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Safety Instructions - Craftsman CMXGMAM2703841 Instruction Manual

Front wheel drive mower
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This symbol points out important safety instructions which, if not
followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or property of
yourself and others. Read and follow all instructions in this manual
before attempting to operate this machine. Failure to comply with these
instructions may result in personal injury. When you see this symbol, HEED
Engine Exhaust, some of its constituents, and certain vehicle components
contain or emit chemicals known to State of California to cause cancer and
birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Read this operator's manual carefully in its entirety before attempting to
assemble this machine. Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the
machine and in the manuals before operation. Keep this manual in a safe
place for future and regular reference and for ordering replacement parts
Be completely familiar with the controls and the proper use of this machine
before operating it.
This machine is a precision piece of power equipment, not a plaything.
Therefore, exercise extreme caution at all times. This machine has been
designed to perform one job: to mow grass. Do not use it for any other
Never allow children under 14 years of age to operate this machine. Children
14 and over should read and understand the instructions and safe operation
practices in this manual and on the machine and should be trained and
supervised by an adult.
Only responsible individuals who are familiar with these rules of safe
operation should be allowed to use this machine.
Thoroughly inspect the area where the equipment is to be used. Remove all
stones, sticks, wire, bones, toys and other foreign objects, which could be
tripped over or picked up and thrown by the blade. Thrown objects can cause
serious personal injury.
Plan your mowing pattern to avoid discharge of material toward roads,
sidewalks, bystanders and the like. Also, avoid discharging material against
a wall or obstruction, which may cause discharged material to ricochet back
toward the operator.
To help avoid blade contact or a thrown object injury, stay in operator zone
behind handles and keep children, bystanders, helpers and pets at least 75
feet from mower while it is in operation. Stop machine if anyone enters area.
Always wear safety glasses or safety goggles during operation and while
performing an adjustment or repair to protect your eyes. Thrown objects
which ricochet can cause serious injury to the eyes.


This machine was built to be operated according to the safe operation
practices in this manual. As with any type of power equipment,
carelessness or error on the part of the operator can result in serious injury.
This machine is capable of amputating fingers, hands, toes and feet and
throwing debris. Failure to observe the following safety instructions could
result in serious injury or death.
Your Responsibility—Restrict the use of this power machine to
persons who read, understand and follow the warnings and instructions in
this manual and on the machine.
Wear sturdy, rough-soled work shoes and close-fitting slacks and shirts.
Shirts and pants that cover the arms and legs and steel-toed shoes are
recommended. Never operate this machine in bare feet, sandals, slippery or
light-weight (e.g. canvas) shoes.
Do not put hands or feet near rotating parts or under the cutting deck.
Contact with blade can amputate fingers, hands, toes and feet.
A missing or damaged discharge cover can cause blade contact or thrown
object injuries.
Many injuries occur as a result of the mower being pulled over the foot
during a fall caused by slipping or tripping. Do not hold on to the mower if
you are falling: release the handle immediately.
Never pull the mower back toward you while you are walking. If you must
back the mower away from a wall or obstruction first look down and behind
to avoid tripping and then follow these steps:
Step back from mower to fully extend your arms forward.
Be sure you are well balanced with sure footing.
Pull the mower back slowly, no more than half way toward you.
Repeat these steps as needed.
Do not operate the mower while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Do not engage the self-propelled mechanism on machines so equipped
while starting engine.
The blade control handle is a safety device. Never attempt to bypass its
operation. Doing so makes the safety device inoperative and may result in
personal injury through contact with the rotating blade. The blade control
handle must operate easily in both directions and automatically return to the
disengaged position when released.
Never operate the mower in wet grass. Always be sure of your footing. A
slip and fall can cause serious personal injury. If you feel you are losing your
footing, release the blade control handle immediately and the blade will
stop rotating within three seconds.
Mow only in daylight or good artificial light. Walk, never run.
Stop the blade when crossing gravel drives, walks or roads.

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Table of Contents

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