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Notes On Disposal; Packaging Of The New Tumble Dryer; Old Machine - Siemens Extraklasse 610 Operating Instructions Manual

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Notes on disposal

Packaging of the new tumble dryer

All packaging material used is environmen
tally friendly and re usable.
The cardboard boxes consist of 80% to 100%
recycled paper.
Wooden pallets have not been treated chemi
The plastic wrappings are of polythene (PE),
the tapes are of polypropylene (PP) and the
CFC free packing is of foamed polystyrene
(PS). These materials are all hydrocarbon
compounds and can be recycled.
Reprocessing and re using materials saves
raw materials and reduces waste.

Old machine

Make the old machine unusable:
Cut off both the plug and the cable.
Destroy the door lock, so that children
cannot lock themselves in.
The old machine contains valuble materials
which should be recycled. Please assist with
environmentally friendly disposal or recycling.
You can obtain addresses for disposal of old
machines from your local council.
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