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LG VL600 User Manual

Usb modem
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This booklet is made from 60% post-consumer recycled paper.
This booklet is printed with soy ink. Printed in Korea



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  • Page 1 USER GUIDE VL600 This booklet is made from 60% post-consumer recycled paper. This booklet is printed with soy ink. Printed in Korea...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    USB Modem Extension Cable and VL600 USB Modem Hardware: Clip Accessory Overview Troubleshooting Wireless communications The VL600 USB Modem Package Additional features of the VL600 USB Important Notice Modem include: Customer Service Safety hazards VL600 USB Modem System Limitation of liability...
  • Page 3: Welcome

    With Mobile Broadband(4G/3G) service you are now equipped with true data mobility! The VL600 USB Modem is a data USB modem that operates on Verizon's 4G network, based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and Mobile Broadband 3G networks in the United States*.
  • Page 4: Vl600 Usb Modem Hardware: Overview

    VL600 USB Modem Hardware: Overview The VL600 USB Modem Package The Verizon VL600 USB Modem package includes: LG VL600 USB Modem VZAccess Manager CD (including User Guides) ® USB Modem Extension Cable and Clip Accessory Important Consumer Information Brochure Product Safety & Warranty Guide...
  • Page 5: Additional Features Of The Vl600 Usb Modem Include

    ® ports. This mobile data solution gives you the coverage and speed you need away from the office. Some of the key features of the VL600 USB Modem are: High Speed Wireless Data via Mobile Broadband(4G/3G) Universal Type-A USB Connector...
  • Page 6: Vl600 Usb Modem System Requirements

    VL600 USB Modem System Requirements To install and use the VL600 USB Modem, your host computer must meet these minimum requirements: Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Vista (32 & Operating System ® ® 64 bit) and XP (SP2 or higher)
  • Page 7: Your Verizon Vl600 Usb Modem

    VL600 USB Modem Hardware: Overview Your Verizon VL600 USB Modem Your VL600 USB Modem has the following parts: Note: VZAccess Manager software installation is required on computer to support USB modem ® functionality. 4G SIM CARD Slot Service Status Indicator (LED)
  • Page 8: Service Status Indicator (Led)

    Service Status Indicator (LED) The VL600 USB Modem is designed with a status light that indicates whether USB modem is powered on and the status of the connection. LED not lit There is no power to the USB modem. LED RED – Solid Your USB modem is powering up.
  • Page 9: Ways To Access

    VL600 USB Modem Hardware: Overview Ways to Access The Verizon VL600 USB Modem supports Verizon Mobile Broadband (4G/3G) service for a superior wireless data connection. Mobile Broadband (4G/3G) Mobile Broadband service provides a wireless broadband connection to the Internet and requires a Mobile Broadband-capable USB modem*.
  • Page 10: How To Use Your Vl600 Usb Modem

    How to Use Your VL600 USB Modem Preparing the VL600 USB Modem Using the 4G SIM Card A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM Card) is a “smartcard” that houses personal information, such as your mobile phone number, calling plan, account information, and content such as contacts, text messages, and call history.
  • Page 11: Removing The 4G Sim Card

    How to Use Your VL600 USB Modem 3. Gently push the 4G SIM Card forward until the card remains securely in the slot. 4. Replace the back cover on the USB modem. The SIM Card may remain in the USB modem once installed (no need to remove).
  • Page 12: Basics 1

    Note: Should your SIM Card be lost or damaged visit to order a replacement SIM card. You can also call 1-800-922-0204 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. For toll-free support outside of the U.S. call +1-908-559-4899 for 24/7 global support. The Verizon Wireless 4G SIM Card is compatible with any Verizon Wireless 4G certified USB modem.
  • Page 13 How to Use Your VL600 USB Modem VZAccess Manager Installation ® Getting started with your new USB modem is simple. All you need to do is insert the VZ Access Manager CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. ® Note: Do not insert/plug-in your USB modem until after VZAccess Manager finishes installing.
  • Page 14 4. Click Next . The License Agreement dialog appears. 5. If you agree with the Smith Micro License Agreement terms, click I accept the terms in the license agreement . 6. If you agree with the Verizon Wi-Fi License Agreement terms, click the second I accept the terms in the license agreement .
  • Page 15 2. Hold the USB modem along the side edges and gently insert the USB modem into your computer’s Type A USB port. The VL600 should fit easily into the USB port. Do not force the VL600 into the USB port as this may damage both the USB modem and the USB port.
  • Page 16 Establishing connections 1. Once your USB modem is properly inserted, launch VZ Access Manager from your ® computer’s programs/applications list, or from the desktop/dock, if you created a shortcut to VZ Access Manager. ® 2. VZ Access Manager attempts to complete configuration of your USB modem. Wait ®...
  • Page 17 Windows XP: LGE LTE Composite ® Windows Vista : LGE LTE Composite ® Windows 7 : LG UDC AHB-Subsystem Simply grip the VL600 USB Modem on both sides and pull straight out to avoid damaging the USB connectors.
  • Page 18: Vl600 Usb Modem Accessories

    VL600 USB Modem Accessories USB Modem Extension Cable and Clip Accessory An extension cable is included to optimize the performance of your VL600 USB modem. This cable increases the distance between your USB modem and computer, reducing possible interference from your computer.
  • Page 19 VL600 USB Modem Accessories 2. Slide the USB modem into the included clip, which you can use as a stand, or to hook it over the top of your computer screen. 3. Plug the narrow end (B) of USB connector cable into the USB port on your computer.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    The VZAccess Manager software has not been properly installed. ® System resources required by the VL600 USB Modem are being used by other USB modems. Network coverage is not available (either because you are outside the coverage area or because of an account or network problem).
  • Page 21 Troubleshooting Name: LG VL600 USB Modem Model: VL600 FCC Type Acceptance CTIA TRP/TIS Approvals: CDMA Developers Group (stages 1,2,3) Microsoft WHQL Weight 49.79 g/ 1.76 oz 98.5 mm x 37 .6 mm x 14.7mm Dimensions: 3.88 in x 1.48 in x 0.58 in...
  • Page 22: Wireless Communications

    Verizon or its partners will not be held responsible for damages of any kind resulting from the delays or errors in data transmitted or received with the VL600 USB Modem, or failure of the VL600 USB Modem to transmit or receive such data.
  • Page 23 Wireless communications Where explosive atmospheres may be present Do not operate your modem in any area where a potentially explosive atmosphere may exist. Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in bodily injury or even death. Be aware and comply with all signs and instructions. Users are advised not to operate the modem while at a refueling point or service station.
  • Page 24 LG service center for inspection as the internal circuit boards of the modem may be harmed.
  • Page 25: Limitation Of Liability

    This could cause a fire. Limitation of liability The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Verizon, Inc. or LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc.
  • Page 26: Copyright

    Copyright ©2010 Verizon, Inc. Software Drivers License Proprietary Rights Provisions: The software drivers provided with this product are copyrighted by Verizon and/or Verizon's suppliers. And although copyrighted, the software drivers are unpublished and embody valuable trade secrets proprietary to Verizon and/or Verizon's suppliers. The disassembly, decompilation, and/or Reverse Engineering of the software drivers for any purpose is strictly prohibited by international law.
  • Page 27: Regulatory Notices

    Regulatory Notices Federal Communications Commission Notice (FCC-United States) Electronic devices, including computers and wireless modems, generate RF energy incidental to their intended function and are therefore subject to FCC rules and regulations. This equipment has been tested to, and found to be within the acceptable limits for a Class B digital USB modem, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 29: Rf Exposure/Specific Absorption Rate (Sar) Information

    Regulatory Notices This USB modem is approved for use in normal size laptop computers only (typically with 12” or larger display screens). To comply with FCC RF exposure requirements, this modem should not be used in configurations that cannot maintain at least 5 mm (approximately 0.19”) from users and bystanders;...
  • Page 30 frequency bands. Although the SAR is determined at the highest certified power level, the actual SAR level of the USB Modem or modem while operating can be well below the maximum value. This is because the USB Modem is designed to operate at multiple power levels so as to use only the power required to reach the network.
  • Page 31: Limited Warranty And Liability

    (6) The customer shall bear the cost of shipping the product to the Customer Service Department of LG. LG shall bear the cost of shipping the product back to the consumer after the completion of service under this limited warranty.
  • Page 32 (3) Breakage or damage to antennas unless caused directly by defects in material or workmanship. (4) That the Customer Service Department at LG was not notified by consumer of the alleged defect or malfunction of the product during the applicable limited warranty period.
  • Page 33 (1 1)Consumables (such as fuses). 3. WHAT LG WILL DO: “LG will, at its sole option, either repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any unit that does not conform to this limited warranty. LG may choose at its option to use functionally equivalent re-conditioned, refurbished or new units or parts or any units.
  • Page 34 LG Electronics Service- Mobile Handsets P.O. Box 240007, Huntsville, AL 35824 DO NOT RETURN YOUR PRODUCT TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS . Please call or write for the location of the LG authorized service center nearest you and for the procedures for obtaining warranty claims.
  • Page 35: Glossary

    Glossary 4G SIM The 4G SIM (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) is the smart card used in mobile data USB modems and mobile phones. The 4G SIM ensures the integrity and security of all kinds of personal data. The 4G SIM Card allows users to change mobile USB modems by simply removing the 4G SIM Card from one mobile USB modem and inserting it into another mobile USB modem.
  • Page 36 IPv6 tethering connection is supported for LTE. Universal Serial Bus. A connection type for computing USB modem peripherals such as a printer, mobile VL600 USB Modem, etc. Type-A USB The USB ports on computers and hubs have a rectangular Type-A socket, and peripheral USB modems have a cable with a Type-A plug.
  • Page 37 Glossary WWAN Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN). Also called "wireless broadband" or "broadband wireless," wireless WANs (WWANs) use cellular towers to transmit a wireless signal over a range of several miles to a mobile USB modem compared to wireless Wi-Fi LANs (WLANs), which span only a few hundred feet and generally to only stationary USB modems.
  • Page 38: Trademarks And Service Marks

    Trademarks and Service Marks Verizon is a trademark of Verizon Trademark Services LLC, and the other trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively the "Trademarks") used in this user manual are the property of Verizon or their respective owners. Nothing contained in this user manual should be construed as granting by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, a license or right of use of Verizon or any other Trademark displayed in this user manual without the written permission of Verizon or its respective owners.
  • Page 39 MEMO...
  • Page 40 MEMO...