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Normal Operating Sounds - GE GBE21D Quick Use & Care

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The stainless steel panels, door handles and trim.
Do not use appliance wax, polish, bleach, or other products
containing chlorine on stainless steel.
Stainless steel can be cleaned with a commercially avail-
cleaner works best.
Silver-accented plastic parts.
Wash parts with soap or other mild detergents. Wipe clean
with a sponge, damp cloth or paper towel.
Do not use scouring pads, powdered cleaners, bleach or
cleaners containing bleach because these products can
scratch and weaken the paint finish.

Normal Operating Sounds

Newer refrigerators sound different from older refrigerators. Modern refrigerators have more features and use
newer technology.
Do you hear what I hear? These sounds are normal.
The new high efficiency compressor may run faster
and longer than your old refrigerator and you may
hear a high-pitched hum or pulsating sound while it is
You may hear a whooshing sound when the doors
You may hear cracking or popping sounds when the
refrigerator is first plugged in. This happens as the
refrigerator cools to the correct temperature.
Expansion and contraction of cooling coils during and
after defrost can cause a cracking or popping sound.
On models with an ice maker, after an ice making
cycle, you may hear the ice cubes dropping into the ice
On models with a dispenser, during water dispense,
you may hear the water lines move at initial dispense
and after dispenser button is released.
Should spill tray need cleaning use lime remover.
Do not clean glass shelves or covers
with warm water when they are cold. Glass shelves and cov-
ers may break if exposed to sudden temperature changes or
impact such as bumping or dropping. Tempered glass is de-
signed to shatter into many small pieces if it breaks.
You may hear the fans spinning at high speeds. This
happens when the refrigerator is first plugged in,
when the doors are opened frequently or when a large
compartments. The fans are helping to maintain the
correct temperatures.
The fans change speeds in order to provide optimal
cooling and energy savings.
may make a gurgling noise like boiling water.
Water dropping on the defrost heater can cause a
cycle as ice melts from the evaporator and flows into
the drain pan.
Closing the door may cause a gurgling sound due to

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