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Troubleshooting - Craftsman CMXGMAM2703841 Instruction Manual

Front wheel drive mower
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Table of Contents
Idles poorly
Excessive vibration
Mower will not mulch grass
Uneven cut
Mower will not self propel


1. Spark plug fouled, faulty, or gap too wide.
2. Dirty air cleaner.
1. Cutting blade loose or unbalanced.
2. Bent cutting blade.
1. Wet grass.
2. Excessively high grass.
3. Dull blade.
1. Wheels not positioned correctly.
2. Dull blade.
1. Belt not installed properly.
2. Debris clogging drive operation.
3. Damaged or worn belt.
4. Drive control out of adjustment.
1. Reset gap or replace spark plug.
2. Refer to Air Cleaner Maintenance in the Engine Manual.
1. Tighten blade and adapter. Balance blade.
2. Replace blade.
1. Do not mow when grass is wet; wait until later to cut.
2. Mow once at a high cutting height, then mow again at desired
height or make a narrower cutting path.
3. Sharpen or replace blade.
1. Adjust cutting height lever on right front and right rear wheel to
same position.
2. Sharpen or replace blade.
1. Check belt for proper pulley installation and movement.
2. Stop engine, disconnect spark plug boot, and clean out debris.
3. Inspect and, if necessary, see your Parts & Repair Center to have
belt replaced.
4. Adjust drive control. Refer to page 10 in the Assembly & Set-up

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Table of Contents

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