Maintenance / Care / Cleaning; Cleaning The Filter; Cleaning The Tumble Dryer - Siemens Extraklasse 610 Operating Instructions Manual

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aintenance / Care / Cleaning

Cleaning the filter

Normal wear and tear of laundry leads to the
formation of fluff, which becomes loose in the
dryer and is deposited on the filter on the in
side of the door.
For this reason the filter must be cleaned after
each use.
The machine does not have to be switched
off whilst the filter is being cleaned.
1. Press the Door" button.
2. Pull the filter out.
3. Wipe the filter with your hand to remove
4. Replace the filter.
5. Close the door.

Cleaning the tumble dryer

Do not use solvents as they may damage
components, produce poisonous vapours,
may cause an explosion!
Do not spray the unit with water!
Use a soft cloth rinsed in soapy water or a
standard solvent free, non scouring cleaning
agent to clean housing and fascia.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents