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Condensate drain
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Supply voltage!
There is the risk of an electric shock involving injury or death when coming into contact
with non-insulated components carrying supply voltage.
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During electric installations, all regulations in force need to be adhered to (e.g. VDE 0100 / IEC 60364).
When the control unit is open, service and installation works must only be undertaken when the
system is deactivated.
The removed control unit has no IP degree of protection.
All types of electrical works must be carried out by authorised and qualified personnel only.
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Further safety instructions:
For installation and operation, the national regulations and safety codes in force must also be adhered
Do not use the BEKOMAT
Regarding the inlet screw joints, excessive tightening forces must be avoided. This applies in particular
to conical screw joints.
33U / 33U CO will only function when voltage is applied.
Do not use the test button for permanent drainage.
Use genuine spare parts only. This is imperative to ensure perfect functioning.
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Additional advice:
During installation, use the spanner flat at the feed pipe (wrench size SW28 + 34) as a back rest.
The service unit must not be dismantled.
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Malfunction during operation!
Through incorrect installation and poor maintenance, malfunction may occur at the
Condensate which is not discharged may cause damage to plants and in production
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Condensate drainage which is reliable in performance directly optimises the compressed-air quality.
To prevent damage and breakdowns, it is imperative to observe the following:
Exact compliance with the specifications of use and with the performance parameters of the
BEKOMAT, in connection with the case of application (see "Proper use" section).
Exact compliance with the installation- and operation instructions in this manual.
Regular maintenance and control of the BEKOMAT in accordance with the instructions in this oper-
ating manual.
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33U / 33U CO in hazardous areas.
Safety instructions

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