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Safety Notes; Using The Dryer Correctly; Before Using The Dryer - Siemens WTXL1100 Instruction Manual

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Safety notes

Using the dryer
Before using
the dryer
Only for domestic use.
Only for drying fabrics which have been
washed in water.
Do not leave children unsupervised near the
dryer –
Risk of explosion/fire!
Solvent danger.
Do not use the dryer if:
the laundry has been treated with a
solvent or has been colour-treated
(e.g. stain remover, petroleum ether).
Dust danger
Do not use the dryer if:
the laundry contains dust, e.g. coal dust or
the laundry contains foam/rubber
the laundry contains traces of hairspray, nail
varnish remover or similar substances.
Install the dryer in accordance with the
installation instructions (see page 24).
Do not connect the dryer if it has visible
signs of damage. If in doubt, contact your
local dealer.
Risk of explosion/fire!
Do not discharge exhaust air through an outlet pipe
used for waste gas from appliances which burn gas
or fuels.

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