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LG LCW-001 User Manual page 4

Wi-fi modem
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Step3: Generate 802.11b/g/n continuous symbol
(1)Please re-type the Step5 (1)~(4) commands.
(2)Command 17 1 13
17: Set continuous mode.
1: Enable data rate
13: 54 Mbps, other data rate, please refer the above table.
After you type above command, you can measure the 802.11b/g continuous symbol in
your RF test instrument.
(3)Command 17 0
Stop transmitting continuous signal
Step4: Test RX sensitivity
Before test RX, the Marvell standard waveform is needed.
(1) Command 12 1
12: Choose RX text channel
1: Channel number,
(1~11 for B/G/N mode)
(2) Command: 112 0 (only for N mode)
112: N mode HT20/40.
0: for HT20/40. 0_HT20, 1_HT40
(3) 32: Check the received packets.
(4) 31:
Clear all the received packets.
Step5: Others Commands
(1) Command 45_ Check the MAC
(2) Command 99_ Quit the test mode/ Quit the MFG tool



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