 250 g (9 oz) Spectral Sensitivity Accessories Lens mount cap (1) Operating Instructions (1) Characteristics Design and specifications are subject to change (Typical Values) without notice. IMPORTANT XCL-U1000C The nameplate is located on the bottom. Relative sensitivity Wavelength (nm) XCL-U1000 Relative sensitivity 1000...
  • Page 27: Xcl-u1000c/u1000 Dimensions

    Technical information contained herein is for reference only and does not convey any license by any implication or otherwise under any intellectual property right or other right of Sony or third parties. Sony cannot assume responsibility for any right infringements arising out of the use of this information.

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