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Rectifying Minor Malfunctions Yourself - Siemens Extraklasse 610 Operating Instructions Manual

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Rectifying minor malfunctions yourself

This tumble dryer meets the safety requirements for electrical appliances. Repairs or al-
terations to electrical appliances may only be carried out by qualified persons. Repairs
carried out by unqualified personal may result in considerable damage to the appliances.
If the following remedies do not work, call customer service!
"On/Off" indicator light does
not come on
Machine does not start
The laundry is not dry alt-
hough the highest possible
drying level was set
The door has opened automat-
All manuals and user guides at
Possible causes / Remedy:
- plug is not, or not properly inserted into the socket.
- blown fuse.
- door not properly closed.
- no drying time selected.
- On/Off" button not pressed.
- Room temperature is below 3
- Drum too full
- laundry was too wet when it was put into the dryer.
- room is not sufficiently ventilated.
Ensure adequate room ventilation.
- filter in the door blocked (cleaning the filter).
- ventilation hose blocked.
- The door catch must lock securely into position.


Table of Contents

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