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GE GBE21D Quick Use & Care page 12

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Troubleshooting Tips... Before you call for service
Refrigerator never shuts off but
the temperatures are OK
Refrigerator is beeping
Door not closing properly
Set temperature
when refrigerator door is closed
Water is leaking from dispenser
My display is showing tc
Water filter indicator light
changed color
Water filter indicator light
remains red even after replacing
the water filter
Water filter indicator light is not
Refrigerator doors are not even
(on French Door models only)
Baskets stick or jam when
opening or closing
Possible Causes
running during door openings.
Door is open.
Door gasket on hinge side sticking or
folding over.
Unit just plugged in.
Door open for too long.
Warm food added to refrigerator.
Defrost cycle is in process.
Leveling legs need adjusting.
This is normal if, after popping open, the
Food too close to the air vent at the
back of the refrigerator.
Refrigerator control is set too cold.
Glass not being held under the
dispenser long enough after button is
system, causing water to drip after
being dispensed.
Turbo Cool function is activated.
This is normal.
Water filter indicator must be reset.
This is normal. The filter cartridge
should be replaced when the
replacement indicator light turns red.
Handle needs adjusting.
Doors need realigning.
Baskets are too full.
What to Do
This is normal. The refrigerator will cycle off after the
door remains closed for 2 hours.
Close door.
See Level the refrigerator section of the Owner's
automatically close after popping open, then see the
Move the food away from the air vent.
Move the refrigerator control to a warmer temperature
setting one increment at a time.
seconds after releasing the dispenser button. Water
may continue to dispense after the button is released
Dispense water for at least 2 minutes to remove air from
See Controls section of the Owner's Manual found at
See Water Filter Cartridge - XWF section of the Owner's
See Water Filter Cartridge - XWF section of the Owner's
See Water Filter Cartridge - XWF section of the Owner's
See Level the Refrigerator Doors section of the Owner's
To open: remove some of the products from the basket
when opened as far as possible. Readjust the products
left in the basket and try to open the basket again. To
close: readjust products in the basket or remove any
product that is above the rim of the basket and close the
of the Owner's Manual found

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