Water Line Installation; Before You Begin; What You Will Need - GE GBE21D Quick Use & Care

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proper air circulation and plumbing and electrical

Water Line Installation


Recommended copper water supply kits are WX8X2,
Refrigerator Tubing (WX08X10006,
WX08X10015 and WX08X10025).
When connecting your refrigerator to a GE
For other reverse osmosis water systems, follow the
manufacturer's recommendations.
If the water supply to the refrigerator is from a Reverse
also has a water filter, use the refrigerator's filter bypass
plug. Using the refrigerator's water filtration cartridge in
conjunction with an RO water filter can result in hollow
ice cubes. Some models do not come equipped with
the filter bypass plug. To obtain a free bypass plug, call
This water line installation is not warranted by the
refrigerator or icemaker manufacturer. Follow these
water damage.
Water hammer (water banging in the pipes) in house
plumbing can cause damage to refrigerator parts and lead
to water leakage or flooding. Call a qualified plumber to
correct water hammer before installing the water supply
line to the refrigerator.
To prevent burns and product damage, do not hook up the
water line to the hot water line.
Do not install the icemaker tubing in areas where
When using any electrical device (such as a power drill)
during installation, be sure the device is double insulated
shock, or is battery powered.
code requirements.
2" (50 mm)


outer diameter to connect the refrigerator to the water
supply. If using copper, be sure both ends of the tubing
are cut square.
To determine how much tubing you need: measure the
distance from the water valve on the back of the refrigerator
to the water supply pipe. Be sure there is sufficient extra
tubing to allow the refrigerator to move out from the wall
after installation.
SmartConnect™ Refrigerator Tubing Kits are available in
the following lengths:
6' (1.8 m)
– WX08X10006
15' (4.6 m)
– WX08X10015
25' (7.6 m)
– WX08X10025
Connect to potable water supply only.
operation. The water pressure must be between 40 and
120 psi (275-827 kilopascals)

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