Notes On Safety; Brief Instructions; Before Drying; After Drying - Siemens Extraklasse 610 Operating Instructions Manual

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Notes on safety

Before using your tumble dryer for the first
Read the enclosed documents carefully.
They contain important information regar
ding installation, use and safety.
Keep the documents in a safe place so
that later users can refer to them.
Install the appliance as described in the
installation instructions.
Do not connect an appliance if it is visibly
damaged. If in doubt consult your dealer
or customer service.
When drying please note:
Use the machine only in a domestic situa
tion and for fabrics suitable for tumble
Do not leave children unsupervised with
the machine.
Keep pets away from the machine.
The machine should only be used to dry
fabrics which have been washed in water.
Do not use the machine to dry or air laun
dry which has been treated with solvents,
e.g. stain removers (risk of severe da-
Do not use the machine to dry fabrics
which are foam backed or are stained with
hair styling agent, nail varnish remover or
similar substances (risk of severe da-
After programme end please note:
After programme end switch the machine
To protect the machine please note:
Do not stand on the machine.
Do not lean or sit against the door.
Do not use washing performance enhan
cer sprays containing solvents or dirt and
stain removers near the machine. The
spray could damage the machine.
During transport please note:
Caution when transporting the machine!
Risk of injury!
Do not use protruding components to lift
the machine!
Do not connect the exhaust hose into a
chimney which also serves as chimney for
All manuals and user guides at
a gas fire, coal fire or gas central heating
as poisonous fumes may be drawn back
into the room.

Brief instructions

Before drying

1. Press the Door" button.
2. Put the washing in.
3. Close the door. The door catch must lock
securely into position.
4. Select a drying time.
5. If necessary, press 'Low heat' button.
6. Press the On/off" button.

After drying

1. Press the Door" button.
2. Remove the laundry from the machine.
3. Clean the filter (page 10).


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents