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Drying Instructions; Drying Tips; First Operation; Loading The Tumble Dryer - Siemens Extraklasse 610 Operating Instructions Manual

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Drying instructions

Follow the drying symbols on the textiles.
= Dry at normal temperature
= Dry at low temperature
(Press Low Heat" button)
= Do not tumble dry
Do not dry the following fabrics in the tum
ble dryer:
Wool or fabrics with a wool content:
Risk of shrinkage!
Delicate fabrics (silk, synthetic net cur
tains): Liable to crease!
Very wet laundry: Waste of energy!

Drying tips

For best results, sort the washing accor
ding to fibre type and desired level of dry
Close all zips, hooks and eyelets. Tie loose
belts, apron strings etc.
For delicate laundry select lightly dry" lev
el and if possible, take it out of the ma
chine whilst it is still slightly damp. Let it
briefly dry out in the air as overdrying in
the tumble dryer may cause creasing.
It is not necessary to iron the laundry im
mediately after drying. We recommend
that before ironing items are folded or
rolled up so that residual moisture can
spread evenly through the laundry.
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First operation

Install the machine according to the instal
lation instructions.
Before the machine is operated for the first
time, wipe out the drum with a damp cloth.

Loading the tumble dryer

1. Press the Door" button.
Door opens.
Before loading the machine make sure that
no foreign bodies or pets are inside the
2. Place items of laundry loosely into the
3. Do not trap any laundry items when clos
ing the door and ensure that the door
catch has locked securely into position.
If the door is not shut properly a safety de
vice prevents the machine from operating.


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